10 Min Improve Balance Workout – HASfit Stability Exercises – Balance Exercises – Balancing Exercise

10 Min Improve Balance Workout – HASfit Stability Exercises – Balance Exercises – Balancing Exercise

Daniel Yohans

34 thoughts on “10 Min Improve Balance Workout – HASfit Stability Exercises – Balance Exercises – Balancing Exercise

  1. eXPR3D4TOR says:

    Last to get laid doe.

  2. eyesignful says:

    Excellent work, and info! Nice job, Coach!

  3. put that back says:

    Thank you. You guys contribute amazing valuable content and I'm very appreciative.

  4. Tahir says:

    Has anyone ever told you that you look a bit like Elon Musk? keep these vids coming

  5. magearon says:

    My vocal point is you coach! haha

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  8. MrFatihcbn says:

    I think this works ..

  9. DaytripDaisy says:

    This is really good. I had broken my leg and torn all the ligaments in my leg and ankle, from zero coordination and balance – back to playing sport and running again.

  10. Andriy Tutoyan says:

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  11. Sherif Kamel says:

    Great tutorial <3 thanks coach

  12. Kyle Peterkin says:

    Love this video!!! thanks a lot!!

  13. TrackMyFitness says:

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  14. Garlic Girl says:

    This was great!  I could feel my instability! 

  15. mogbaba says:

    Thank you. Very good balance exercise. I do it every day. Is it ok?

  16. Ray Lamparelli says:

    How do I follow you on Facebook?

  17. Nathan Marineau says:

    sweat is fat cryin!

  18. Doc George says:


  19. zzz says:

    Gracias por los substitulos!

  20. Joe Verzino says:

    Very useful video. I like the fact that you only need a dumbbell. When do I change to a heavier dumbbell? You We all thank you a great service with this video! Are sneakers necessary?

  21. ILuhJuu says:

    Is this a daily workout? Can I do it consecutively for best results?

  22. athc23 says:

    thank you for fighting through that ankle!

  23. Mohmmed Jassem says:

    How do I follow you on Facebook

  24. Mary Giles says:

    WOW – Great exercise to improve balance. As a nurse I know most fractures especially in the elderly are due to lack of balance. Continue your good work HASfit!!!

  25. Ivanthe Terrible says:

    you guys are awesome, very helpful

  26. SistersTape says:

    I'm doing slacklining and I think those exercises are great for the days when I can't get on the line! Thanks!

  27. esteban leal says:

    Mi mama ma daria una buen putisa si me viera pisando sus almuadas para aser esto

  28. Haiden Irons says:

    or maybe you don't have a BOSU ball…

  29. SuperBond113 says:

    I have head surgery and my motoric skills in my body were injured so I teach myself walking. how to shift weight so it will be even in the right leg and left leg ? is the shifting means leaning toward one side or moving the pelvis only towards the weakest side ?

  30. rosihantu1 says:

    Do it barefoot, makes it easier

  31. lizvocal says:

    wow, is my balance terrible. I am adding this one to my regular rotation.

  32. Rosita Alsaybar says:

    Love this exercise .Thank you

  33. Sandra L says:

    Thanks for the balance workout.
    Fun, and I could feel my muscles working.

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