4 Exercises For Better Vision | Eye Yoga

4 Exercises For Better Vision | Eye Yoga

If you love watching Glamrs videos and would like to be notified every time we drop a new one, please bash that bell icon below! In the age of screens, our eyes are not only strained and abused but due to the lack of awareness, our eyes are not relaxed at all! Eye exercises are the need of the hour. Practice these 4 exercises regularly and always have a healthy eyesight. Sit on a chair with an erect back and keep your body relaxed. Take a pen, shut one eye and bring the pen to your eye level and focus on the tip. Move the pen near and far from it. Now do the same on the other eye. Do 5 rounds of the same on each eye. This exercise works on your focusing skills and muscles in the eyes. This exercise requires two people to stand opposite each other at a distance of 4-5 meters. Take a medium sized ball, throw it at the opposite person and as soon as the person catches you blink looking looking at the ball. When the person throws the ball back to you, blink again. This exercise works on the muscles in the eye increasing the flexibility of the lens inside the eye. Stand in a place where there the sun rays are falling with your legs half a distance apart. Close your eyes and face the sun. Make sure your eyes are relaxed and not shut tightly. Slowly move your head from left to right, ensuring the rays fall on the eye. Practice this early in the morning for 2 minutes everyday. This exercise stimulates your retina well. Sit in comfortable place, with a pillow on your lap. Rub your hands for a minute together to generate heat and then place the palm on your eyes. Lightly place to cup your eyes to make sure you do not press it. Keep your eyes open and count to 20. Let your eyes see the darkness inside your hands. This exercise is the best as it works on the entire eye to relax and restore vision. These exercises are known to enhance and ease out our overused muscles around the eyes improving our eyesight naturally. I hope you try all these exercises. Until next time stay sharp and stay Glamrs.

Daniel Yohans

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  2. jyotsna singh says:

    Yes I'll try all the exercise
    It's so helpful for every one
    Love this
    Love glamrs 😘😍😅😄👍👌

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  4. Ankita Davate says:

    Any help for lazy eye?

  5. Indira Raju says:

    What to do when we wear spectacles….we get the mark and tan how to reduce the tan

  6. Madhabi Ghorai says:

    Wow …I gonna try this …will it reduce the no of my spectacles..as I already have specs

  7. Radhika Singh says:

    If someone has glasses so he or she should remove their glasses and then do these exercises or they can do by wearing glasses as well?

  8. Maheen Faizan says:

    From maheen hijab and beauty

  9. Revathi susi says:

    Gonna try this!!!hope this help me …

  10. Aman Parmar says:

    thank u

  11. Sumera Harun says:

    Badly needed this, thank you so much!

  12. ghayoordot khan says:

    Live session?????

  13. kaniz fatima says:

    in exercise 4 eyes sholud be kept open?


    Thank u @glamrs…..luv u soo much…… Much needed one…. Happy to see u growing…. 😍😍

  15. MANJULA Raghav says:

    Thank you Glamrs……really helpful ☺

  16. Dazzling Deepika says:

    Can u plz tell an diet for eyes vision improvement

  17. Mohith M says:

    Definitely like your at most videos
    once…Keep doing guys

  18. jyoti joshi says:

    Please suggest some remedies for lower eye twitching.

  19. Moha Gandhi says:

    super easy and very very useful !!!!
    Thank u so much Team Glamrs !!!!

  20. Bhargavi Manjunath says:

    Ill try it daily and hope it reduces my number of specs …

  21. AZIFA PARVIN says:

    I'm suffering from insomnia and my eyesight is getting worse…I hope this experience will helps me out…And Thank You

  22. Divya says:

    Any help for lazy eye??

  23. Halima Yusuf says:

    My eye muscles goes down a bit I don't know why can this work? And I do have eye problems that made my eyes so dull yellow brown spots as well as red lines pls can you tell me what I can do or drink or cure such problem pls do reply

  24. Manav Bahuguna says:


  25. Jesse Garcia says:

    Can it help a person with early signs of glaucoma?

  26. Subashini Senthil Kumar says:

    Thank you and please do memory exercise

  27. Divya Dakshayani says:

    Malabsorption tamj

  28. Subhashini Nethaji says:

    mam my eye power is -8… tis excercise can reduce my power

  29. Princess Zander says:

    I simply need eye glasses for reading. It has been weeks since I have began using the vision improvement method “Tοsazο Zuzo” (Google it). The doctor informed me that my eye examination findings were good and my vision didn`t get even worse. This meant I get to save money supposedly for the new eyeglasses simply because my eyes are clear now.. .

  30. ayaan ayaan says:

    Why is thar pillow??…any relation to this…

  31. Mohammed Basha says:

    I want know whether i want to wear spectacles or not

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