【K】 고창 여행 전북 여행 상하농원

Sangha-myeon of Gochang-gun where the west sea is shown. Hello? The summer is a little hot, but it is fun and cool here. And I heard there are some fun experiences here. When going to the animal farm behind, many animals will be waiting. There are more? There are animals that cannot be seen in the city. and they are waiting. The sheep seem to feel that the sun light is very strong. They are wearing sunglasses. Children will definitely like this place. Yes, they love the animals. What can we do with children here? You can give food to the animals, and exchange with the animals. he animals are not scared of people. Right. These friends become close to people while they are touched, and they know that they are being fed. That is why they follow along. The farm here breeds cows and also makes fresh milk. Children can give the milk to the young calves. This is the time to exchange and see the animals we have only seen in picture books. Children are even more excited with their mom and dad. Summer break is not to far away. It’s pointless just staying at home. It is the best to play with the nature. Although inside, the nature can be breathed. Everywhere. is made to deliver the healthiness of the nature and the crops that are actually shown are not provided just to be seen but we plant them and we actually have experience so they can be cultivated. In this place, children can experience cultivating vegetables in farms from planting, which is the start of farming of the year.

Daniel Yohans

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