2 WORST Exercises People OVER 40 Must AVOID (Yes, even though they’re popular…)

2 WORST Exercises People OVER 40 Must AVOID (Yes, even though they’re popular…)

Hey out there. Coach Dan Long with
Get Lean in 12. And today I’m at the gym
and I have some exercises that I want you to avoid,
because they are no good. Now, not only am I’m going to
show you the exercise to avoid, I’m going to show you how
to replace those exercises with effective exercises
for people like you that are over the age of 35. Now, I’m 44 years old. I’ve been in the fitness
industry for over 20 years. I have trained everyone
from moms, dads, kids, to Olympians, MLB, NFL,
professional athletes worldwide. Now, if you are using
these 2 exercises that I’m going to
show you today, I want you to avoid those. I came specifically to
the gym to show you this. Now, the first exercise is this
machine called a hip abductor. The hip abductor. Now, is it a bad machine? No. But does it operate, and does
it give you the movements, 1, to shed belly fat? The answer is no. OK. Does it also hit
the proper muscles which are all on the outside
of the hips and the thigh right here, which is
your abductor muscles. The answer is no. It does hit a muscle. I’m going to show you right now. So I’m going to get
into this machine. Now, what you do is you
sit in this machine, right? You bring your knees
in by the pads. You sit the proper weight. You put your hands
on the handles. And you open and you close,
just like this, right? So you’re doing these movements. You’re opening and your
closing, just like so. Now, here’s the problem
with this machine. The problem is, as of
the abductor muscles that you’re supposed
to be triggering, there is a small muscle
deep inside your hip called the piriformis OK? That muscle is what really
this machine is working. Now, when that
muscle is overworked, because you’re doing
these, and possibly if you’re doing them too heavy,
when that muscle is overworked, it then triggers the muscles
around your sciatica. When you do that, what happens? Your sciatica will cause
problems inside your back. And this triggers that. Now, if you’re looking
to lose belly fat and you’re over
the age of 35, I’m going to have something
for you here in a minute. Don’t go anywhere. This link up above,
don’t click it. OK? But I got something for you here
in a minute for people like you that should be moving different,
that are over the age of 35. Now, again, when
you’re doing this, yes, you’re triggering minimal
inside the abductor muscles. And you’re using the
piriformis, which is inside, deep inside the hip. So I want you to replace that
exercise with a simple movement that you can do right at home. Now I’m going to show
you that right now. So you’ll go to floor
for this, all right? Very simple. You’ll lay on your side,
and obviously you’re going to do the
left and the right. You’re going lay on your
side, legs together, OK? Put your body in
a plank position. Put your hand right in
front of your stomach. And then all you’re
going to do, is you’re going to lift
this leg anywhere from four to 12 inches. Hold it for 5 seconds. And then bring it back down. Now, if your leg
starts to do this, it means you’re going
to high and your muscles are starting to pull. We don’t want that, OK? So we’re replacing
the hip abductor with a hip abductor
exercise that’s body weight that you can do
right in your own living room. Again, down like this. Lift this leg up, you
can go up 12 inches. Hold it for 5 seconds. And then you’re going
to bring it back down. And of course, then
you switch sides. And you would do the
other side to replace this old machine
that is not going to help you lose the belly fat. Now, come on with me. Because I’m going to show you
the second thing that we have inside of the gym
that people are using, but, I’m letting you know,
it’s not natural movements. That’s the problem with a
lot of these machines, right? We want what happens with
our body normally to move. What is our daily things
that we go through, right? Getting in and out of
a car, all the time driving, picking
up children, right? Going grocery shopping. Doing all of these things
that some of these machines are not natural movements. Now, I’ll take you
right over here. This, I’m sure you know,
is called an elliptical. OK? The elliptical movements,
what natural movement do you do that is any movement
that’s from an elliptical? The answer is zero, OK? Does an elliptical
burn some calories? Sure it does. But are the movements
natural movements of what you go
through day in and day out, by the time you
wake up and go to bed? The answer is no. Now, when you get on the these
machines, this elliptical, I’m going to show you
the movement here, OK? You can use your handles. You can also use this. But, if you’re
holding on to this, that means you’re putting
pressure on your back, OK? So now, when you’re
moving forward, just like this, what do
you do that’s this movement in an elliptical? There is no movement
that’s natural. So the point is, is when
you’re doing an exercise that is cardio and also
resistance for lower body, I want you to replace
the elliptical with, come on over here, this machine
here, which is the Stairmaster. The Stairmaster is
an amazing machine that not only
incinerates calories, it shreds calories
and lower belly fat. And I’m going to show
you the proper way that you should be doing this. Now, let me get up here
and start this machine. When you move, you
want to move in a way where you’re not
holding here a lot, and you’re also not
leaning here a lot. You want to move in a natural
movement, just like so. Now, let me go ahead
and crank this level up just a little bit. Here’s the thing, a couple of
things to pay attention to, if you’re holding
on here a lot, it means that you
need to slow down. And if you’re holding
on here a lot, either you have a bad
back, which is fine, but also, if you’re
holding on here a lot, you’re also putting
a lot of, you see how, you see this pressure? You’re putting it
on the forward? Just like so. You want to try to move
just like you would normally naturally move up and
down on the stairs, right? This is movements
that are natural. And these movements
shred calories. So replace in elliptical
with the Stairmaster if you’re over the
age of 35 and you want to lose that lower belly fat. Now, with that being said, I
hope that these 2 exercises, you’ll implement immediately. You’ll start impacting your
life and your overall dream body just as fast as you get started. Now, if you need more movements
and you’re over the age of 35, you need to be moving
specifically different than people who are not. And I have the perfect solution,
it is called the Over 40 app and flat belly solution. It is up at this link, OK? If you’re looking
for more movement and you need a system that is
geared to people like you that are over the age
of 35, the over 40 and ab and flat belly
solution is your answer. And it’s up top. Thousands and
thousands of people worldwide have been
getting phenomenal results from this exact system. We put the system
together for you. Now you’re going to see,
1 of my great friends and partners, Shaun Hassell. He’s 46 years old. He’s a grandpa and he’s ripped. You’re also going
to see his wife. She’s 57 years old. She beat colon cancer by
using this exact system. My wife uses it. I use it. It’s 100% approved. And it’s shocking
doctors worldwide. Replace these
exercises immediately. Impact your life. If you’re looking for
more movements, again, click this link up above. All right. I want to thank you for
stopping on this feed and keep going strong.

Daniel Yohans

71 thoughts on “2 WORST Exercises People OVER 40 Must AVOID (Yes, even though they’re popular…)

  1. Dan Stafford says:

    The StairMaster is a worst thing for your knee joints all the pressure goes on the joint, quads are doing nothing…. the most Superior exercise is the bicycle, your hip and knee joints are moving in a elliptical Arc!

  2. Peggy-Jayne Jordaan says:

    Thank you!! Not many sport coaches are advising so honestly. I am 52 yrs. young, mother of a 16 yrs dsughter, who wants to keep moving strong indeed. Do you have more videos of these? Regards, Peggy-Jayne Jordaan. The Netherlands.

  3. robert Jr. Drone life says:

    I finally found a channel were the guy is in the gym with his shirt on thank you

  4. steelwiz says:

    Makes sense. I know about sciatica. But mine is caused by a bulging disc not over an active piriformis.

  5. Paulette Richards says:

    I will try these

  6. zobry2xxx says:

    Thanks!! U R AWESOME!

  7. rvnmedic1968 says:

    Machines kill. LOL One size doesn't fit all. I'm 71, use the Total Gym. recumbent bike, deadlifts and doorway Iron Gym. A good mix of resistance, strength and cardio during the week. I take Sunday off.

  8. Kiki Shaikh says:

    Good tips sirji

  9. Tom omeara says:

    it's true . it burns tons of calories and it's safe.. it's called hiking …

  10. andy humphrey says:

    the stairmaster/stepper is awesome. i,m 47 now ive lost 12% body fat from dieting well and a mix of weights HIIT and the stepper. 10 weeks before summer kicks in. lets see if i can lose another 8% body fat get my bruce lee body back lol. smash that stairmaster guys.

  11. ms3er says:

    if you want to lose belly fat at any age, eliminate any and all added sugars, processed food and oils. You'll likely save hundreds of calories per day and reduce your insulin resistance.

  12. James Olojo says:

    I am over the age of 35 , l need to draw my pension .

  13. Meade Music says:

    What happens at 35 ? Do we just melt away ? Silly stuff.

  14. M F says:

    I'd say heavy bicep curls are worse than those. I can name 4 people myself over 40 thats ruptured one of their bicep tendons after hitting 40.

  15. dindoonuttin wazzenme says:

    Does the eliptical simulate walking cross country in the snow? The handles simulating the sticks and the leg movements the stepping over the snow.
    Wheres the link up above?

  16. Raymond Sanders Sanders says:

    What about bad knees don't do stairs climb he done the hip abduction the wrong way you press in not out for hip abduction

  17. Tom Fisher says:

    Dope all exercises are great different angles different muscles and tendons just start at a low resistance .
    That's Real Advice

  18. 1 1 says:

    I need that gym in my life

  19. RING JANDO says:

    why are you screaming?

  20. Jon C says:

    I don’t have a sciatica. I do have a sciatic nerve. In fact, I have 2 sciatic nerves.

  21. mercury4metal says:

    No matter what exercise you do, if proper diet is not included, then you're wasting your time.

  22. Patrick S says:

    Anything to do with putting unnatural stress on the back and knees – sit-ups and squats spring to mind. The guy hit the spot with "natural movements" – walking, swimming, carrying heavy shopping home up a hill, gardening (especially digging), mowing the lawn with a push mower – the gym is the last place you want to be. I'll make an exception for bench press, cos I've found, after a forty year gap, it still works. Also grip and forearm exercises, the thing you lose in old age is your grip, so if you can delay this it's good. Think long term – are you still gonna being doing this when you're 70. That's my aim, on my deathbed I'll be saying goodbye with a firm handshake. Ha!

  23. Rich Pipia says:

    Your too Mich.

  24. kevin bowditch says:

    All gym equipment is pointless, and gym instructor's. People need to stop going to gyms and workout out themselves instead all you are doing us lining the pockets of these con merchants

  25. Bobbie Jackson says:

    Wow those machine he say not to get on r my main 2 i am 63 not any more thanks

  26. John Marasco says:

    Based on his logic, you would replace an elliptical machine with standing in a box. People that need this type of exercise do not use stairs in their everyday life, they use elevators. If they did use the stairs, then they don't need a stairmaster. You might just as well use the elliptical, it will not hurt you. His first advice was much better.

  27. Pelican beater says:

    All a guy needs to do is take his centrum vitamin every morning and do pushups and situps and he'll look like ronnie coleman in two months maybe 3mos.

  28. David Urban says:

    Greetings from Red Wing Minn I'm 57 y.o I've had 2 complete hip replacements and I got a job that I'm on my feet for 8 hours a day I get this VERY PAINFUL burning sensation from my hip to my knee. I take pressure off my leg it goes away. What is going on? Is it time to get sitting job? Any advise on this would be much appreciated. Have a great day everyone.

  29. Brian Shepherd says:

    I do everything you said not to do, yet I am better shape and I am 50+!

  30. stephen kissack says:

    Is the bike as good as the stair stepper

  31. ShutzStaffel says:

    Tore up both shoulders by using a Smith machine

  32. Jack Jones says:

    Great info. If the exercise doesn't mimic a real world activity, it's probably not beneficial and even harmful, for any age.

  33. Joe Porch says:

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  35. Ay! Caramba Bamba says:

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    Waking up in the morning.

  37. Gunners Ecuador says:

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  38. Chew Baka says:

    I saw people using the hip abduction machine every time I went to the gym. Now, I have lower back pain in my eyes.

  39. jaw baw says:

    Swimming – flailing your arms and legs – is not natural movement but it could save your life if someone throws you in the water.

  40. RANDY HILL says:

    The only bad exercise is the one you don't do…

  41. shethinksliberty says:

    Working hip abductors works on belly fat?

  42. masjut1 says:

    I’ve got a hip injury. These hip abductor machine has really helped me

  43. daniel higgins says:

    I’m in my 60s and don’t run much anymore. People keep telling me the elliptical machine is a great alternative. I find the movement unnatural. It also hurts my knees. It does raise my heart rate, but I don’t feel good after a workout. I prefer some stationary bikes to the elliptical machine. My gym has a running track, so another alternative I do is the farmers walk. I take a 30 lb kettle weight in each hand, and walk for as long as my hands can stand. I then start reducing weight. As far as those abductor machines, I always considered them gimmicks.

  44. eternal optimist says:

    I was in physical therapy and quit because of the piriformis pain that I didn't have when I started. Now I know I was right.

  45. mike riolo says:

    Your exactly Right !!! It hurt me !!!

  46. Tripp Courtney says:

    With the first exercise , small correction; there is no body part called the "Sciatica" . Sciatica describes pain along the path of the Sciatic nerve which is formed by the posterior portions of the L3-S3 nerve roots of the spinal cord (L4-S3 in some) But you are spot on about that machine and the effects of tightening the piriformis. In fact in 17%,, of people portions or all of the sciatic nerve Pierce the piriformis muscle which complicates the condition you are speaking of even more. Quick tid bit usually one piriformis is much tighter than he other because as creatures of habit we cross the same leg over the other or one foot over the opposite knee when we are in the waiting room….this stretches the piriformis a bit so alternate and that will help.
    Also, you can replace the fido rst machine you can band abduction in supine knees bent band around knees, pull apart hold 5 seconds. Do 8-10 reps.

  47. Homer Holler says:

    Crap, when I was 47 at 175, I benched 300, at 6’3”,

  48. Brian D. says:

    I'm 51 and I've been lifting for 35 years, but at this point, if I work out too hard my joints can't handle it like they used to. I'm on trt and peptides and I also take fish oil and glucosamine, I'm having an MRI on my shoulder next week because they don't know why it hurts

  49. Peter Kerslake says:

    Best workout ever……….push a large car on the flat or a slight gradient. Big. CV effect plus leg muscles blasted.

  50. Mike Pedersen says:

    I love the way you talk about the belly fat, problem is that it's not possible to burn fat only one place at a time.
    when and if you want to burn fat the body will burn the fat all over at the same time, I know that people really want to get rid of the belly fat, but then it's cardio, HIT and combined with weight trainning.
    But the exercises you are showing and what you are saing about not doing things that aren't normal movements is spot on, and Ilove your videos by the way

  51. Velton Meade says:

    Great video and thanks for the recommendations. I am a swimmer with a background in Tae Kwon Do and I never lift heavy weight, but only use enough weights to gain strength especially in the back and legs. I like the idea of the leg-lift and will use it. I also have never liked the elliptical because of the unnatural motions of the machine so I avoid it.

  52. randy clark says:

    so I have bad knees and doing the stair master kills me what do I do?

  53. M Howard says:

    In the meantime, I once lost 10 lbs using the elliptical in one week. I have no aches, nothing from it. I do HIIT interval training for 40 minutes 2-3 x per week. I do sub maximal sets which means I am just below my maximum recommended heart beats for a 66 year old. I do it this way because I prefer to do a longer workout. The elliptical is probably not a normal movement granted. But either is skiing or skating. Holding on to the center bar helps your balance. To make sure you don't hurt your back, just don't lean forward. A movement doesn't have to be normal for it to be beneficial. The elliptical is not easy. In my building I have seen guys half my age not go nearly as fast or last as long as me. I found the treadmill to be more hard on my knees and heels for example. You have to know what you are comfortable doing. That is the key. One size doesn't fit all here.

  54. AK W says:

    Hmmmm, that is very odd…because I use the adductor machine to actually HELP and relieve pain from L5-S1. I literally have zero pain after doing 4×15.

    For belly fat, no it's not going to help? Why the hell would it?

    But anyway, to each his own. I've saved myself from back surgery using it for the past 5 years. Hell, before I started using the adductor-abductor, I could barely make a full day without popping 4-6 pain killers.

  55. Stan Diorio says:

    there is no link above.

  56. raymon kravagna says:

    If you have bad knees like me,you can not do the stair master!!!

  57. Godfrey Anderson says:

    thank you my brotha!

  58. Rui Calado says:

    Want to get in shape and fit,loose wheight and feel great!,?,ride a bike 3 times a week,2 to 3 hours,go to the gym for 45m everyday, or train at your house,but use free wheights and lots of stretching and adapt
    or workouts for your age,(warm up corectly)and last but not least have a balanced diet all year round.results will appear,and you will feel better

  59. the American Shepherd says:

    I don't have access to a stair machine, just the elipical one.

  60. Bill Smith says:

    Would jumping jacks do the same thing as laying on the floor.

  61. Fish Gutz says:

    Option 3. Swim. Don't have to feel the sweat dripping when swimming. Ha! No back or knee strain. No joint impact.
    I have degenerative osteoarthritis in both feet. So I swim.

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  70. Tim Pope says:

    Great info..the stair master is one of the most under used machines in the gym but its probably one of the best machines for cardio and it will kick your ass in 5 minutes of use, I highly recommend it !

  71. Salam Falasteen says:

    Walking is the best and safest!

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