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  1. ScottHermanFitness says:

    Comment below which exercise you see the most in your gym!
    (0:34)- Seated Barbell Curl
    (1:04)- Triceps Pushdown (elbows out)
    (1:48)- Uneven Bench Press
    (2:43)- Cable "Bent-Over" Row
    (3:37)- AB "Quarter" Crunches
    (4:20)- Behind The Knee Triceps Extension
    (5:38)- Barbell Shoulder Press To THE FACE!
    (6:25)- "Assisted" Single-Leg Pushdown
    (7:28)- 21s (Biceps Curls)
    (8:52)- 2 Inch Leg Press
    (9:39)- Candy Cane SYNTHA-6 – https://www.amazon.com/BSN-Syntha-6-Protein-Powder-Isolate/dp/B07GZC3DWV
    (10:12)- FAKE OUT – Leg Press

    FULL WORKOUT PROGRAMS – https://muscularstrength.com/Full-Workout-Programs

  2. Alex says:

    The "BAH-bell" lmfao

  3. Kevin Brvo says:

    The barbell shoulder press can have a close grip and “full range of motion” actually allows your shoulders to rest at the bottom so going close to stopping not the nose but near the face allows most gains.

  4. Alborz Mostoufi says:

    LOL 6:30 that guy looked at Scott like he was a clown

  5. AHeroAlmost says:

    Videos are slowly becoming some of my favorites…

  6. hachem barakeh says:

    last one is really happened :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  7. Torvald Holst says:

    Isn't the 2nd exercise for lower chest though? In one of the videos at Athlean-x for lower chest exercises he's showing that exercise.

  8. Mb Camg says:

    Ulisess always does These behind the knee triceps maybe thats why

  9. Jacob Lemus says:

    Why did I think that everyone in existence would’ve already known not to put different weights on the bar for any lift lmaooo

  10. Alejandro Dirksen says:

    This looks like UCF gym. So Much Nostalgia

  11. scottyo911 says:

    Awesome! Glad I haven’t done any of these things. Haha!

  12. Josh Horvath says:

    Yo why did he turn autrailian at 2:30?

  13. Ralph Lopez says:

    im guilty of the 21's. Now i feel stupid

  14. Greg Merino says:


  15. Andrew Bell says:

    Before we get STARHHTED

  16. beach bum says:


  17. mountaineer says:

    Seen a guy doing all kinds of crazy stuff on a big ball and on the floor. I clicked on this because today I saw an older guy jumping onto the bench. And I thought I'd seen everything. Patriots Rule the NFL

  18. El Carlos says:

    Damn, I still do 21`s. I feel like a dumbass now lmao. I guess it`s a force of habit, but it`s only logical that 14 of the reps aren`t even full ROM. I`ll stop.

  19. Nogardo says:

    Dude aside from him at 6:33 is just like: “the fok?”

  20. Tetsuo says:

    Are you gay? Or do you just look like one?

  21. beach bum says:

    i guess drag curls are out to? as far as 21s go you can use them on just abot any body part

  22. Novice Gains says:

    Looks like fun to me.

  23. God God says:

    Not gonna lie i feel like hes boutta sell me a shamwow

  24. shiver me timber says:

    Are you a trainer , because you look like you take more supplements than you actually work out

  25. TechNaiSci says:

    The tricep exercize works your lower chest tho

  26. Mawhinney 2.1 says:

    Are you wearing a sports bra?

  27. Barney Stinson says:

    Scott, just tell these people to leave before they destroy any equipment

  28. ninjaman1760 says:

    you’re wrong about the seated barbell bicep curl. very wrong.

  29. frog ilicious says:

    where the fuck you from bro baastan

  30. Adam Untz says:

    Actually Arnold talks about doing seated barbell curls being a good acsesory workout for biceps.

  31. Adam Untz says:

    I hate the way this guy talks too!

  32. Adam Untz says:

    Hitting shortened rom for biceps is actually ok to do

  33. Miki Maus Gamer says:

    Actually, the first workout is called jack hammer press, it acts as a alternative to the dips when working chests, but most of the people hunch over and it hits the triceps more then the chest.

  34. Steven305 says:

    Didn’t know you were in Florida brother, what county?

  35. Nick G says:

    The things you do for us man. You couldn't pay me to do these in public.

  36. Azide Azidoazide says:

    2:43 is actually safer than your preferred version. The back muscles are used at different capacities. Like you’re getting thoracic extension and your spine is also utilized.
    Also if you didn’t know full range of motion is cool but also most dangerous part of any workout.
    The shoulder press looked fun until your elbows kissed your lats. My rotator cuffs instantly tore right tf off

  37. Lerron McDowell says:

    I did number 8 today 🤦🏽‍♂️

  38. Mike Cantin says:

    As soon as i see the stringer i'm out.

  39. Hyberius Mond TV says:

    HAHA 😂

  40. Brandon Lynn says:

    I can't even make it through one of those guys videos without wanting to cut my ears off. Most annoying accent to ever exist on the planet.

  41. Grim Ster says:

    seated BAHBELL curl

  42. Yousef Smith says:

    Of course it’s in Florida

  43. Ma Ann says:


  44. Harvey Vuong says:

    There's too much accent in his Boston 🤔

  45. Andrew James says:

    Baa bell

  46. Tom Rooney says:

    Why does he wear wrestling shoes

  47. NUCLEAR SMG says:

    Before we get staahted

  48. eben toyne says:

    Bro your voice is so naisely what accent is this?

  49. HM FERRER says:

    This guy knows nothing, that’s why he looks like crap!

  50. Jonathan Song says:


  51. Big Cheese says:

    For those of you who think the uneven bench is a great core work out you're wrong. I have spent the last year correcting scoliosis.. I tried it and it definitely did not help. You're better off doing pull downs. If your abs are imbalanced you will just carry it over with that movement I promise. So if it doesn't help with imbalances, this is not the way to load up your core unevenly. Honestly, there is no good way. You can try lawn mowers from all angles, but I'd still say you'll get more out of pull downs.

  52. Cloud987600 says:

    Make a vidro on the pokemon rap you monster

  53. Mutale Malama says:

    I’ll be honest, I do the tricep extension with elbows out and my triceps have definitely increased in size and definition.

  54. Dan Howdle says:

    Love this video, Scott. The behind the legs tricep kickbacks had me CRYING with laughter.

  55. Joe says:

    I've seen people doing almost all of these at different gyms, over the years.

  56. Slaytanic Zaddy 666 says:

    The people who actually do this probably mad af

  57. Tanner Hammonds says:

    I swear to God, every time I go to the gym some chick is doing the "assisted" single leg push downs and it just infuriates me 😤

  58. starfish2405 says:


  59. Tobias funke says:

    I have seen the fakeout many times actually, especially on the leg press and the back squats

  60. Hassan Khachab says:

    there is the idiot at my gym who I swear to God loads the bench up with like 405 even though I've never seen him bench 315 clean and sit there and then leaves the weight on it and acts like he lifted it

  61. Hassan Khachab says:

    also and I had the tape this and put it on Facebook there's a guy who Lays on the ground under a Smith machine and does bench press throwing the bar as far as he can in the air and catching it with like no weight on it LOL🤣🤣

  62. Kobe Lewis says:

    Fake less press💀💀💀

  63. Joey Central says:

    Number 8 is very popular with the old women. It’s hilarious that they think they are working anything doing that. As for number 10, that is how my father fucked your his knees. Always loaded it up with every plate in the gym and then moved it like 1-2 inches. Now his ligaments in his knees are ruined. At my school gym, I saw plenty of foreign students from China doing just as stupid stuff as this video that just made them look like they came from a different planet. 😂

  64. aa dd says:

    The things I just see today…..

  65. aa dd says:

    The things I just see today…..

  66. farnumbp says:

    I like the last one. I will do that exercise with 500lbs on the flat bench when there are attractive young women in the gym.

  67. Katrina Maree says:

    Love it… and you remind me of Lochlyn Munro in Scary Movie
    . haha. I love that character.

  68. WeStayFitWSF says:

    This guy is trash

  69. Parker Sullivan says:

    2:39 “Benching Consistently”

    Looks like you could have provided a better clip. You were moving your feet and you lowered the weight in a very uncontrolled manner. Although it’s a small detail, it’s good to make sure all content is quality because you might mislead some people.
    Other than that, great content.

  70. Ronny Cardona says:

    Are you wearing makeup? 😑

  71. I'm On Your Roof says:

    The Fake Out Leg Press is called that because it fakes out your upper body into making gains through the loading and inloading of all those plates.

  72. matt lawton says:

    Hi scott, with bicep 21s, surely as it is creating metabolic stress it's helping muscle growth, I get what u said in your video and I'll try your mercy 30s next time. Am I confusing metabolic stress with a pump? Is there a difference and could u explain. Thanks

  73. Josh B says:

    1. Seated Barbell……better than nothing I guess lol
    2. Hunched over tricep, this is to save elbows for those who have issues….though he does it odd in this video
    3. Wtf? LOL
    4. ….ok I give up lol

  74. kevin smith says:

    Cheers for the heads up! I've been doing 21's thinking i was getting a good workout. Will definately switch to the Mercy 30's 👍

  75. Jason Hollis says:

    I just can't help myself but laugh every time he says baaaaarbell 🐑

  76. kilner79 says:

    im no pro but locking out on the leg press ………….

  77. Hercules Brofister says:

    6:30 getting some looks from the guy in the background lmao.

  78. Alex McD says:

    Wow, it's like taking fitness advice from Scout from tf2.

  79. Trey Ingle says:

    This guy is a total tool

  80. Shinobu Maehara says:

    Then you need to wack the athlean x Arnold 21 curl

  81. Rob F. says:

    Look at the guy at 6:35 looking over at him

  82. Leon Castro says:

    Jokes on you Scott I don't even work out

  83. Dieselx999 says:

    I've seen allot of ppl at my gym doing the single leg push down at my gym mostly females

  84. BtownOG says:

    I have never seen a uneven bench press. No way this is real

  85. mads mikkelsen says:

    haah! that last one with the fake leg press i actually witnessed a couple weeks ago!

  86. Stian Kleppen says:

    You're annoying as f**, and in the process you're making fun of people going to the gym. Way to f**** go 💪🏻

  87. Kuan Lee says:

    Uh..tricep kickback is not useless. And people do the "bad form tricep pulldown" to work their lower chest, not their triceps. Also I can't believe you just trashed Arnold's 21 bicep curls. Have you seen the guy's biceps? This is why I only look at your videos to learn the very basics. Even then I'm skeptical and have to double check with other sources sometimes. Because the deeper the topic you get into, the more unreliable you tend to become. Maybe you should do more research before laughing at something you don't understand.

  88. zephiro l says:

    lol all the people staring at you with weird looks is hilarious.

  89. Gera Torres says:

    what year we in?

  90. ChunK TruffleShufflE says:

    I'm born and bred philadelphia, moved down to miami for a few years. It's such a shock going from the northeast to Florida lol

  91. BiGG Scott says:

    Skull Crushers: Military Press Edition!
    What part of Florida are you in, and what's that gym? That looks like a pretty good gym. I'm in Port Charlotte, and I hate my gym but only go there because it's so cheap!

  92. Sydney P. says:

    The one I've been guilty of doing is using the assisted pull up machine to step down… Ha! Thanks for setting me straight!

  93. nyc78 says:

    #8 drives me crazy! Everytime I use that machine to do pull-ups I have to scrub the hell out of the pad with wipes from the gym because there are very visible nasty dirty shoeprints on it!

  94. Brian Dunlo says:

    with a shoulder injury I was forced to do bent over rear press keeping arm locked ,this looks similar to the silly triceps exercise shown but it feels effective for rear delts and teres minor etc

  95. Mr. Saturday says:

    Love to punch this guy in the face…it would feel sooo good

  96. derek brackenbury says:

    Ooops, looks like Scott has been watching me train 😂😂😂😂

  97. dennie little says:

    I can't help myself….why do people train biceps? If you're hitting your back the way you should your biceps should be wasted! Bicep exercises set people up for a injury. With that said, what about reverse curls? Great bicep accessory exercise grip a/e bicep.

  98. Spec1m3n says:

    Did you move from Boston or some shit

  99. Matthew Espinosa says:

    I've been seeing people at my gym doing the tricep pushdowns with their elbows out. I always give them a confused look and then start doing them the correct way so they can see how it's done.

  100. Tom Hozie says:

    Does it also help to wear women's tank tops?

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