Asmongolds FIRST EVER Welfare Wednesday – BEST STREAM EVER

Asmongolds FIRST EVER Welfare Wednesday – BEST STREAM EVER

Sup y’all it’s me it’s your boy Osman
gold and today it’s probably gonna be a shit show I mean let’s just be
completely honest let’s get the out of the fucking way it’s gonna be a complete
shit show I don’t know really how else it wouldn’t be and if it wasn’t I’d
almost be as ice ice almost be a little bit disappointed okay um
oh boy and turn the music off to anything all
right let’s go oh that’s uh that’s when I mean I mean really like this is the
first one like this is the first fucking one right here god damn it dude
how the fuck thought of that just a second okay alright alright alright fine
okay so did people like can I pause this or no no pause it okay okay so is this what we is this what we
get here just just enjoy the ride okay you’re just going for the ride I’m doing
my best okay guys don’t worry okay so now what happens just just play the game
and watch the video shut the fuck up okay I’m just making sure the mods were
able to see it okay can we all right we haven’t had anything bad happened so far
this is good we’ve had – we need the link please wait what you didn’t show
the meet oh my the fuck is this that’s great it’s named baby Tyler oh thank god
alright never mind ties it it’s the normal yeah it should be the normal
donation link so am i doing it right I don’t know I think I am right okay so oh
they are approving them okay good all right oh wow I still don’t have a fishing follower
that’ll come eventually want to get in that bagel okay okay dude okay let’s check at the mission’s see what
our followers have been doing six completed missions what the fuck is this
our fellow awesome dudes okay – should do perfectly fine groans talk details
bottom of the video mate report how do you do that
I don’t know got some more either excellent that’s really fucking awesome just
finish that one that’s not I was talking about the vanilla thing okay the timer
bar is missing okay turn off okay okay everything is basically always
honest and chastise I like it
all right so hard to go Tori a word box maybe is that it okay all
right subscriptions I’ll turn this off okay disabled okay hey guys hey guys we both
quite a bit of money and what’s going on what is you don’t know what the fuck is
happening Oh No here it is boys the fuck is this I’m a sick fuck I like a quick phone
critic fuck I like a quick fuck how much you’re scared got no I didn’t I don’t
even know what the hell is going on right now like this is okay he’s gonna
what’s he gonna he’s gonna do it isn’t he
there’s no way you can break a watermelon with a plastic bat see I told
you guys a fucking idiot okay yeah only only skip Maude’s always give things
that are TOS this is your average this is Murphy I can almost see the braces somebody pays money for this yeah they
they that somebody paid money for that to come up on this dark some shit
oh I like this song no I don’t do a no wait oh there goes chat there they go
look up of
all right okay whatever you want to do but you want to
do we got you beat in what to fucking wait there’s no there’s no video I guess
you don’t alive but why I’m an artist I’m a performance
artist this is actually kind of good for your time I don’t hate this at all this
is actually washdown yeah this makes sense kind of yeah okay yeah I mean like
this is really weird oh yeah you’re deep in and out I think
they are too okay it just it’s over now all right dad
there we go all right this guy won’t take scuff
jeffree star the fuck was that the fuck was that date it just random shit like
this okay what is this it’s Peter Griffin you know your wine that’s my my
600-pound life right there it don’t make fun of that guy you read for a magic
broom come the fuck on man shut the fuck up I got that mount I got the mount dude
a couple times later yeah wad was a special time very special don’t donate that shit distract target
then block his burn jab cross to them three times the kids in fucking idiot
Wow I do way better than that I’ll tell you that for sure Wow it’s
good that we have something new that’s great yeah really really good one there
guys that you know that I was probably that’s probably the funniest one we’ve
seen something I can keep these to myself that’s why I always hated horror
movies they never made any fun there’s gonna be a lot of this okay
there’s gonna be a lot of this is that right what’s a fuck with mr. burns
dancing at dog stand there’s no way he’s dead yeah he dies like last year I can
see why wow this media share thing was fucking
no videos do we really need to okay dude alright let’s go the next one this is man what the fuck I don’t know oh my god no really I I thought that was
a dog too at the beginning Jesus Christ okay that was a great one yeah thanks
man let’s get this Gator scheduled sniffing
skip skip sale let’s do this all about
wait I need a what you wanna have a meeting surely I fuck do you think I can
actually read that there’s no way this is what I do I sit on you right on your
lap this is what I do I say thank God have we had one that wasn’t fucking
weird so far oh he’s going this is real ha oh my god Wow I’m here to date your six year old okay
okay dude all right why we have to do that one
he was just if you stream during the day the Chatwin be is retarded because I’ll
eat you people would be asleep it’s actually the opposite this stupid people
were the fucking Americans man you can’t be racist against their own people hey how’s it going guys and welcome to
best trends Basel during their job Phi fortnight you – what is this inception what the fuck what what just happened it’s good dude
scream what is it general my lord the fleet has moved out of light speed comm
scan has detected an energy come scan has detected an energy field
predicted lord Vader and his mind tricks this is called sassy Vader
I have no idea what it is come scan has detected it okay that was
actually kind of funny alright I like that one that was good doing the
character anymore that’s too bad okay okay yeah all right is Wednesday my dues
oh shit Hey look who it is there he is
whoa hi everybody its Paul you know a lot of people ask me after a long day of
voiceover or writing or doing all those creative things that I do how do I relax
well like many other Americans I come home and my dog I love this what is
wrong with that dog that’s actually really good but how do you train the dog
like what happens there you’re off camera and you just go to pet the dog in
just starts biting I don’t know didn’t Donny’s you’re watching computer
class at high speed to her even yes real Ally their daughter this is it dude Oh what the fuck where do you get that many ducks I don’t
know what that’s like a duck factory grisly Hills or not that was okay but this is more
than that also my friends in our hometown Church gospel light Baptist
Church in Salisbury North Carolina that’s right
they’re top to last for Jesus finish off with this one it’s called looking for a
city oh ok mutant why this is a song for Jesus looking for us you whoa
the same billions never sing they say our yes who donate this guy reminds me of
the 2011 metalcore band it’s not a specific one just any of them is this really worth your money asshole
I hope so he’s feeling it now that’s the power of the Holy Spirit coursing
through his veins did he did he donate the whole fucking life dude I’m going to
church tomorrow Jesus Christ ah come on man
who the fuck is donating these short ass videos stop doing I love that yeah give
me more money don’t do not react to the penguin otherwise I’ll just keep doing
it helps me forget about my cancer come on it can’t be that bad he still has his
hair wait what well now it’s not funny it’s a
Walmart oh my that was start that was fuckin so far Mart is using cancer kids
to sell tennis balls it’s about that good wait oh no what did you do this one
man I know her animals don’t say that cool bait tray what’s the cost per
second 33 cents so this is a remix of the LBJ sir one this is like three different levels of
memes all put together I’m actually impressed this is great can
I do that use plenty of ways you could do it you could give them wild tokens
you could have given them pets you can I was offered why the fuck why door not
what we Gian obviously we did wow what a long time ago Jesus Christ
enrichment smart Oh is he the lead is that Jesus that’s not Jesus a fucking
leaf pink word think of the 5 subs man he’s tending to his flock Oh another
cars have to stop wow that’s great that makes me want to live on a farm I
love it as Esmond gold success has grown his hairline has slowly receded with how
do you just know that’s in Russia sorry I don’t think that’s Russian really I
just assumed it was oh it’s Finland I think
yeah that’s that’s the same thing oh that’s pretty good actually I like
that look at my hairline man it was so much better what the fuck I actually
look good in that picture what the hell happened I was only a few months ago I
think I would have thought that shit was so
funny if I was 12 man that is so fucking funny man I let go instantly they just get in a
fucking spamming they haven’t ready that’s the worst part is where they have
a notepad document of different copypasta they have to they’ve got those
are bro arguments man I don’t know what the hell they were arguing over because
there are problems fuckin Christ okay the amount of time there is a
three-toed sloth just chilling talking to a buddy of yours going like a man
what do you think in the next couple of days maybe your buddies sitting there
talking he’d be like fuckin thing just grabs your friend huh you think your
friend is just fucking gone oh shit just gone you just seemed disappeared that’s
actually pretty fucked that is fucked man
brogurt oh I thought that word could have been bad David oh I know you’re a
sophisticated guy the world the world is as angry as it gets well
you think this is gonna cause he’ll anymore anger is an angry place orange
man bad George orange man bad dude orange man bad he’s mad why would he be that mad do we really
need this slow motion though I mean let’s be I guess we do yeah we do need that yeah
you got that right okay all right here we go yes yes dude Harriet I love Pogo
dude over it’s over is no more okay I was all right I guess thank God
yeah I never played runescape man sorry to say it’s not like it made sense
that’s all what the fuck dude oh my god okay that’s how I get wins too with white oh oh yeah they do a
fortnight mobile I forgot all about that is me mr. gold what’s up y’all
that’s my first video the battery so in Cataclysm Raiders from gold so what’s up
y’all it’s your boy Osman gold what he coins I didn’t even lean up out of my chair to
talk I was like ma Yoder’s a stray cat outside
I don’t want it starting to fight with Lucy oh shit Lucy it’s okay oh shit okay
Lucy don’t worry about it ma Maud is a weird fucking straight cat outside it
looks it looks like grandmother fucking thing get the fuck out of here I don’t
even know if that’s a fucking cat bleep is this oh shit that was actually really
good I like that this is a good one yeah that’s actually kind of cool those
graphics were really really good yeah like you might not you might think that
videos cringe but the graphics actually good good wow that was give it open s what the fuck oh god what the fuck that’s almost fucked up man damn and Mr
Myanmar crude sue me and fucking mark oh this videos legendary
this videos fun it’s so good baby – fucking die Yes Doctor I get fucking
lucky breaking this fucking game motherfuckers and I coach the goddamn
grenade launcher that’s fucking right yes this one right here it’s this one
okay what’s your shake 112 okay right here yes
fucking you he’s just looking at the ground what the fuck it’s a speedrun dude but he’s just
looking at the ground just shut up watch she love you looking where he’s going okay right in the fucking head yeah got a
fucking 1:12 baby oh you see that clutchless
I am fucking clutch look at this fucking line I take I’m a yeah baby
Wow do this I wait I wait ok right when he starts firing to try to backboost me
this is how you’re supposed to feel about video games man quick ones already
know I’m getting there on the perfect line holy shit fucking pace 50 49 precession right that’s fucking fucking
pumped watching this one again I waited to cinema 2 cuz I said oh my god might
be ones well it fucking yes it fucking is baby would you be typing that’s a fucking POG 112 is really fast right this actually kind of gives me hyped up
that’s what’s so weird about this this is a game I’ve never played I don’t fuck
you legend Wow damn hello everyone this is your daily
dose of Internet there’s a barber that helps people with thin hair look young
again the top of the clients head is shaved off and fake hair is glued right
on top the glue can last for about a month before needing to be reapplied
again Wow oh hey you should look into this dude what Wow
holy shit that’s actually really good oh my god boy asking all that your boy asking all
that stuff yo it’s your boy asked me all the asking all that you can do and then
you can get the money for the word and then give the money to me what are the mods doing I like this way is that a raccoon oh
nevermind okay okay that would have been funny in 2003 I don’t know what to say
about man okay just shave your head just for a month and see how it goes really you had to I was it why would
they put that one on your man way of all of them why would they do that for a
month and see how it goes all that um okay at least he wasn’t on the bridge
yeah it could have been a while loop the original holy fuck dude so
it’s so good man how many days that I sit with that on a big screen sitting
there that famous wall streaming wait I got a picture of him right here oh there
he is this guy oh yeah you’re not watching this guy right and unlike me
that guy’s losing here rapidly true they feel bad for this guy
nah look at this shit dude I can even do a little bit of this I’m so smooth and
manageable with argan oil from Morocco for all day smooth and fragrant here
yeah we know we know PO F we know I have you ever thought about adding servers
for previous expansions and as they were then
look at that hood man why would he put on the hood no he’s an arrogant a
prancing pony you don’t wanted that to do that either you think you do but you
don’t president by the way next Rama’s 40 shield right there on the
one Wow damn that’s too bad I should
actually watch that on my own I’d like to see that video wow that’s great oh yes this is a cinematic right here where
you’ll just watch the hang right there listen to that how neat is that how neat is that
that’s why he been like I I can honestly like depresses me the fact that Rathod
witch-king is over yeah thank you fix your shit my dad but why everything is
getting skipped wait how’s everything getting skipped there’s no way it’s
getting skipped okay I mean it is donation-based yeah well
that’s it well that just sucks if you have to play the other part of the
commercial or wait what it’s bug yeah Jesus oh okay
I didn’t expect that all right I usually only expect that whenever Greek sits in
the box okay come on it’s a meme he likes it too is this working okay is
that is the it can you refresh the stream laughter I’ll try to write I’m
refreshing it guys I’m doing my best and my best is really not that good okay
holy shit you actually got so many videos that you absolutely fucks stream
labs wait like it’s just it’s completely fun according to two Velo
stream labs is completely fucked you got way too many videos
what Wow um thanks guys really appreciate it you’re going to love this
trust me what you’re seeing now is my normal state what the fuck
okay all right at least now it’s working oh this fucking video man I love this
fucking video there it is yeah but watch the death knight though watching that
night who cares stuff Knights are stupid lawyers are the best like I I really don’t know what’s going
1 okay and these are this are you are you pressing anything on your keyboard
I’m not doing I’m literally my hands are not even on the fucking keyboard look I
will all right I’m gonna stand back here hello all right I’m Barbara rose and I’d
like to welcome you first of all here let me take just a moment to thank my
fucking head all right just like I’m being arrested
all right boys cuz everybody thinks that I’m skipping shit just a minute okay you
don’t skip okay here we go what about your feet man there could be
paddles come on okay at least this is hole and
drive to keep my hands up this is hard man I can’t do this forever see see I didn’t do that I swear to God
see I couldn’t have done that there’s no way I’m not skipping anything man see I
told you expose wait what do you mean exposed what the fuck wait did you set it for $1 for three
seconds or one dollar per 0.33 seconds uh no dude I just this is your worst dream ever no it’s
not I I know for a fact it’s not because it says media share okay it says no
media that’s what’s so weird about it because it shouldn’t even say anything
it shouldn’t be playing can you just stop stop stop okay no no I think it’s
actually caught up now it’s actually it just randomly stopped that one the Simon
Wilkes independence or composite okay if you keep scaring people let’s say you
can’t dude like I’m joking I’m joking okay I’m
joking like yeah I mean I’m not scamming anybody like I don’t know what the fuck
is going on like I’m trying my best to make this work I I’m I don’t know what
the fuck is going on you can use like the vid I don’t I don’t know what to do
I’m trying my absolute fucking best well calm down it’s okay okay just chill all

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