15 BEST 6Pack ABS Exercises (You Can Do Anywhere)

(electronic music) – What’s up elite ThenX athletes it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another
video of official ThenX. Now when I first started training I didn’t really have equipment or a place to work out. So when it came to training abs and working on my six pack, most of the time it would be right there on the floor in my room. And a lot of you may be
able to relate right now or maybe just not have the time to be able to go to the gym, which is why I love to show you guys how to get in shape and exercises that specifically
don’t require any equipment that you can basically do anywhere. And that’s what I’m gonna
be showing you today. And another thing, over the years I found
that these exercises we’re about to do, are way more effective than the ones you’re
gonna be doing in the gym. When you’re training abs in the gym and you’re using machines for example, the machine is taking
out a lot of the work that you could be benefiting from. But when you’re doing bodyweight training your body is the machine. There’s nothing assisting the weight helping you to achieve the movement, you’ve gotta do it all by yourself working all the stabilization
muscles in your body, normally using multiple
muscle groups within your body which is gonna burn a lot more calories, burning a lot more fat, getting you a lot more
shredded, a lot stronger and a lot less lazy. So the exercises that you’re
gonna be doing with me today may feel a little bit more difficult than the ones you’re doing in the gym but they’re gonna be a
whole lot more effective. And they’re all exercises
that you can get right into. And remember they take no equipment, so if you’re ready
let’s get right into it. We’re gonna be breaking
down this ab routine into your upper abdominals, obliques and lower abdominals. I’m gonna show you my top five exercises that I found most effective over the years for each section of the abdominals. And keep in mind, as we’re going through these exercises all of them are gonna be
working your abdominals. There’s just certain exercises and motions that will emphasize more on different areas of your abdominals. And you need to be engaging
all areas of your abdominals to make sure you really
get a solid six pack. So we’ll be starting off
with our upper abdominals. And for every exercise
we’ll be going for 20 reps. So if you’re ready, let’s go for it. The first exercise is
gonna be chair sit ups. Knees up, core tight. We’re gonna go for 10 on each one. (electronic music) Try to reach up as high as you can. Regulate your breathing. Squeeze your core. All right so there we have chair sit ups. Now remember the most important thing is keeping the quality in all your reps. If you’re finding it too difficult you can go ahead and bring down the reps or if it’s a little too easy, bring it up. Let’s get into the next exercise plank up and down. 20 times. You wanna dip your core down, bring your core right back up. (electronic music) Keep your chin up,
regulate your breathing. Squeeze. All right. Roll over. Next exercise, we’re
gonna be going into V-ups. You wanna hold a solid L-sit, keep your legs straight, arms out like in a boat hold position. Come all the way to the top and touch. (electronic music) All right. Moving on, the next exercise
is gonna be toe touches. Let’s get into position. Legs straight up, core tight. We’re gonna touch our toes. (electronic music) All right, we’re gonna wrap
up the upper abdominals with this last exercise, crucifixes. We’re gonna go for 20. We’re gonna lie straight
out like the boat hold, we’re gonna come in, touch our heels, come back out. (electronic music) Phew, all right. So there’s my top five
exercises for upper abs using no equipment. Now we’re gonna go into exercises that emphasize more on your obliques. The first exercise we’re gonna go into is Russian twists. Let’s go for 20. Keep your legs straight, core tight. Regulate your breathing and contract your entire body. (electronic music) All right, there we go. The next exercise we’re gonna go on to is plank knees to elbow. An important thing to keep in mind is to focus on the quality
of your contractions, how hard you’re squeezing
the proper muscles and using the proper technique over the quantity of how
many you’re actually doing. It’s way better to
reduce the amount of reps and put quality into your reps versus doing a bunch of them and only benefiting a
little bit from each one. Let’s get right into these planks. So we’re gonna bring our knee all the way to the elbow crunch as hard as you can, come back. (electronic music) All right, next one for the obliques we’re gonna right into it, we’re gonna go for side plank raises. Come all the way up, squeeze your obliques as hard as you can. Come back down. (electronic music) Switch sides. All right. Moving right into the next exercise, we’re gonna hold a boat hold. But this time we’re gonna go to the side and we’re gonna crunch our abdominals. Go up one, hard crunch
keeping your legs straight. 10 each side. (electronic music) Switch sides. Phew, all right. Last exercise we’re gonna move into, get right into, switching
mountain climbers. Go to one side, knees to elbows, let’s go for it. The harder you twist your body, the more you’re working on
your obliques and abdominals. All right. Now you see I’m starting to break a sweat. That’s gonna be it for obliques. Now we’re gonna be moving on exercises that emphasize
most on our lower abdominals. The first exercise is gonna
be laying leg flutters. Let’s get right into it. Grab our hands underneath. Legs straight out, locked, core tight, keeping our head up. (electronic music) All right. Now in this same position, we’re gonna move onto the next exercise and bring our legs all the way up with laying leg raises. (electronic music) All right. We’re not gonna stop. We go right into the next exercise, it’s gonna be seated
in and outs, 20 times. All the way in, all the way out. (electronic music) All right. Let’s go right into the next one, it’s gonna be laying knee raises. You’re gonna bring your
knees all the way in, all the way back out. (electronic music) All right. Now it’s the last exercise
for lower abdominals. So let’s make this count. Let’s jump right into it. We’re gonna be doing
leg raises in a circle. Let’s go for it. We’re gonna put our hands underneath, legs straight out, round in a circle, clockwise first. (electronic music) All right. Phew. That is round one of this
six pack abs workout routine. Thank you guys so much for following along and doing this with me. Remember, the repetitions
of this workout routine is scalable. It’s better to do a lesser amount of reps with better form, than a bunch or reps with bad form. So the best way to grow
is to go at your own pace, using perfect form and
full range of motion. Eventually you’re gonna
develop your proper strength with proper form, and you’re gonna build a solid foundation and start seeing results
with many years to come. And for this routine to be most effective you wanna be able to do it at least three to four times in a row. If you can’t yet, focus on one. Eventually you’ll be doing
three to four sets in no time. And hopefully with these new exercises, if you had issues with your
upper or lower abdominals, even your obliques, you’re gonna know the best exercises start training for them, they take absolutely no equipment and you can do it right now. So there’s no excuses. And to get this workout on your phone, definitely sign up to thenx.com, become a member and get full access to all our workout
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8pm USA Eastern Time, mad love, peace out. (“Fire” by Chris Heria)
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