Access to Veterinary Care is an Animal Welfare Issue

Access to veterinary care, or more specifically the
lack of access, we see as the largest animal welfare issue confronting owned pets, dogs
and cats primarily. And that’s because of all of the things that
define their lives, or more importantly their basic care needs. The one that we’re failing
to address the most is access to healthcare when it’s needed. So, that’s why we are so focused upon addressing
this societal problem. I’d like to think of it in terms of lack of
diversity, that is, when we talk about lack of access to veterinary care then the next
logical question is well who’s affected? And it turns out this problem is driven largely
by socioeconomic realties in America. That even many of the working “poor” are unable
to acquire veterinary care. Because it’s a socioeconomic
issue, we have over representation among minority groups, especially latino and black Americans.

Daniel Yohans

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