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The Fiona Stanley Hospital ranks among
the best in Australia. With state-of-the-art technology built into
every level, this busy tertiary Hospital has 150,000 square meters of floor space
over numerous buildings. With a vast amount of clinical and non-clinical
services requiring high level organizational systems. Essential
services companies Serco manages the Fiona Stanley hospitals non-clinical
services. Their aim was to adopt the best technology available, to allow the
hospital to operate with flexibility and efficiency.
Stanley Healthcare’s MobileView visibility platform provided an advanced
asset and people tracking solution, critical to Serco’s delivery promise at
Fiona Stanley Hospital. Given the relative size and the architectural
complexity of the facility we manage here, having a real-time location system
that lets us track staff and assets has been a real benefit to the health
department at Fiona Stanley Hospital and to Serco. So Areoscout is a system that we
use here at Fiona Stanley Hospital. That is to basically triangulate equipment or
people within the building or a contained area, essentially a real-time
location system. The stuff duress solution is a critical
aspect for us as far as staff safety. It allows staff to trigger a code black or
a personal duress alarm, all that necessarily having to be at a desk or
have a phone with them. They can trigger duress and we can get to them quickly
and find their location accurately. It’s important for someone like Fiona Stanley to have a system like that in place because we’ve got over
5 hectares of site here. Many, many, different buildings, nine, ten
different levels across some of our buildings. Very difficult to locate staff
accurately, very easy with Aeroscout. The asset management solution basically
allows us to import all the data against tags and be able to build based
off those assets essentially, so that we can continuously track and monitor
products throughout the building. It also allows us to find critical
equipment in a hurry when we’ve got critical incidents going on. Staff can
use MobileView, the software system behind Areoscout, to quickly and easily
locate assets and colleagues through the tracking and duress systems. This platform
also displays status, condition and inventory data in real time. Staff has
benefited from these solutions because it gives them a sense of safety, a
sense of knowledge that they can call help to them, no matter where they are.
Patients get to benefit from getting equipment quicker which means they get
care faster. The technology that Stanley Healthcare bring to the hospital is
key in innovation platform. They provide a lot of ideas and initiatives
to help expand their solution and provide a better service to patients. So
Stanley Healthcare are very receptive especially when we try to push the
product, they are proactive in coming back to us and help with what we we’re trying to achieve.
Stanley Healthcare worked with us closely and there’s many times where
they’ve gone above and beyond what our contract with them is. I’d recommend Stanley’s
healthcare product to other healthcare facilities because it’s really been a
benefit to Fiona Stanley Hospital and Serco in providing
safety to staff and improving service delivery. you

Daniel Yohans

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