Aurelie Boudier of GE Healthcare Takes the World to Work

Aurelie Boudier of GE Healthcare Takes the World to Work

Hello! I’m Aurelie, Global Creative Director at GE Healthcare in Buc, France. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month so this week, GE employees and I are taking over all of our social channels to give you an inside look at our mammography device, the Pristina. Created by women, for women. Let’s go! Welcome to day one: design. Getting a mammogram is not something women look forward to. Many devices are unwelcoming, intimidating, uncomfortable sometimes. So, that’s the reason why we had to approach the new design and every aspect of it with empathy. And reimagining this new device from their point of view. First, we look at older design. And so it’s what we could do differently like avoiding sharp corners or hard edges, rough textures and impressive mechanics. I design a series of sketches on paper or digitally. When we’ve got our sketch, we can move to the 3D software and turn that into surfacing and CAD computing. So once we have a prototype, we need to make sure that the design is comfortable for patient and user friendly to clinician. For that we work with ergonomist to analyze and generate data. This is Julie. Hi, please tell us about it. Hi, I’m Julie and I’m an ergonomist. With the device, comfort was at the heart of conception. So as you can see on my screen, we are using 3D software to provide ergonomic requirements to the design. So we are using different types of biomechanical sensors. But we’re installing on the patient, on the technician. And at the end color and finishing. We have developed the color inspired by cosmetics and car industry to reconnect the medical field to a wider consumer consideration nurtured in women’s mindset. Doing so, we aim to play down the drama around the mammography exam. Well, thank you for following along. I hope you appreciated this journey with the design and our new device. So please, follow us with day 2 with engineering. See you tomorrow!

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