10 Best Rotator Cuff Exercises for Strengthening – Ask Doctor Jo

10 Best Rotator Cuff Exercises for Strengthening – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and Kail, and
today we’re going to show you the top ten exercises for the rotator cuff. so
let’s get started. So these top ten exercises are my
favorite top ten. it’s not any kind of research base, it’s just the ones that I
found work best for me and my patients. so the rotator cuff is those four main
muscles. SITS. so it’s supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and
subscapularis. however there’s a whole bunch of muscles that attach to the
scapula and it’s like 20-ish muscles, so it’s a lot. so when you think of
strengthening the rotator cuff in general, you really are going to be
strengthening all those muscles because you want that shoulder blade, that
scapula, to be working correctly and that helps if you have an injury it helps fix
all those imbalances. so if there’s one muscle that’s messing it up it can
affect that whole shoulder blade, so some of these strengthening exercises might
not be specifically for the rotator cuff, but it’s really for those muscles that
are all around it which really affect it. so we’re gonna start off with a pendulum
exercise. this can sometimes be a stretch or an exercise. I like to add in holding
on to a weight which does make it an exercise so it’s really good to start
off with the pendulums. it opens up that shoulder joint and it really just starts
getting those muscles loosened up and relaxed and warmed up for the other
exercises. so let’s check that out. for pendulum circles with a weight, lean
over on something sturdy like a chair, counter top, put the weight in the hand
that you want to exercise and just let it relax. move your whole body in a
circular motion. for pendulums front to back with a
weight, lean over on something sturdy like a chair, counter top ,put the
opposite leg forward and the closest one back. put the weight in the hand you want
to exercise and just let it relax and then shift front to back. for pendulum side-to-side with a weight,
lean over on something sturdy like a chair or countertop. put the weight in
the hand that you want to exercise and just let it relax. move your body side to
side. so exercise number two is going to be an
isometric internal rotation of the shoulder. so this starts getting that
rotator cuff. these isometric exercises are when you’re activating the muscle,
but you’re not actually moving the muscle, and this is important because
especially if you’ve had a surgery or a specific injury where you may be not
supposed to be doing the whole movement, then this is a way to start
strengthening the muscle without breaking the precautions. or maybe you’re
allowed to do the movement but it’s just too painful right now.
so the isometrics is a great way to start off doing that. so let’s see it for
internal rotation. for shoulder internal rotation isometrics, put your elbow by
your side and about a 90 degree angle. the motion you’re going to be doing is
this motion, but you’re going to take your other hand and push into the hand. number three. so now it’s going to be an
isometric external rotation. so same kind of concept with that isometric where
you’re activating the muscle, but you’re not really moving it. so if you have
those precautions or if you have a lot of pain with the movement, this is going
to start help strengthening those muscles without really irritating them
more. so let’s take a look at that. for shoulder external rotation isometrics,
put your elbow by your side with your arm bent to about 90 degrees. the motion
you’re going to be doing is going out this way,
but you’re going to take your other hand to block it. so you’re pushing into your
hand and then relaxing. number four. now we’re going to move into
shoulder internal rotation with a weight. so now you’re going to start that
movement now you’re going to have the weight to get those muscles really
strengthening throughout the movement versus that isometric where you were
just doing it to activate the muscles. so we’re gonna do this one kind of lying on
our side. so let’s check it out. for shoulder internal rotation and side
lying with a weight, you can use a soup or vegetable can. the arm you’re going to be
moving is actually on the ground. put your elbow close to your side and have
your elbow at a ninety degree angle and then just bring it up and back down. number five. so now you’re going to do
the shoulder external rotation with a weight. so same kind of concept as an
internal rotation. you’re going to be on your side. you’re going to use a weight
it can just be a soup can or vegetable can, it doesn’t actually have to be a
weight. so let’s check that one out. for shoulder external rotation in sideline
with a weight, you can use a soup or vegetable can. the arm you’re going to be
working is on top. put your elbow right next to your side with your elbow bent
at 90 degrees. then with your arm parallel to the ground bring it in to
your side and come back up. number six. so this one’s going to be a
little bit of a series. it’s a couple exercises in a row but I like to just
count them as one because it’s working kind of the same area which is that
upper thoracic back area which again has a lot to do with all those muscles
attached to the shoulder blade or that scapula. so these are going to be Is,
Ts, Ys, and Ws. so let’s check those out. here your Is, Ts, Ws, and Ys.
for Is you’re gonna lie on your stomach put your arms straight out in
front of you with your thumbs up, and then just lift your arms a little bit
off the ground. For Ys, you’re going to lie on your
stomach put your arms straight out to the side with your thumbs up, and then
just lift them a little bit off the ground. for Ws, lie on your stomach. bend your
elbows into a W position with your palms facing down and then lift your arms up. for Ys, you’re going to lie on your
stomach put your arms out at an angle in a Y position with your thumbs up, and
then lift them up just little off the ground. number seven. one of my favorites is the
row. so when you do the rowing, you can use a resistive band and this really helps
not only open up the chest in the front but strengthen those muscles in the back
and it helps get the rotator cuff area. It helps get all those muscles around that
scapula. so let’s check it out. four seated rows with a resistive band,
take the band bending your knees up just a little bit. wrap it around your feet
for an anchor. with your thumbs up and your elbows by your side, pull back and
squeeze your shoulder blades. number eight, bear hugs. yes it’s exactly
how it sounds. you’re like going in to give somebody a bear hug. using a
resistive band for this is really great as well it’s kind of the opposite
movement of the rows. so now you’re strengthening those front muscles while
you’re stretching out the back muscles. so let’s check that out. for bear hugs
with a resistive band, take the band and wrap it around behind you. keep your
thumbs upwords, and then come out and around just like you’re giving someone a
bear hug. number nine, serratus punches. so the
serratus anterior muscle is the one that helps keep that shoulder blade close to
the ribcage and the spine in the back. so when it’s not working properly that
shoulder blade comes out into a winging, we call it a winged scapula, and that’s
really bad because that can cause a lot of dysfunction and that can cause a lot
of pain in the rotator cuff area up in the shoulder. so let’s check that one out.
for serratus punches with the resistive band, take the band and wrap it around
behind you. hold the band up on top with your thumbs up, and then straighten out
your arms. keep your elbows locked out and punch forward. so not bending those
elbows but bringing your shoulders forward. number ten, bicep curls. bicep curls? well
yes of course. again the bicep muscles aren’t a part of the rotator cuff, but
that long head of the bicep muscle the bicep tendon comes up in underneath that
supraspinatus muscles. so it’s really important to make sure you strengthen
this as well because they sit so close together. if one’s irritated, the other
one might get irritated as well. so let’s check that out. for standing bicep curls
with a weight, keep your elbow by your side. turn your palm up. bring it up and
then slowly come back down. so there you have it. those were your top
ten rotator cuff exercises. do you like those? yeah. remember those were my
favorite not necessarily any kind of scientific research to it. if you’d like
to help support my channel, make sure and click on the link up here to find out
how, and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down here. and remember be safe,
have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

Daniel Yohans

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