ARM WRESTLING BICEPS TRAINING (Single arm dumbbell hammer curls exercise)

ARM WRESTLING BICEPS TRAINING (Single arm dumbbell hammer curls exercise)

Daniel Yohans

47 thoughts on “ARM WRESTLING BICEPS TRAINING (Single arm dumbbell hammer curls exercise)

  1. Voice of Armwrestling says:

    To easy find the exercises for armwrestling training go to our Webpage:

  2. Frankfurt_9 Ffm says:

    Is it helpful to use a weightlifting belt for your back because when you take a lot of weight it will destory your back

    Ray what would you say ?

  3. Tendonitits says:

    Just started doing your 6 week top-roll workout plan and partial hammer curls is one of my favorite exercises 🙂

  4. harout najarian says:

    Its crazy how heavy arsen lilev ised to and can do this form

  5. Zahid Qadri says:

    How to add armwrestling workout to bodybuilding workout?

  6. Zahid Qadri says:

    One best exercise wrist hook ?

  7. Live Happy says:

    Do a back pressure exercise please cause I dont have equipment

  8. feli says:

    Good arm!

  9. Tom Garling says:

    awesome workout tip! Thank you.

  10. Jacked Jones says:

    Whats the difference between hammer grip and supinated grip? Which is better?

  11. Uchiha Descartes says:

    Doing hammer curls with towel of belts targets the same areas?

  12. Patrick Houck says:

    thanks man I use alot of weights for my arm wrestling training there very one dimensional. but after your video I'll be able to strengthen my resistance

  13. Wothanar says:

    Great for that rising pressure that's so lethal.

  14. Hannibal Barca says:

    Looking a lot bigger lately coach ray! Took the plunge or what 😁

  15. Unknown says:

    Why the hell people dislike this video ?

  16. Close Grip Bench press says:

    you can use a towel, a shirt, a bag anything guys. heck if you can grab a bunch of chains it also works even better

  17. Corrado Soprano says:

    How does this help my kings move?


  18. Ron MCCARTY says:

    GREAT VIDEO INSTRUCTION!! but the volume seemed low..

  19. Leri Acedia says:

    I will never get away from your channel Ray! It's too essential to me!

  20. jacob frye says:

    We need now hook training coach ray more and more from your channel love all the content on your channel

  21. kamysamaa says:

    "Get away from my channel" 😄👍🏻…
    Great idea for a good exercise!

  22. Kima fanai says:

    Nice one…I'll start doing this in my workout

  23. Auto blipper says:

    That way of doing hammers is completely wrong 😜🤣

  24. Beast Mode says:

    Love this channel hope I can pull u one day:)

  25. Auto blipper says:

    Ray, can you explain how often should we train heavy for arm wrestling and how often should we do light workouts? It’s a bit confusing to me.
    Cheers bruh

  26. Kaisar Zaher says:

    I saw this exercise executed by Zoelev, and now you’re suggesting it, so it’s time to get on it 😀

  27. Gibran Maulana says:

    The audio is too low

  28. son goku says:

    Thank you.that really help.

  29. Xavier Tonla says:

    I subtitled this one in French like I asked last video. Awesome video Coach, thanks for uploading!

  30. Marius Stefan says:

    if i do (ipotetically) 10 sets for biceps and 10 sets for triceps triceps recover complete in 4 day but biceps in 7 , how you think to aproach this situation? i want more hipertrophy

  31. Brad Hellebuyck says:

    Coach Ray what kind of core excercises do you recommend ? Great info as always

  32. Lord Champion says:

    I do Travis Bagent's exercises. Is that good enough? I have a match coming up and i train alone with several bands to simulate an opponent and build resistance to side pressure

  33. J Rhawk says:

    Thank you 💪🏽


    You're a good guy to show people some exercise but….. All profesional sportsman of all kind of sport never show how to train, they show totally different exercises which have no success and you ask yourself what the hell am I doing wrong, sorry but that's true!!


    Have you stopped with the carni diet?
    If so how come?

  36. Anand Amarnath says:

    Why would you need the bench for this?

  37. finnsk3 says:

    I love doing this at the gym but sooo many people look at me like I am a retard. I also like doing cable curls pulling up with a bent back like a bent row because I have crazy power when my elbow is open but I really struggle with closed angles on the table.

  38. Mike Hobbs says:

    Great videos Coach please keep them coming you have helped me so much in my amateur career so far.

  39. mike hoffman says:

    What if I do grip dumbbell and hold less than 90 angle over back and forth on bench

  40. Karlo Devčić says:

    Thats a bad form bro, no range of motion at all 👎

  41. papluab says:

    Thank you, coach Ray, for all your contents. I have a tournament coming up in 15 days. How do you suggest I structure my days up to the date of the competition?

  42. Tanhu says:

    You been eatin' son!

  43. Alden Harlac says:

    I just started training for armwrestling. Please keep making videos I love them so much and I want to learn!!

  44. Montaser Jawad says:

    Do some vidoes about push ups in diffrent variations

  45. Not Alexey Voyevoda says:

    Very Informative coach

  46. David Sanders says:

    I like to lean forward or bent over sitting. Gravity is just pushing down on your arm when its high and you want to build strength when you arm is tighter.

  47. Jeremy Stillwell says:

    Good tips and video coach!!

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