Ab Exercise You’ve NEVER EVER SEEN (6 Pack Pendulums!!)

Ab Exercise You’ve NEVER EVER SEEN (6 Pack Pendulums!!)

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Ab Exercise You’ve NEVER EVER SEEN (6 Pack Pendulums!!)

  1. Derek Mulhern says:

    Well done Hubner!! 😀

  2. kingstund101 says:

    Jeff must be amazing in the bed. No homo.

  3. John Tannous says:

    I wanna see a killer tricep exercise and elbow friendly at the same time

  4. standardeee says:

    Why don't you do one video in which you only use home equipment (like in this video) and one video for the gym, if you are planning to do 2 videos each week.

  5. Encathar says:


  6. Sam Adams says:

    doing this tomorrow

  7. D9084 says:

    Tht shit looks effective

  8. Vinnie Ferreira says:

    Brilliant as usual, thanks Jeff!

  9. Phillip Schlueter says:

    Great choice Jeff with Hubner 92, what a body as well!! I picked him as well :). I'm already the go to guy and the gym for abs 'cause young and old are jealous of this old man's abs :). Now with this exercise they're all going to think I've lost my marbles. LOL.

  10. RipTheJacker Lul says:

    Best neck+trap stretches?

  11. Shlomo Winkler says:

    Where would this fit into ax1 or ax2?

  12. RealTalk says:


  13. Hubner92 says:

    Haha cheers man! Really appreciate it!

  14. Frankie Ocasio says:

    ABSolutely brilliant, Jeff, thank you! You rock!!

  15. 540cameron says:

    Nice jeff is cranking out videos now, i love it

  16. Igor Pizzuto says:

    Creative as fuck

  17. kingstund101 says:

    But But But. I said no homo.

  18. kingstund101 says:

    athlean X website

  19. Vince Watkins says:

    Can you make a video on how to get forearms more vascular?

  20. FriggnDiggn says:

    whats the name of the machine at 1:30?

  21. Notorious Machiavelli says:

    Thanks Jeff. My abs aren't very strong. That is why I like my girl on top.

  22. Scott Hopkins says:

    wow, that is inovative.

  23. Sobanski87 says:

    I have been ill with ME/CFS for years and miss working and training in the gym but Jeffs videos are like a meditation, keeps me calm to see Jeffs vids, I know I will train again one day.

  24. Abe J says:

    RIP lower back

  25. Screamin Mime says:

    If that band breaks you're going to end up stuck to the ceiling by your ass cheeks!

    Cool exercise, I'll give it a shot anyway.

  26. TheResolvingProject says:

    READ IF YOU WANT ALL YOUR FAT OFF YOUR ABS – just get 3 plastic bags , then put them inside with 2 shirts and do crunches . YOUr gonna see results , the bags make it sweat even more it worked

  27. tdylan says:

    Search his channel for bulletproof forearms

  28. Robert Taylor says:


  29. Quan Le says:

    you obviously don't know anything about getting abs. Crunches are the worst when it comes to getting rid of belly fat, they are good for building muscle and gaining strength for the abs, not making them come out. The key to lose fat is cardio, clean diet, and calories deficit. You can do as many crunches as you want to, you can have the best abs in the world, but nobody's gonna see it because of the fat layer.

  30. Jackson Mayer says:

    Loved the video! I'll have to use a lighter weight band and hope I dont get launched off when the band breaks.

    Also loving the 2 videos a week. My question is can you make a video that shows how to incorporate some of these exercises into the ax programs? For instance, I know the chest "fly" you do is a substitute for the fly, but you have so many other unique exercises on this channel that I have no idea where or how to incorporate them. Thanks for all you do.

  31. ben garrett says:


  32. ben garrett says:

    Awesome info like always.

  33. Shivan Al-Salihi says:

    You sir. have an amazing psychics.

  34. irv gentry says:

    great video

  35. Jen Lai says:

    wad do i have to do to get them ?

  36. Anirban Mookherjee says:

    Lol I wonder if it's just me when I feel Jeff has the best physique in the world. This is even after seeing all the top fitness models and bodybuilders(Now I wont name them)coz they all have their on and off seasons but this guy looks super shredded and super dry all year round. I'm like whoa!

  37. Colin Swinn says:

    More core, that was brilliant! I'm a PT and my clients are getting great results from me having the athlean x programmes.

  38. wolf511ful says:

    I will try to do it thanks coach

  39. akyak471 says:

    Come on Jeff…. U look like ur on Anavar…

    How long did you take it for and what was the dosage?

  40. akyak471 says:

    Do us a video on taking Anavar or deca, test, winny….

    Let us know which is best

  41. Warimano says:

    This exercise loooks ridiculous… ridiculously hard!

  42. MrSmashandgrab says:

    I have certainly never seen anything like this. This looks like it could be the best or hardest plank ever. great ab exercises Jeff… BTW got my Blox the other day. They're awesome and well worth every penny.

  43. Sean Hutchinson says:


  44. Andrew Burleigh says:

    Great Jeff as always .. you really are an inspiration and thanks for your brilliant advice and motivation… love it ;-))

  45. gebacle says:

    There's a thin line between genius and madness.
    Until I try this, it could go either way.

  46. warren wong says:

    awesome exercise.

  47. TheCartel says:

    Just wondering, i recently stated doing waited planks, (25 on the upper part of my back) what exactly does this do when adding weight to a plank?

  48. Brian Medina says:

    Jeff, I absolutely love your educational videos! You are a truly an inspiration to me in regards to achieving my fitness goal. You have the ideal physique that im looking to achieve. So can you implement videos on nutritional plans that can help me and others achieve their fitness goals much more efficient with your nutritional guidelines. God bless

  49. Team Shmo says:

    Can you do a video on how to do inverted rows at your home?

  50. Okamy1993 says:

    U look awesome !

  51. ZacPloskiFitnessFan says:

    bro you preparing for a bodybuilding show?;) look like you're cutting and you got that dream tan goin on

  52. ranintothewalldf says:

    Just tried the exercise out this morning, wasn't too hard but i could see it being a useful exercise.

  53. MrSkilzzy says:

    You've been tanning? Looking solid

  54. Vic LTD says:

    you're the best, jeff.

  55. Robin Fields says:

    I work in a bakery factory and I use it for a work out
    if you took weights a picking them up from the top mid to floor twisting back to put them on a table could you get a good ab work out from that,
    my job is to turn 12 hours to 10 🙂 fast and hard ha ha ha

  56. pupnirn says:

    TheResolvingProject is retarded to say the least….. OMG sweat? Really? Did you warp here from the 70's when they believed vibration caused fat lose with the motorized belts?

  57. Steven Bryan says:

    very innovative…awesome

  58. DavEATS says:

    I used to get a buddy to kick my torso from side to side to provide that resistance, it's actually a really good variation but it's great to see that similar results can be attained with just a band and weight! Cheers

  59. 1021connie says:

    You have phenomenal videos and information, I am a paramedic and vol fire fighter and try to apply your techniques to my workouts. Especially my home gym setup using bands and many body weight workouts. Keep up the good work and continue to promote FUNCTIONAL exercises! Thanks!

  60. big poppa says:

    SICK ASS workout jeff!

  61. Venelin Banov says:

    13 people are jealous that they'll never have such a great body

  62. Puneet Mitra says:

    anyone noticed that jeff has a tan finally lol

  63. Dave GB says:

    but lets say i do cardio then after i am done i do crunches,is it good??

  64. Quan Le says:

    yes, nothing's wrong with that.

  65. Dave GB says:

    i have another question,how do you get the side of the abs and middle abs to show?

  66. Grant Esomonu says:

    Oh wow! Definitely gonna run it through a 2nd time before AX2. Goal 2nd time through is to score elite or better come challenge week.

  67. Christian Bonds says:

    Can you do a video for lower back training?

  68. Quan Le says:

    yeah i know i'm natural too. I think it's super hard for natties to gain any noticeable size in abs, all we can do is strength-train it 🙂

  69. Swectorious says:

    How old are you?

  70. Ghanim Khan says:

    Amazing as always

  71. Trevorkian says:

    I did this exercise today I didn't really feel it at first thought maybe 25lbs wasn't enough but if you do the exercise for a minute or more you're gonna feel it. I don't quite understand the RIP lower back comment I did four sets at a minute plus a set and didn't have any pain in my back. I thought this was an awesome exercise and plan to add it to my routine. Thanks

  72. Conor Evans says:

    Suddenly David Schwimmer.

  73. CafeConPorros says:

    superman-pushups & human flags in straight form would do the job better and they are also harder than this.

  74. Geo P says:

    SO freaking true …..

  75. ptholyninja says:

    Pimp in I like this video just cuz you got a tan, all your videos get liked anyway.

  76. joyrocknow says:

    Jeera rice

  77. joyrocknow says:

    How to cook pumic. Ice

  78. beatriz _bz128 says:

    okk I´d never come up w this exercise by myself! nice

  79. Nomadunlimited says:

    Rob Riches helped me gain size and weight(5'7"@144-151lbs in 2mos.and still gaining).This man will help me define all that I have gained.How perfect the bodybuilding world can be.Thanks to both of you.

  80. SAVAGEfaced says:

    "Watch the rebound guys"

  81. bahe1972 says:

    Is there a diet that goes along with these videos? I'm kind of new to this page.

  82. 1veggiemonster says:

    Dragon Flag

  83. Ab Workouts & Tips to Get Six Pack Abs & Flat Stomach says:

    I've tried the mentioned exercises here and some of them work really well. The planks with weight is really good. Thanks for sharing.

  84. Skipper Bradford says:

    I would love to be able to do this exercise. However, it will take a while to recover from a second lumbar spine surgery. Any suggestions?

  85. Anyi Pena says:

    Somebody please donate a shirt to this poor guy

  86. The McC says:

    I gotta try this. This has gotta be the coolest ab exercise I've ever seen.

  87. Jose Morgado says:

    Looks tough and original exercise. Like that. Gonna try later today at the gym!!

  88. Joe L. says:

    If one doesnt already have a muscular base then yes you are correct. Hopefully no noobs will do this.

  89. Jonas Rah says:

    I was thinking WTF! Then you finally got into the plank and it made sense. Looks really interesting! 🙂

  90. Andrew Linares says:

    This looks hard

  91. vikram says:

    i am using your app athlean-x = the six pack promise

  92. Mark B says:

    Awesome idea

  93. 123 Amico says:

    your chest got bigger!

  94. Mouhammad Da`na says:

    Jeff im a big fan ,watched almost all ur videos
    I have a question can u do a video showing the right exercises and tips for doing the human flag?

  95. isccha89 says:

    I am addict to these videos :O

  96. Dwaipayan Datta Roy says:


  97. Anshul Joshi says:

    Yes this will look totally cool in the gym!

  98. Nick says:

    Banded Plated Dick Swinging Planks

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