Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights – The importance of health care information

Information means a lot of different things to me. There’s a loss of information in health care these days. I’ve had so many tests, I’ve got so many you know x-rays sitting under the bed. So there’s a lot of information out there and I want to know that I can access information if and when I need it. I don’t want to be overwhelmed by information, I like to have the option of saying look, I’d like to know this and I don’t ever want to have anything kept from me that’s about me that I want to know. When we’re given information it’s important that it’s evidence-based that it’s given in a respectful and clear manner without bias from the person who’s delivering it. Information I think tries to tell me as clearly as possible what is going to happen and what might result from the treatment that I’m getting. Often it’s very easy to go into medical jargon
but really what we need to do for most people and certainly for me even though I come from a medical background is to have it as simple as possible because I think when we go to see a doctor we’re always concerned that there may be something more serious than we imagined and so we’re not always listening at times and so I think it is important that it’s very simple, very clear and often sometimes needs to be repeated and I think I need to be asked, do I understand?

Daniel Yohans

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