6 Kicking Drills For EFFORTLESS Kicks! (With Partner)

6 Kicking Drills For EFFORTLESS Kicks! (With Partner)

Daniel Yohans

85 thoughts on “6 Kicking Drills For EFFORTLESS Kicks! (With Partner)

  1. Khadijah Ahmed says:

    Oss Sensei! 😊 I'm sure this is going to be a very helpful video! I need to work on my kicks!!

  2. Angelo Manigbas says:


  3. Axezodya says:

    Loving these I'll definitely have to use these as I need to improve on my hip flexibility

  4. Shikher Gupta says:

    Loved the first game. Thank you Jesse Sensei

  5. John Settei says:

    Thank you so much, it will be so helpfull to train our legs and kicks ^^

  6. 3x4 Architecture says:

    Yes, good content. No clickbaity cornball try-hard goofiness. This is the way.

  7. reagan gunawan says:

    Thanks sensei

  8. Jesse Enkamp says:

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  9. fefe jar says:

    For ever thank you so much
    And for your brother also


    Informative video 👏

  11. uttam patra says:

    I enjoyed it sir nice exercise👌🙂

  12. Benedikt Manns says:

    You are absolutly insane, i´am impressed with the amount of power you´re legs must have to do this techniques slow.

  13. CageCat says:

    Jesse: "Here are my favourite 6 kicking exercises!"
    Me: "Allright!"
    Jesse: "These are partner exercises!"
    Me: "………oh."

  14. Swetalaxmi Raj says:

    I used to do these mostly without partner 😄

  15. Melih SARIGÜL says:

    Very good work out. 👍

  16. jendulicka semrad says:

    perfect video, perfect youtube channel, i´m a beginner and i´m grateful for these videos

  17. Insalubrious Dithyramb says:

    Please do a video on improving karate stances.

  18. Southern Chef says:

    Awesome 👏 thank you sensei

  19. Mandar More says:

    Gonna do all of it from now. Thanks bruh 👊👍 Hey man ,which style do you practice?

  20. Thilina Randima says:

    hey jesse are you the creator of seishin international

  21. Sérgio Magalhães says:

    Good video Jesse. Could you speak more about close range fight, when the fighters are less than an arm distant from each other. I think that is the weakest skill of most karateka.

  22. Alden White says:

    Thanks Jesse sensei. This video is super helpful. We kick alot in my dojo. And this came right before i go to class too.

  23. Snezana Malbasic says:


  24. Thaqib Fiyyad says:

    the first excercise is quite similar to something we do in bangladesh called cock-fighting where we fight each other with only one leg.
    Its super fun.
    very cool!

  25. Ron San Pedro says:

    Those looks fun!!!

  26. Faiaj Hossain says:

    for your videos we get knowledge😊

  27. PingwinB says:

    This is great.I'm myself doing stuff like this.Especially when Im watching before Van Damme or Bill Wallace.OSU

  28. Randy Le says:

    U r the true champion. Never need to fight

  29. Adrian Dunevein says:

    Lots of excellent training techniques Sensei Jesse! In our classes we liked doing front kicks over the back of a chair to keep the knee up. At home I would stand at the bottom of the stairs to get the up out back and down motion right without slamming my toes into the risers. Then of course there was the Sensei who used to train roundhouse kick by sticking his big toe in your ear and wiggling it while explaining the importance of throwing the hip.

  30. Eskil Kjøs says:

    What if i can't go so hight?

  31. Mainak Biswas says:

    hey jesse san please make a video on different types of stances…. like deep stance vs others… you know what i mean

  32. Captin Pryor Nonofufockingbusiness says:

    Sensei Jesse i would like to request you show us more Agro and powerful karate moves i wanna see how much offence you can pull off and teach us how to cause damage only up to you.PEACE OUT ✌️

  33. spitzfire1107 says:

    This exercises are helpful for my Taekwondo Kicks.

  34. Luis José Contreras García says:

    Amazing Jesse Sensei, that was supercool. And this Is very Pedagógicos.

  35. Mason Edusma says:

    In my TKD class we do the first drill after sparring but instead of mae geri we do it in Yoko geri. We try and push each other out or headshots since we do it in full gear. Its both fun and killer especially since we usually use our less dominant leg first

  36. Simon Orellana says:

    Great ,thanks for the exercise

  37. gaurav kumar says:

    thanks bro, you are one of the main reason why I still have intrust in karate

  38. PZMedic says:

    Thanks for sharing Sensei. This looks intense. As a 47 year old yellow belt, I might need to work up to that, but doing this will be a goal of mine.

  39. Gamora Xandar says:

    Great drills … thanks for sharing 🙂

  40. Dirk Rose says:

    Thanks a lot, I will start practicing these 6 exercises 😄🥋

  41. Jack Browning says:

    So I take it, you are not going to do a video on what we talked about 🙁

  42. ニュージーランド・スイサイド says:

    Excellent kicking drills Sensei Jesse and Sensei Oliver, greatly appreciated, Osu!😊✌👍🥋🇲🇽🇦🇺🙏

  43. Andreas Grimm says:

    Great exercises, really fun!

  44. Louis Victorious says:

    A suggestion, try to make a tricking vedio

  45. Sixus1Media says:

    What are your thoughts on using the ball of the foot as the striking point as opposed to the top of the foot? My sensei has taught ball of the foot and lots of reasons for it even in exercises much like these, whereas you're using the top. I can see possible pros and cons of each. Wondering your take.

  46. Jesse Pushor says:

    Been watching ur videos for a while big fan you got me wanting to join karate

  47. Paul Zeus says:

    great teaching videos, I like thsee the best.

  48. Simon's Fight Club says:

    Hai sensei. Sensei I loved this video. This techniques are actually very useful. I will surely try these exercises with my training partner. Sensei can you teach us how to kick without hurting our knees. I mean most of us face the same problem that our knees hurts after kicking. Help sensei.

  49. J&S PRICE says:

    Very good Jesse those are the best methods I’ve seen.

  50. Yassine Bensabeur says:

    what is your karate style?

  51. gasho 69 says:

    Very good technique 🙏

  52. Dr. Abhi says:

    Any kick routine without a partner?

  53. huranku98 says:

    Great content as always. Thank you.

  54. Sunny boyGames says:

    Hi Jesse I have the Karate-Do Game I never lost a single match playing as you by the way you should make another action fighting Scene Video

  55. Stuart Hughes says:

    great stuff .we were doining these in the 70s wth sensei tomita . the last one we try mie geri,ashi bari ,mawasi, ura mawasi then kekomi . then collapse ha ha , mind you i do have a titanium hip ha ha

  56. Mikkel Nørgaard says:

    Amazing exercises!!🤩🥋🦵

  57. Razão Pura says:

    Perfect video

  58. omar alberto peña ramos says:

    Nunca antes habia visto estos ejercicios. En realidad se nota que son muy buenos para deestabilidad estabilidad y elongación. Excelente video sensei jesse. Gracias por compartir tu conocimiento. Oss

  59. Roger Byrd says:

    Nice drills ! On that last one we used to hold partners hands and do roundhouse kicks to the abdomen. From slightly raised shiko back leg shuffles in and lead leg kick and you lightly tap the other guys abdomen and build up speed nice speed drill too.

  60. Weebosaurus Rex says:

    Fun exercise for wamrmups. Will try this with my group.

  61. This is BAXTER says:

    Here's another one we do in kyokushin… Lift your legs straight up with no bend… This can be done side or forward and back. You should do this excercise 10 times a day for each leg. That's 20 all together and when you get better increase the amount to 20-25

  62. Charles Wang says:

    These are great exercises for static active flexibility! Definitely gonna make my students do them.

  63. You Know Those Dudes? says:

    Can't wait to try these when next I train

  64. Gadget Hobo says:

    would you like to come sk8ing. skateboarding your half way there

  65. NADD says:

    Those exercises are really useful , I have a lot of trouble using my right leg so I’ll try this method to improve my mae Geri and yoko Geri ! Thank you so much a clear and helpful explanation as always 🙂

  66. Raymond Borrero says:

    Thank you

  67. Ian McLeod says:

    Nice i love it, i will do many of these with the kids at the Dojo soon, my son was watching this with me and enjoyed it. thank you

  68. Martha Viracocha says:

    Great excercises, thank you so much.

  69. Francesco Caglio says:

    Those are very cool exercises, but here in Italy, thanks to the virus spread, the dojos are closed and I have to train alone…

  70. Ali damoulay says:

    Jesse's stability is unbelievable ❤️

  71. Emmanuel Diza says:

    This exercise is very helpful . It will help me improve my kicks

  72. Gisell Johnson says:

    Awesome Jesse. Will try these in class

  73. Rui Saturnino de Oliveira says:

    Tha ks for another great video Jesse!

  74. Jose Luis Ramirez Herran says:

    Thanks. Very cool!

  75. qaannat says:

    That's good stuff Jesse-san! Gonna intro at our TKD dojang. Slow is good. A slow hit is better than a fast miss any day.

  76. Osmar Takashi says:

    I barely can kick mawashi geri, ura mawashi for me is almost impossible.

  77. matalekalum says:

    Thanks a lot dear. This is the one of the best videos of you.

  78. moumous says:

    The content by Jesse is so good, I'm surprised there isn't a million subscribers yet

  79. Ann Granit says:

    I really want to come to the seminar of karate nerd …i hope ill make it ..

  80. Nicholas Lawrence says:

    Definitely have to try these drills thanks 🔥💯

  81. Florian Geyer says:

    Looks like nice exercices, lets torcher some students 😀

  82. PUNE OPEN Annual Karate Do Championship says:

    Thanks a bunch friend Sensei Jesse to remind me my childhood training… 👍👊👍

  83. Mesatsugohado says:

    Hey this is very good! Thank you for sharing. Gave me a ton of new ideas to make teakkyon drills for kids interesting and fun.

  84. sorearm says:

    Really nice exercises sensei, I've seen a few of these before and we do them in kickboxing, the forward and side kick drill has also been taught to me by one of my Jitsu sensei's who has a background in karate. Oss!

  85. Pranjal Borah says:

    This is damn useful…though I'm not too good at it😅

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