8 Highly Effective Weight Loss Exercise after C Section

8 Highly Effective Weight Loss Exercise after C Section some highly effective weight loss
exercise after c-section nine months of pregnancy is a long way back to what you
were even after your marriage you always look at your pictures and you think that
you are all toned up and fit back in the days and now you’re a mess you also
think about going back in time and fixing all of this but thinking of a
time travel is almost unrealistic but getting on your toes and gearing for a
regular exercise routine would definitely repair the damage and help
you get your old self back so buckle up and follow the simple exercise routine
that can get you all toned up with these simple weight loss exercise after
c-section and get amazed after you’ll see the results give us a thumbs up and
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signal from your doctor and you’re clear to do a little exercise you need to
understand that things will happen slowly and gradually start off with a
little bit of walking and kegels and add up stuff to your routine slowly with a
little pause and patience with your walking and Kegel routine start off with
the following exercises the plow pose ideal for your vertebral
column and shoulder this requires you to lie on the floor try to reach your arms
and legs that are above your head in an elevated position the Sphinx pose ideal
for long abdomen thorax and shoulder lie on your stomach try lifting your chest
and your head both your chest and head would be just a little upwards from the
floor the bridge pose ideal for thorax vertebral column and neck you need to
lie on your back on the ground now bend your knees and press your heels perform
this in a way that you’re pressing through your heels and at the same time
try to lift your lower body and back from the ground now how do these help
these movements and poses are highly effective to stretch your stomach also
it strengthens your pelvic floor the good part is you don’t have to get too
hard and aggressive on yourself caution you don’t have to go too hard on
yourself and you need to have a doctor’s permission to apply these exercise in
your routine if these start to hurt you you need to stop any exercises
immediately lifting your baby and all your baby stuff is an exercise in itself
but at times it’s not enough to strengthen your abs or give you a flat
tummy so ask your doctor if you can apply weights and dumbbells to do your
strength exercises only if you think you’re strong enough to do this for this
you can prioritize your cardio workout routine start off with a few reps
ideally eight to twelve of chest presses lunges squats and other exercises that
might include rows etc take a little time for yourself to make
sure you couple your workout and exercise with some calorie consumption a
healthy eating to get more strength and recover would help you to get in shape

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