5 Calisthenics Exercises Everyone Can Learn

5 Calisthenics Exercises Everyone Can Learn

Daniel Yohans

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  1. Calisthenicmovement says:

    Straight Leg Strength/Mobility ➡ https://goo.gl/7C5bAc
    Wrist Routine ➡ https://goo.gl/3SG2VG
    Complete Workout Programs ➡ https://plan.eleggs.de/
    Backflip Video Release ➡ 1. June 2018 ✔✔✔

  2. GamingBersama ATIQ says:

    I CAN DO


  3. RemusGT says:

    Just noticed that Ausfahrt sign in the background.
    Ich wusste nicht, dass Ihr aus Deutschland kommt.
    Very nice channel!

  4. А р ш а н says:

    Please do a video on your hair fall journey

  5. Angelo Wakstein says:

    I always get cramps in my quads when doing the L sit

  6. Rayrac # says:

    Haha 😂 bist du Deutscher, weil ich habe den gleichen EN Akzent

  7. grxmm_44 says:

    I can do the last position 😂

  8. GAMING ADDICT says:

    Tell something about runing

  9. Keith Waa says:

    You guys keep popping up on my you-tube feed…though I'm 52 and have been a mason all my working life and am certainly above average strong i have no where near this kind of developed strength , flexibility or balance.
    You've officially incited a riot inside my ego . Thank you for these various and manifold videos.
    A real Mac-Daddy invitation and inspiration to a wellness i MUST acquire . Thank you both and all who've contributed to these video productions.

  10. First Class House Music Radio says:

    What kind of shoes is he wearing? Brand name ?

  11. Barbie Komplex says:

    5 exercises everyone can learn.. and then you start with rings?? I have never seen rings outside of a sports hall.. whats up

  12. Be the change says:

    Those legendary blue pants though 😅

  13. ItzPhantreem says:

    Alex i can do elbow lever on higher objects and i filmed myself i was straight but i cant do it on ground

  14. GurraTV says:

    The bald one is albanian isnt he

  15. muhammad ameen says:

    I did the elbow lever in 2 days.i will make my friends craze on me.Thank you guyzzz.Yu guys are the best Calisthenics teachers.😘😘

  16. Alexander Alex says:

    anyone know any good mobility exercises for l sit

  17. mlungisi chonco says:

    Am I the only one fascinated by his muscles flexing and relaxing with the skin the cat exercise?

  18. Gop Ds says:

    This bald guy is awsm

  19. Your Uncle says:

    Is this hosah from danplan

  20. lee johnson says:

    I'm 42 I just can't see me being able to do handstands or L sit. I'm doing pull ups and dips along with dumbbells but I can't even 🐸 stand. I think my strength needs improving

  21. Mahyuu says:

    I only have grey shorts, the power comes from those blue shorts.

  22. Golden Hamon says:

    Every try i do the forward lean thing on the ground my arms are ripping my chest open/my wrists can’t take it

  23. Switch Nigs says:

    Everyone if you have rings or that bar thing 😀 Easier getting into the gym and liftin sum deadlifts dawg

  24. Richards Gregor says:


  25. Baiju Ashar says:

    Amazing. Will do it from now

  26. gary gjl says:

    Alex you and your exercise partner are Olympic, World class. TY.

  27. a hack's progress says:

    Whenever I watch these videos, I feel it's doable until I try the reps.

  28. Ilda Serrano says:

    love your videos!!! what kind/brand are your shoes? tnks

  29. Peter of High Peak Photo says:

    Thanks for this vid. Can’t wait to try this. Can you ‘Skin the cat on parallel bars or chin-up bar?’ (I don’t have the rings!) 🙏😊

  30. Levi Baysinger says:

    What kind of shoes are those?

  31. Sem says:

    1) Typewriter pull up
    2) L-sit
    3) Skin the cat
    4) Bent arm handstand
    5) Elbow lever

  32. Vinícius Machado says:

    Here comes again the shining head guy

  33. Mateus C. Silva says:

    I can do the L sit on the ground… I was able to do it at the 1st attempt 🤔

  34. shivprassad patil says:

    i love this channel really

  35. Rajputana says:

    I can not able to do simple pull ups

  36. Deep Doubts bout U says:

    So Easy !!! Definitely for Everyone !!!

  37. Luuk Stehouwer says:

    I think the link plan.eleggs.de stopped working.

  38. Tony Richengod says:

    What shoes is the guy with hair wearing? Great video, thanks!

  39. witheredandobsolete says:

    How the heck did you get the rings down?

  40. Regret The Legendary Warrior says:

    I can only do the number 3…. 😟😟😟

  41. Aaron says:

    7:15 i never saw anyone become so red of my life

  42. William Rim says:

    Everybody can learn everiting

  43. Thomas Leaf says:

    i dislocated my shoulder just watching this video

  44. j johnson says:

    I think this guy Mr blue is in the best shape in all of youtube

  45. emde fronten says:

    Any german?

  46. Peter of High Peak Photo says:

    I’ve been really enjoying learning some of these and your advice regarding the ‘cat’ one. This video has really helped me. Thank you. 🙏😊💯

  47. Pigman23 K says:

    Como el oyo lo subtitulos

  48. 유지태 says:

    Is this guy stronger than thenx?

  49. niTrAm says:

    What a place to workout. How'd you get the rings up there? 😂

  50. Daniel Stewart says:

    fuck this shits too easy man. can you instead make a progression video showing how to fly and walk through walls?

  51. RaelGamer317 Estrada says:

    Yo la hice primero, donde están los derechos de autor? Pendejo
    I make this exercise first of you, bald bitch!

  52. Sezgin Akalın says:

    When I saw ausfahrt sign I couldn't resist and opened Euro Truck 2.

  53. 현우동우준우아빠 says:

    등에 한글 문신 반갑네요 ㅎㅎ

  54. Everton Franco says:

    "Eeeeeeeveryone!" Gary oldman would scream at this title.

  55. jean carabajal says:

    Alguna buena persona que pueda subtitular esto en español bien??

  56. FromBeToReality says:

    i'm still trying to master moves in ONE, FIVE MINUTE WORKOUT video by these…super humans!!

    sooooooo … later for the moves in this video! MUCH LATER!!!!

    NEVA for "skin the cat." i don't even like watching this! i'm a writer. i really need my arms because my hands are attached to them. even if i wasn't a writer, i love having arms. not going to do anything that might pop them off like a baby doll's arms.

  57. Joshua Buena says:

    Love the shorts

    edit: giggling over AusFAHRT I'm sorry XD

  58. Джонката Rules says:

    7:12 bruh wtf his head is like a tomato from all of this blood 😂

  59. Giorgi Nachkebia says:

    elbow planche is harder than normall planche? yet i can do elbow planche, but i can't do regular planche

  60. Nicki b says:

    You have been in Germany, haven't you?

  61. LilShort says:

    Saitama sensei

  62. Francis Major says:

    Seeing as I have plateaued with bodybuilding after sustaining an injury I decided to refocus my training and be the best I can be. Long story short I have enrolled in this program. Worth the $200.

  63. Flix says:

    i did the elbow level thanks imma impress my girl now

  64. Ezz Nick says:

    Ihr seid deutsch, oder?(hört euch so an)

  65. Jayvee Salva says:

    Oh look? I can learn anything here?

    Sees thumbnail


  66. Francesco francesco says:

    You are Saitama

  67. Francis Paesano says:

    I feel like his L-Sit form could be a lot better

  68. josephs 28 says:

    Spanish subtitles don't work 🙁

  69. yj says:

    I love this channel they always explain extremely clearly and even show the common mistakes and correction to them to help us achieve perfect form. Keep making quality content!

  70. Joseph Jones says:

    I can L sit on the ground, but having such short arms, I'm only a half a centimeter from the ground…

  71. SAJIB FITNESS says:

    Nice Brooo

  72. Nibba says:

    Haha, I impress everyone in my school with last 😁

  73. Villaflow515 says:

    I tried the fourth and I slammed my face on the floor. But I still wanna try

  74. Kiwi says:

    What if I can do all of them what’s my next progression

  75. Nycola P. says:

    People trying to park be like: the fuck are these guys doing?

  76. OTG says:

    That bent arm handstand is the hidden gem in perfecting handstand and achieving handstand pushups

  77. Rieesix Darko says:

    seit ihr deutsch oder wart ihr nur in Deutschland?

  78. Rayeed Tua says:

    I do one arm is that advance

  79. Moises Burgos says:


  80. hans schommer says:

    What if you do not have rings

  81. Tibor Kovács says:

    Anyone else getting intense blood flow to the head and thus headace from the elbow lever?

  82. Александр Лебедев says:

    what kind of camera?

  83. FuZzy One says:

    I can't help wonder how they hanged the rings up there?

  84. Gornobaneca DotCom says:

    Just do a regular pull up and then iron cross, now you are working both hands equally XD

  85. Josue Rosa Santana says:


  86. ZooDar Official says:

    I can't even do a pull up you want me to do that?

  87. Garret Pomfret says:

    This song is ALWAYS stuck in my head

  88. Ciro Mas says:

    Great video Alex

  89. Loofig says:

    I’ve been doing skin the cat this entire time and just realized

  90. Caleb Graham says:

    Hello, where do I get the bracelet you wear in the video? i checked the website but cannot find it. @Calisthenicmovement

  91. Trini Girl Natural says:

    Wayy too advanced for this "everyone"

  92. CRUSADER says:

    The guy doing the typewriter pull ups needs to work out his chest a little more 😬

  93. Alex says:

    Am i the only calisthenics athlete who's a smoker?

  94. Jonatas Brito Sousa says:

    O cara é o Saitama kkk

  95. Storm Walton says:

    I'm 6'1" 205 pounds 42 year's old and can do all of them but it's harder for taller guys.

  96. Fighting Flow says:

    Bodyweight exercices are the best when it comes to conditioning the body for martial arts. I personally like the typewriter pull-ups

  97. Jack Beale says:

    imagine being able to lift your own body weight, BS can everyone to any of these XD

  98. JustHereToHear says:

    Your demonstrations are awesome, so thorough!

  99. augusto delvalle says:

    If I do the skin in the cat. I will leave my skin and arms up and my torso will rip off of my body lol

  100. eqnawr sayaṃ says:


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