6 Easy Healthy Meals on a Budget (Vegan & Veggie Options)

6 Easy Healthy Meals on a Budget (Vegan & Veggie Options)

♪ ♪ What’s up, beautiful people? It is your homegirl, Ms.
Shameless, all up in your video. And this video is all about
how to eat healthy on a budget, because you do not need to be
a baller, shot-caller, brawler to eat healthier. All you need is some
creative inspiration, your homegirl, Chef
Shameless, in the building to break it down for you. So this video is perfect
for vegetarians, vegans, pescetarians, meat-eaters
— feel free to substitute. And really, I am gonna be
sharing with you six meals — two breakfast options,
two lunch, two dinner, with snacks in between. I got you. I got you. So let’s get into
this video now, shall we? First up is
breakfast of champions, and this one’s
perfect for vegans. It’s a Quinoa Cereal. All you’ll need is quinoa, which is a great
cereal or rice substitute, almond milk, some fresh
blueberries and bananas, which taste great and have
naturally occurring sugars, walnuts, some cinnamon
and vanilla for added flavor, and if you have a sweet
tooth, a splash of honey. Now, I’ve already
precooked the quinoa, and I store that in the fridge, which makes it a quick fix
first thing in the morning and a good source of protein
fiber and essential amino acids. Almond milk, which is
perfect for those of you that are lactose-intolerant. So I can throw everything
in: the vanilla, the cinnamon. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Then I add all my fixings
and make it look real cute for my Instagram
stories or my Snapchat. And padow. The second option is super cute. It’s Mini Egg
McMuffins sans bread. All you’ll need are
eggs, between six and 12, depending on how many
muffin trays you have, some red peppers, spinach,
onions, some salt and pepper, olive oil for the muffin trays, and I like to start by
cutting all my veggies down into small
bite-size portions that will fit
easily into the tray, and the eggs will
go on top of that. What I like about this is
it’s really easy and quick. And this is good for a
meal prep for a few days. You can make a few at a time. Then, I will get to cracking
and scrambling those eggs, adding in some salt and pepper. Next, I’m gonna
spray the tray down. I’m gonna go ahead and
add my veggies on the bottom, because those will
cook and rise to the top. Then I’m gonna take my scrambled
eggs and top that off, but not all the way to the top, because they do
expand in the oven. I’m gonna let that
cook for 20 minutes. Once cooked, I’m
gonna remove and let cool between five and ten minutes so they hold the
form of the muffin tray. And this will last you for a
few days, and it’s super cute, and I discovered this
when I was in New Orleans. Snacks are key. This one is a Chia Pudding, for
all my vegan-heads out there, and chia seeds are a
great source of omega-3. A milk of your choice.
Some cinnamon and vanilla and fresh blueberries, and honey for all my sweet-teeth,
sweet-tooths out there. I like to soak the
chia seeds overnight, but sometimes I do
forget to do this, so I do it first
thing in the morning before I head out to work. By the time I’m hungry, this is
already soaked and good to go. I can throw everything in:
the vanilla, the cinnamon, and I like to add
the blueberries after. And shablam! That is it. That is what I eat
instead of fruit yogurts. You can go ahead and
add honey if you’d like. Now for some lunch. I’m gonna go with this
vegan-friendly Pesto Salad. All you’ll need is some
zucchini, walnuts or pine nuts — walnuts were cheaper —
fresh basil, olive oil, some salt and pepper for the pesto,
and tomatoes and cucumbers, a food processor —
this Ninja is so good — and a spiralizer. And I
got this one from Amazon. I like to cut the
zucchini in half. Then I get my arm
workout in with the spiralizer. And look! Low-carb
noodles. It’s so cute. Okay, once you have
your zucchini noodles done, we’re gonna go
ahead and make the pesto. You’ll need some olive oil.
Again, I like to eyeball things. I’m starting off with two
tablespoons of olive oil. Then I’m adding in my
walnuts, which was half a cup. Some salt and pepper. Then I like to blend this first
before I add my basil leaves, because the
basil leaves are soft, unlike the
walnuts, which are hard. Once the nuts are all blended, then I go ahead and
add in my basil leaves, and then I like to
add in more olive oil if the walnuts are
dry. Again, eyeballing it. I think in total I
used five tablespoons, and this pesto was
enough for two servings. Once that’s
done, you’re gonna cut your tomatoes and your cucumbers
down into bite-size pieces. You’re gonna mix it all together for a fresh veggie pasta salad. And this is raw, which means
it’s jam-packed with nutrients that weren’t lost in
the cooking process. And it’s super
colorful and cute. Perfect for those
food flat-lays [ph.], you know what I’m saying? I actually don’t
even like zucchini, let alone zucchini raw,
but this — I love this. So beautiful. So bootyful. Another lunch option
is this Chickpea Salad with red peppers, chickpeas. You’ll need carrots,
beets and avocado and cucumber. And for all the
info on ingredients, make sure to check the
info box below. I got you, boo. I like to shred my
carrots with my mandolin. Now, you can
meal-prep this for the week by cutting everything
down into bite sizes. I think meal prepping is
great for veggie options. And cut everything down. I discovered this
late in life, beets. I never had this growing up. This is a very added sweetness.
It’s kind of sweet-sour. I like it a lot. Mix it all up. And that is a super
hearty salad topped with quinoa that I pre-made
earlier for my breakfast. Bam. And now for
some salad dressing. You can use whatever you like. I like to make mine with some
balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper, and
I didn’t add it here, but I do throw in some
honey sometimes mustard. And voila. That’s your lunch. Afternoon snack:
This is my go-to. I bring it with me to work.
Super simple and super filling. And that is rice cakes
with peanut butter and banana. I like to bring a knife.
You can use a butter knife. And half a banana. And I like to bring
the peanut butter with me. And I just build it and
eat it when I’m hungry. And this is filling. I guess we can add other things. What would you guys add on this
rice cake? I’d like to know. Let me know in the
comments below, boo. And that’s it. Okay, now for some dinner. I picked up this
Chickpea Fennel Stir-Fry from my friend’s
boyfriend, who’s a chef. His name is
Craig. Thank you, Craig. This is super
quick, easy and delicious and vegan and super cheap. The first thing you’re
gonna do is cut the fennel into bite-size pieces. My onion that I cut down — I’m gonna add my
olive oil onto my pan, cover that ish up. And once the pan is hot,
I’m gonna throw in some onions. My fennel bite-size pieces. Stir that around
with the stir-fry. Stir it around, add
some salt. Add some pepper. This is super simple. All you need is olive oil,
salt and pepper for seasoning? What is life? Then go ahead and
add in your chickpeas. These are canned chickpeas. Cook it until
the fennel is soft. Go ahead and cover that up. And then plate it. Once
plated, add some quinoa. I like using quinoa because
it’s like my rice substitute. And again, it’s
jam-packed with nutrients. I’m gonna go ahead and
add some fennel leaves. And shablam. That’s it.
She is done. That is dinner. Next up is this
Coconut Peanut Shrimp Stir-Fry that you will die for
if you love peanut butter. You’ll need all
these ingredients: olive oil, peanut butter,
onions, broccolini, carrots, red pepper, chopped up
into bite-size pieces. I’m gonna go ahead
and heat up my pan, and again add my
olive oil first. Once the pan is hot and heated, I’m gonna add my onions,
followed by the carrots, which are hardest, so
those need to cook the longest, so those go in first. I do put in onions first
because they add the taste. Broccolini. A
marinade of your choice. I’m using this teriyaki.
You can use soy sauce. You can actually skip the
coconut milk, but I like it, because it
creates all this sauce. Stir it around. Red peppers are soft, so I
put them in toward the end. Then I’m gonna go
ahead and cover everything, and once those
are halfway cooked, I’m gonna add the peanut butter. I’m only using a teaspoon,
and that is very buttery. I put the shrimp in last
because it cooks super quick, and if you cook shrimp
too long it does get rubbery. A few minutes, and that’s it. Plate that ish up.
This is legit so bomb. I hope you guys
found this video helpful. If you did, make
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be you and stay true. Be shameless. ♪ ♪

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