Andrew Scheer makes policy announcement in Thorold, ON

Andrew Scheer makes policy announcement in Thorold, ON

Daniel Yohans

3 thoughts on “Andrew Scheer makes policy announcement in Thorold, ON

  1. Mac says:

    I'm not seeing any signs supporting Trudeau in my neighborhood this time. Lots of support for the Conservatives, which is unusual here. I hope that means people have had enough of all the scandals and will vote for Scheer this time.

  2. Liam Middleton says:

    Justin Trudeau is a racist that gropes woman dresses in Black/Brown face then theres the Indian trip he also invited a terrorist to the trip to then he gave another terrorist 10.5 million dollars and theres the SNC-Lavalin scandal and cancelled electoral reform his main promise, lied about promising it Kahn-gate [vacation at that island], claimed genocide against FN was occurring, went to a sex-segregated Mosque under investigation for terrorism funding, praised a guy that blew up a plane with Canadians on it
    PPC 2019👌🏻
    Justin Trudeau Also said you can get a gun legally without a background check honestly in this country thats IMPOSSIBLE

  3. Mac says:

    Andrew Scheer is is Canada's only hope. It would be great to see a leader who actually loves this country win the election.

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