5 Underrated Healthy Foods that you MUST TRY!

5 Underrated Healthy Foods that you MUST TRY!

Daniel Yohans

9 thoughts on “5 Underrated Healthy Foods that you MUST TRY!

  1. Emily's Journey says:

    I'm surprised!! I actually have had 3 of those things!!

  2. AmazingAutumn 12 says:

    Good idea about the underrated foods but I hope everyone takes it with a grain of salt because we all react differently to same thing 🌞🌻
    Coconut oil, coconut butter, etc isn't for everyone, I have severe allergic reaction to anything coconut. It also drastically raises cholesterol — proven fact.
    Nutritional yeast can cause stomach ache, indigestion and stomach inflammation.
    Jicama produces gas in many people when eaten raw, it's difficult food to digest.
    Individual body = individual response.

  3. Paula Marques says:

    Carob is actually used a lot in Portugal, specially in the south of the country. ☺️

  4. Kirsten S. says:

    I put nutritional yeast in my tomato soup that I bring to work nearly every day…so freakin delicious. 😍

  5. Grizabeth Vargas says:

    Hi Nikole. Have you ever used Stevia as a sweetener for your recipes specifically for baking?

  6. It’s Bekah! says:

    Can’t wait to try coconut butter! In best Fabio voice, “I can’t believe it’s not butta!” 😄Anyone else remember those commercials? Anyone over 30 in the US probably will!

  7. Melissa Galvin says:

    learned so much from this video! and really like that these are all affordable health foods

  8. Jenilyn Gilbert says:

    I use Chinese 5 spice and it is so unique.

    Love nutritional yeast on my popcorn too, I also add Dr Hyman’s homemade spice blend (a healthier version of Larry’s Seasoning) to my popcorn with some ghee. It’s delicious! https://drhyman.com/blog/2012/03/28/alexs-secret-spicy-spice-rub/

  9. Ciyou Ong says:

    Do u have to melt the coconut butter everytime u use it? Water chessnut is our favourite snack for me n my family. We can get fresh ones here in Asia. But hate to peal them. 5 spice is a staple spice for Chinese cooking. We use them for meats base dishes. Jicama is one of the under rated health foods. It's cheap, it's crsipy when eat raw, similar texture compared to water chest nut. I love my mums Jicama stir fry with dried cuttlefish, wrap with fresh lettuces.

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