Andrew Coulson, CEO of Novo Nutrition | Inspiration for creating products | Fitness Interview

We are here with the owner of Novo
nutrition company. Where do you find inspiration for these products? Because they are unique, they are much different than other products. Yeah well the first inspiration came from, um I wanted to put protein into food. I didn’t want to be a nutrition company And my priority was taste, so the first product was the protein bites and than of course you got to say like who’s gonna buy your products so protein is good for everybody so you’ve then got to develop products that anybody can eat. So for example, is it for breakfast or evening? The Wafers for children. It’s all about making protein tasty and healthy. Taste is important, but also, the type of person that buys it is very important you know, not specifically just bodybuilders. Average people, average people eat protein.

Daniel Yohans

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