Daniel Yohans


  1. Meriem مريم says:

    Love it thank you 🙂

  2. Miss Cherry Linh says:

    Love this! ❤

  3. patricia bennett says:

    So zen like incorporating a calming atmosphere.These tips are really good.I love walking.Discipline is important, I am grateful for so much.Creating a peaceful space.I agree with you wholeheartedly.Self care is so right and going forward is valuable. Thank you for video and blessings and greetings and hugs.xoxo

  4. Lucienda Baxter says:

    Great Video 🤗💗💗💗

  5. JustJay says:

    This video was so soothing! I like the advice you had for accomplishing goals. Really helpful!

  6. hawt nurse says:

    Can we be friends?? I need ppl like u in my life

  7. ikram XD says:

    thank you for today's video. I can see how much you love yourself and share this love over the world. you are fall of hope thank you.💖💖💖

  8. Hamiyet Kaya says:

    Thank you 💗love 💗

  9. sauwen says:

    Love this, so inspiring!

  10. Chaymae Majdoubi says:

    love it thank you 😍

  11. Jessica says:

    thank you. This was very useful and natural

  12. shar s says:

    Loved the message and the video. I will definitely try these tips. Thank you for sharing and letting us be part of your journey. xx

  13. JarofArts says:

    Great tips Ann!💖

  14. Honor says:

    Thank you, Ann 💙💙💙💙

  15. Yvette G says:

    Love 💖 this Ann xxx

  16. Vardagsvegan says:

    This kind of videos makes me sad in a way. As someone with mental health problems i cant make it happen in that way. Always getting kicked down when u start. Or not being able to start at all. Wish i could live like that.

  17. Louiseanne A says:

    Beautiful video

  18. Manjima Dutta Arya says:

    Wow I love your videos 💕💕

  19. Im thiccc says:

    Reason why i subbed <3

  20. It's Maria (: says:

    She can do all of this and live like a teenager because she walked away from her family. Yes, there is routine, stress, responsibilities but it is family nonetheless. I was a big fan of hers but I can no longer see her the same, it is very sad to see that she isn't acting her age but trying to be like all these teenage youtubers.

  21. VoNnE GiLiA says:

    Love this video and your soothing voice.

  22. SoulLiving says:

    Love the ever evolving Ann, thank you for sharing what you are learning along the way with us.

  23. Cecilia Jensen says:

    I love the music you chose for this video, where did you find it? O
    r is it completely original?

  24. saerangkim says:

    My favorite point you mentioned was the finishing whatever task you had planned, even if you lost all motivation to do it. I never thought of it that way. I always stopped right before or midway and would find myself never completing anything. Thank you. I will definitely start applying this.

  25. Christen Dominique says:

    Awe I love this ❤️

  26. Aijah Mack says:

    can you tell me where you got that amazing outdoor chair? it is GORGEOUS!

  27. Rebecca Quintero says:

    Thank you so much for your positivity 💕💕

  28. Angelina says:

    Love this so much <3

  29. Christina Rubiano says:

    Beautiful video Ann!

  30. Saltanat Zh says:

    I love you Ann! You are amazing. I feel like, we are in one volume. Love your videos.

  31. Crystal Gomez says:

    Really needed this video today as I've been feeling unmotivated and unhappy with my current state. Thank you🙂

  32. NGU Warrior says:

    This question in unrelated to the video but i wanna know what's your race cause you dont look 100% asian

  33. kaTt senoj says:

    Higher power is our Lord Jesus Christ..reading the holy bible helps out alot for me…I've seek long time for peace within me was Jesus Christ🙏

  34. Brian Greg says:


  35. Edvin K George says:


  36. Valentina Bagini says:

    Beautifully shot!

  37. Vaishali Sachar says:

    Miss u girl where have u been? You haven't been uploading much. I Hope everything is ok and this new year brings you more blessings

  38. jen cooĸed says:

    I love these video shots they’re so pretty!!!

  39. elynn yeong says:

    Beautiful video. Love it.

  40. NYCCHOCOLATE7777 says:

    All I Have To Say ls: Yes & Thank You

  41. mindfreedom1 says:

    pray 5 times a day, fast Ramadan, wake up at sunset to pray…living healthy life (body and soul) while having a purpose, it's something to seek knowledge about!

  42. Joi Burton says:

    This video inspired me I love you

  43. Piper Li says:

    Honestly just watching these videos calm myself down

  44. Anees Raheema says:

    Love this thank you ❤❤❤

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