Live, rolling, recording, good to go, let’s go.
Okay so I’m back at self-made, with Chan and today we’re in legs, but we’re doing
it in a different way, I’m gonna take Chan through some exercises that
target the quads in a great way and Chan’s gonna show me?
I’m gonna show him some glute exercises I don’t think you’ve ever had a glute day? Never in my life Yet his glutes are bloody amazing Squats people, squats and lunges But today I’m really going to take him through it I’m talking the hip thrusts, Frog Pumps, I got bands we’re doing glute activation love it I’m not gonna lie I’m actually excited about
doing it like I said I’ve never done a glutes day and this is not gonna be just
the glutes today obviously I mean we’ll mix it up with quads, but I’m excited to
try these exercises and you know implementing glute exercises with my
routine, make my glutes stronger I make my squats stronger, anything that makes my
squats stronger I’m down for, so… So what we got first? First we are doing a landmine squat, guys
you’ll see me do this on my Instagram in fact I saw a lot of you guys liked it and I saw a lot of you guys imitating the exercise and giving me great feedback
on the stories that you loved it so those of you haven’t seen this exercise
it’s a landmine squat and it teaches great squat form because you have no
choice but to sit back into the squat position so this is a great exercise to
try quad dominant exercise awesome so we’re gonna start with just the bar as
always, we start light, here we go What we’re doing there, we’re keeping the feet
shoulder-width apart we’re gonna do a full squat so by that I mean you’re not
going to parallel you’re going full ass to grass, bottom down squat We done these the other day, so I did try them, actually it was last week I think what is difficult with them is not letting your knees fall
back with you when you’re going into the squat over me anyway that’s what I find
ya know I like the movement because it mimics my regular squat, my regular
squat form you know and so you know as you’re coming down just concentrate on
making sure that your knees don’t buckle in yeah and eliminates that whole thing
of feet, your knees going over your toes although that is actually okay
so guys do your research that is okay depending on the type of squat you’re
doing and depending on your limbs because I say this all the time we’re
not all the same in terms of our body structure the length of our limbs comes into play
where that’s concerned and it’s not always a bad thing
that it was always given as a guide a guideline for for the layman to avoid it
but it’s not a rule you know so one thing to bear in mind about some notes
below just so you guys understand exactly what I’m talking about
but yeah I’m gonna add some weight The next exercise we are going to do is a Bulgarian split
squat, a great single leg exercise which is great if you want to you know correct
any imbalances. It’s also good for the glutes as well. is indeed but yeah we are concentrating on the quads today
so I’m gonna start with no weight just so you can see the movement first
and so I can get the movement, I always like I say to you guys I always like to
do the movement first without any weight just to get myself ready for it you know
before adding any weight okay guys, quick tip for you, if you’re
new to this exercise, don’t be overzealous and try and put any heavy
weight, this exercise is all about control and form and high reps really, so
get a weight you can handle and see it get weight you can handle it and do 10 reps
for you know maybe later on when you’re familiar with the movement you can try
going heavier but for the meantime look stick with a weight that you can handle and just
concentrate on your form, it is a burner what we’re gonna do next we’re going to
do the goblet squat and the goblet squat it’s quite similar to the landmine,
landmine squat but the difference is we’re gonna have our legs as close
together as possible because what we’re going for
if you pan down, is we’re going for the sweep week so down for this muscle here this
muscle right here it gives us the sweep of the quads that’s all gonna go for
we’re gonna keep close and you’re gonna come down and up now this exercise I’m
gonna do with the kettlebell you can do it with a medicine ball or a dumbbell but a
kettlebell fits perfectly into the position, so we’re going to do it with the kettlebells

Daniel Yohans

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