3 Secrets To Life-Long Happiness – Marisa Peer

3 Secrets To Life-Long Happiness – Marisa Peer

– I bet you’d love to know
how to be happy all the time. Well, I’m Marisa Peer, and today I’m going to
show you the three secrets. The three keys that you can adopt, embrace, and put into your life that will allow you to be happy all the time. (upbeat music) Everybody wants to be happy and we’re all looking to be happy. And we seem to have this weird belief that there’s some destination we’re gonna get to one
day called Happiness. But there’s no destination
called Happiness. There’s no terminal you’re ever going to arrive at in your life
called This Is The Happy Place. If you want to be happy, and why wouldn’t you wanna be happy? Here’s the way to be happy. You gotta be happy right now. I see so many people who go, “I’ll be happy when my kid can walk. “When my kid can feed themself. “I’ll be happy when my kid’s gone. “So I gotta be happy when.” And if you buy into that
“I’ll be happy when”, you’re never happy
because when never comes. I’ll be happy when I’m
married, I’m single. If I can find a great
person, I’ll be happy. And then you know what you do? You just swap all the
problems of being single to having to compromise with somebody else because you have this
belief “I’ll be happy when”. So if you want to be happy,
here’s how to be happy. Decide to be happy right now. Don’t do that, I’ll be happy
when I get to my holiday. I’m super stressed at the airport, I’m having a manic one, but
when I get there, I’ll be happy. Because now you’ve told your mind that happiness is
somewhere you’re going to. Tell your mind the truth. I am happy right now. I’ve decided to be happy in the moment. I’m choosing to be happy. You see, your mind is set up to do what you tell it. And every time you say to your
mind “I’ll be happy when”, it believes that happiness is out there and you’re going there, but
you might never get there. When you go, “I’m happy right now. “I’m happy packing. “I’m happy at the stress of the airport. “I’m happy this minute. “I am choosing to be happy.” Then your mind understands the truth. Happiness is now. You’re not going to happiness, you’re not looking for happiness and by the way, nobody
else can make you happy. While an amazing partner, a great career, a wonderful kid
will enhance your happiness, if you give that to someone else, my partner’s gonna make me happy, having a baby’s gonna make me happy, having a great job where I get recognised
gonna make me happy, getting praise gonna make me happy. You know what you’re doing? You’re giving someone
else the responsibility to make you happy. And if you say to them, “Here you go, “you make me happy.” That will work for awhile, but then, you know what you’re giving them? You’re giving ’em power
to make you unhappy. I want a little baby to
be happy and I got it, but now that baby is
a 14 year old teenager that doesn’t even want to speak to me. People will say, “Oh, you know,
you make me feel amazing.” And then the other side of
that, did you make me feel so angry and so lonely and so unimportant. Don’t give your power to
be happy to anyone else. It’s up to you. And don’t wait to be happy. Choose to be happy right
now, in the moment. I mean, look at little children. The rain makes them happy. A puddle makes them happy. Everything makes them happy
’cause they live in the moment. Happiness is an inside job. Go inside you, live in the moment I promise you, if you make a decision I’m gonna be happy right now, no matter what, in everything I do, you’ll train your mind to be happy. And here’s another great thing that I find really works to be happy. When you wake up in the morning, start going, “Wow, this tea is amazing. “This coffee is sensational. “I love the smell of this shower gel. “I love the sheets. “I love waking up.” I had to make myself do this and it completely changed my life. I wake up and go, “I love my life. “I love being here.” My first coffee, I go,
“I love this coffee. “I love my sheets. “I love everything.” And that’s not really true, but if you can make your mind
be happy with little wins, every time you eat
something, it’s sensational. Make a phone call, go, “This is great. “I’m reading. “I’m watching my favourite show. “This is amazing.” When you sit down at the end of the day to watch Netflix, go, “This is amazing. “This is wonderful.” You’re training your mind to
celebrate tiny little things, and when you get big things, every day feels like Christmas. So if you want to be
happy, live in the moment. Keep telling yourself the tiniest little thing makes you happy because that’s what children do. And do not ever give your response with you be happy to someone else. I’ll be happy when. I’ll be happy when I’m rich. When I look good. When I’m thinner. When I’m married. ‘Cause I work with people who
are rich, they’re married, and millionaires. You know what? They’re miserable. I remember going to somebody’s wedding, a very dear friend of mine, and she was so stressed about
making this wedding perfect that she forgot to enjoy it. I know my daughter’s first
birthday was a great event, and I forgot to take a single picture ’cause I was so busy
making sure she was happy and everyone else was happy. The next day I had to restage this party just to take the photos. Happiness is being in the moment. Living in the moment. And sometimes I go to
events and I watch people, and they’re so busy filming it that they’re not in it. They’re no longer in the moment. They’re no longer enjoying a coffee. Or a lunch. Or a concert. ‘Cause they’re filming it
instead of being in it. And there’s nothing wrong with filming it, but when you finished your filming, put the camera down, be in the moment. The moment is all you ever have. Live in the moment. So let me summarise for you. You’re not going anywhere to be happy. Happiness is not out there. It’s here, right now, this moment, and you can choose to be happy. And I promise you, this sentence will change your whole life if you say it every day. I’m choosing to be happy. Choosing to live in the moment. I’m choosing to always find happiness. I’m not looking for it, but I’m finding it ’cause it’s all around me. So remember, there is no
destination called Happiness. Happiness is an inside job. Choose to be happy. Never give your power to
be happy to someone else, ’cause if you give them the
power to make you happy, you know what you’re giving them? Of course, the power to later make you unhappy. Live in the moment,
celebrate every small win. Teach your mind to be happy and then your mind will
start to feed it back to you without you even noticing
and you’ll start to notice that you are happy all the time. Go ahead and make some comments below about the things that
already make you happy. So, other people think, “Oh yeah, “I could do that. “I never thought I could just do that, “and then I would be happy.” And remember, if you talk to a kid,
what makes you happy? They go, “The rain, the wind.” When I was in Africa, I asked
somebody what made them happy. They said, “The sun, the
dark, the light, the cold, “the heat, the beach, the sea.” ‘Cause they naturally do that. They live in the moment. Live in the moment, choose to be happy. Remember that sentence you’re gonna say. Every day I’m choosing to be happy. I’m choosing to be happy right now. There’re lots of people that would benefit the same
way you’re going to benefit, so please share this
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that you really want to be. Thanks for tuning in.

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