ASU Community Health Degree, Hear from Amber

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We think so much of health as
being. . . an individual’s responsibility when really it involves so many
factors and coming to ASU I think that
definitely widened my view of what health is My name is Amber Poleviyuma,
I am coyote clan from the village of Moenkopi and I graduated from
Arizona State university with a bachelor’s degree in
community health. So community, it reminds me
of home. I grew up on the
Hopi reservation. When I think of health, it’s
not just physical health it’s about like holistic health
and being healthy in what you do and
how you are. One of the things that
had initially drawn me into health and
health research was the communication between
the providers and the patients and their families especially
with native people. One of my family members did
end up getting cancer and they were very close to me and so, I was… That was a big shock to me. and seeing that whole
experience and being involved in that and seeing what issues
are there that I can That need to be fixed, and that I want to address One of the things that I think
community health has… prepared me for or made me
look forward to is being able… to create community based
programs and interventions. and that is something I
definitely want to do in the
long run. where I’m from and my culture is very important to me. I think it has influenced many
of the decisions in my life to be able to, live by
those values. But also remember who raised me and what they did for me. I feel like it’s not only my
obligation but it’s my passion to be able,… to be an advocate or a face for or, someone who
can be able to… …utilize my skills for
my community This program, and the people
here are awesome! And, so I love being a
Sun Devil

Daniel Yohans

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