Awakening True Happiness – Matt Kahn

Awakening True Happiness – Matt Kahn

I’m gonna give you tonight a new way of
looking at happiness and we’re gonna use the law of polarity the law of polarity
is we work with opposites you don’t become happy by trying to be happy have
you ever figured that out ever had some beautiful fortune cookie like wisdom
that says just be happy okay and how did you try to be happy and it just feels
weird just be happy and you go am i doing it all right it’s just like a
squeezing the contracting of your body just be happy just be happy and then
what usually happens is you think I’m gonna follow my passions and just do the
things that make me happy and then you wind up spending a lot of time doing
things that kind of entertain you wondering why you can’t feel happy when
you’re not doing those things and we hit a wall and the wall is because to find
true happiness we have to deconstruct the opposite of happiness and the
opposite of happiness is unhappiness and I’m gonna show you a very very
interesting way to look at unhappiness tonight because in looking at
unhappiness differently awakening true happiness is instinctive because the
wisdom is happiness is already within you you may not be able to feel it
because it is suppressed by a veil of unhappiness so if we can deconstruct the
veil of unhappiness the happiness that is already within you will rise to the
surface initially on the surface unhappiness is
thought to be the dissatisfaction that people places and things don’t please
you the way you want them to like we said in the beginning things may not
always please you but they are destined to always play the role that brings out
your highest evolution let’s take a very different look at unhappiness unhappiness is a tendency to blame
something someone a location the past anything unhappiness is a tendency to
blame something or someone as the cause of your unhappiness right I am unhappy
because and it’s usually I’m unhappy because this is happening or I’m not
doing this I’m unhappy because I’m not living my life purpose you ever felt
that I’m unhappy because I have this job I’m unhappy because I’m single I’m
unhappy because I’m in this relationship the strange thing is we’re all unique
individuals a lot of us are unhappy and we’re all unhappy for different reasons
and the reasons why you’re unhappy is the reasons why other people are happy
it’s a very strange thing someone says I’m happy because of my relationship
person next to them I’m unhappy because of my relationship so how do we
deconstruct unhappiness unhappiness is the tendency to blame anything is the
cause of your unhappiness and the essence of truth forgiveness is the
ability to consciously withdraw your blame onto anything as the cause of your
penis and here’s the magic and here’s how it correlates to co-creation when
you consciously withdraw your blame of anything as the cause of your
unhappiness you tell it you’re no longer obligating it to play such a limiting
role in your perception and you unleash the floodgates for it to flourish at its
highest potential it’s like saying to a part of your life I no longer need you
to disappoint me because I no longer need a cause for my unhappiness now if
someone would jump to it and say well if all these things are not the cause of my
unhappiness what is the cause of unhappiness and here’s the magic of this
teaching and we have to really not move too quickly because this is real subtle
but it’s really powerful we can withdraw blame that anything is the cause of our
unhappiness and we don’t actually need to cite the cause of happiness because
if there is a cause of unhappiness you are guaranteed to be unhappy when there
is no cause for your unhappiness happiness is what arises within you I’ll
say that one more time when there is no cause for your unhappiness happiness
arises within you and the only reason we don’t feel happiness is because we have
a belief that there is a reason in other words only our reasons cause us
unhappiness and so tonight is an exploration into reasonless joy and we
all take the journey at whatever pace feels good to us and again as we take
each step we do it with the utmost thoughtfulness with the utmost respect
with the utmost humility for our innocent hearts for the journeys we’ve
survived we don’t try to run the process and everything we do we do
with the utmost humility because of the modern-day spiritual journey the highest
spiritual experience is manifested through the most sincere spiritual
experience so tonight was about having the most genuine and sincere spiritual
experience I just think it a little taste of what I’m talking about about
deconstructing unhappiness just try this out loud like a repeat after me I accept
my past is not the reason why I’m unhappy and if I withdraw if I withdraw
blaming my past that’s the cause of my unhappiness my past will be healed
instantaneously only seeming to need endless amounts of
healing because I may have blamed it as the cause of my unhappiness so I
liberate my past from any blame knowing it couldn’t be the reason I’m unhappy and in doing so my past is resolved and
even if I can’t feel it I accept my emotions no matter what I do
and don’t feel couldn’t be the cause of my unhappiness and if I withdrawal blame
that my emotions have ever been the cause I open the floodgates to
experience the deepest fulfillment of my emotional body
I accept my mind is not to be blamed it is not the cause of my unhappiness
because if I say it is it will serve me as its master and acting whatever way
becomes the problem to justify the cause therefore I withdraw blaming my mind for
anything and in withdrawing blame I allow my mind to be my genius machine
and to no longer limit me now that it’s no longer the cause of my unhappiness see a lot of you are feeling this right
now we’ll keep going I accept my ego is not the cause of my
unhappiness someone at home says yes no it’s not
and if I say it if I were to say it it is the cause I’m telling the ego part of
my energy field on a subconscious level to keep being ridiculous so I have
something to blame for my unhappiness ignoring get us out I withdraw all the
blame for my ego even at the risk of thinking it’s gonna
go crazy knowing it couldn’t be the cause of my unhappiness and ended in
what’s wrong blamed for my ego I allow the reality of ego which is the part of
me that manifests my vibration of light into the uniqueness of individual form to express my full potential
now that the ego is no longer blamed I accept and none of my partners even my
current partner is the cause of my unhappiness and in withdrawing blame
I give them permission on a soul level to be their highest potential to reflect
my light back to me now that they are no longer being blamed as the cause of my
unhappiness it doesn’t mean the relationship may last but why should I
have an unhappy experience for however long it’s meant to be and now that I no
longer blamed them I hereby accept that the political system the state of the
world is not the cause of my unhappiness nor is the climate of the environment
and in withdrawing blame from these things
I helped to infuse into the political climate on a community level judicial
level statewide level and planetary level a higher vibration of light so to
transform broken systems into a new global infrastructure that works equally
for everyone but how can I help create that
if I’m asking it to be limited so I have something to blame furthermore
and no longer blaming the environmental climate I give the climate permission to
feel itself because it’s obvious that this planet that has the gravitational
strength to hold billions of people and spin in the middle of nowhere obviously
is very strong and resilient so if I stop blaming it as
the cause of unhappiness I am giving it permission to show me that it is a
manifestation of the divinity within me and that
occurs as I withdraw blaming it as the cause of my unhappiness I hereby
withdraw blaming my body or my healing journey or my spiritual evolution as the
cause of my unhappiness then I’m not unhappy because I have these things or I
haven’t had these things and if I withdraw blaming my healing or spiritual
journey i unleashed the floodgates to allow my
healing to manifest faster to spiritually expand at a more rapid rate
and to allow this body to be a vessel of light instead of a container of
conditioning I also hereby withdraw blame from
blaming my conditioning my parents my ancestors as the cause of my unhappiness
including no longer blaming karma as why I’m unhappy and in withdrawing
blame I allow all karmic imprints all ancestral lineages and all conditionings
gathered from my family to be cleared and wiped out immediately now that I’m
no longer blaming it as to why I’m unhappy let’s make it even more interesting I am
also here by no longer blame the lack of spiritual or intuitive gifts within me as the cause of my unhappiness and with
withdrawing blame I actually allow those gifts to activate these are gifts that
are ready to be activated but they stay in an active ated state when we use them
so often as the cause of our unhappiness and if we say to ourselves I may be
unhappy but it’s not because of any of these things do you know what I actually
feel pretty frickin happy I also no longer blame my past lives as the cause
of my unhappiness and in free my past lives of blame all residue from the past
is resolved I no longer blame anything as the cause of my own happiness
and no longer blaming anything I discover the true essence of forgiveness where I never forget a single thing that
happened to me I just no longer blame anything that
happened to me as to why I’m unhappy and could I imagine how powerful this is
whether I was abused or neglected overlooked or abandoned and – no matter
how many times this happened to me I say to myself yes I was abused yes I was
neglected yes I was abandoned yes I was ridiculed yes I was rejected
yes I was humiliated yes I was persecuted and yes maybe I was tortured
and yes maybe I was harmed maybe I was unheard yes I was
misunderstood yes I was overlooked yes I was betrayed and none of that is the
reason why I’m unhappy and as long as none of that is the reason I’m unhappy all of its been forgiven without having
to be forgotten that is the true essence of forgiveness it is looking at life not
being in denial about what happens saying yes this happened but that
couldn’t be the reason why I’m unhappy and as long as I leave unhappiness a mystery that has no cause the space in
which unhappiness used to reside is an opening where peace autonomy joy and
fulfillment bubbles up within me because happiness is my natural state not the
end result of what happens to me and it only becomes my natural state and
awareness when I can accept that things have happened without ever blaming it as
the cause of why I’m unhappy and so I’m free do you feel that Steve I was once spending time with a friend
that I hadn’t seen in many years and over those years I did a lot of changing
and they didn’t and that person was still operating from the consciousness
from when we were friends many years ago and I was in a much different paradigm
and I was just meeting them as a friend not really talking about anything
particularly spiritual in my life my personal life I really don’t happen to
have known of spiritual conversations which is hilarious that my entire life
is devoted to the evolution of consciousness I talk every day to the
universe I download new teachings and in my personal life I don’t necessarily
have tons of spiritual conversations so I was talking to a friend of mine and my
friend used to be a very sarcastic person and when I was a teenager when I
met this when I do this friend I was a very sarcastic person you know in my
younger years I have a lot of edges I had a lot of defenses because I was
afraid of being hurt and I was afraid of being hurt because I haven’t been
properly devastated yet life was leaving that for my adult life to decisively
annihilate me repeatedly on an emotional level and you know what the best thing
about being devastated us being devastated can actually break you
completely open and once you are completely devastated the freedom is you
can’t get any lower than that a station life breaks you into a million pieces
and there’s not anything more to shatter and then you’re free and you’re no
longer afraid of devastation becomes because it becomes such a familiar
friend I was devastated in so many different experiences that I was no
longer afraid of devastation I was afraid of devastation because I haven’t
befriended and yet you’re afraid of devastation if you haven’t been
devastated enough and people may say well I’ve been devastated
well not deep enough because when you’re devastated decisively the one who’s
afraid of devastation is gone there’s only two outcomes of devastation
and that is see if there is enough ego in the devastation the ego chooses to
shut down permanently and that’s as far as you go for that lifetime or if you
can get devastated decisively enough and that the ego is completely annihilated
you’ll awaken how do you wake up from the dream of life by letting the dream
devastate you how do you let the dream devastate you you don’t it knows where
to find you it knows what to do so I was talking with a friend after
years of awakening but also years of devastation and I had become this new
version of myself and my friend was still in this very sarcastic mindset
where when my friend which is very similar to how it was when I was 14
years old when you didn’t feel in power or seeing he would sarcastically cut
someone else down to assert some false level of power
hanging off my friend and got to this point where they were uncomfortable and
they said a few sarcastic remarks and being a very open-hearted an emotional
person I could actually feel like wow when I was younger I didn’t feel that
but as an adult I can go wow I feel the harshness of that I thought that to
myself I paused my friend said are you okay I said yeah I was feeling a little
pain in my heart and that friend immediately said is it because of what I
said I smiled and I said you tell me I said I’m just feeling pain in my heart
of some mystery why it’s there because I felt pain one could say they caused it
because they spoke and that I felt that they are not the blame of my unhappiness
they’re not to be blamed for anything they do something I feel instantly like
crap the why is the mystery and because I didn’t blame what did I energetically
give permission for them to awaken in consciousness and to have the reality
the humility oh did I just do something to hurt you and that person went from
sarcasm blind sarcasm to awareness and Holly did was endure and not blame and
even when they asked and I did what I just do cause that I don’t know you tell
me and then there’s a pause and they said you know I’m really sorry
I didn’t mean that and what’s really funny is when you don’t blame someone
else’s apology doesn’t soothe you because their apology is for them if their transformation it’s their egos
rehabilitation therapy is not for you the only reason why people need
apologies from other people is the people who need apologies from other
people are the people that are blaming those people as the cause of their
unhappiness and subconsciously they’re really saying I blame you for my
unhappiness I need you to apologize to me so I can stop blaming you for my
unhappiness which just means I’m gonna turn you from the cause and blame
something else but if you don’t blame anything as the cause of your
unhappiness someone else’s apology isn’t for you it’s for them you don’t require
an apology if you don’t blame therefore you are the
living prayer of forgiveness not someone figuring out how to forgive does that
make sense it’s a very powerful very powerful so we’ve deconstructed that
happiness is our natural state and that we find happiness within us by no longer
blaming things as the cause of our unhappiness there might be a sense of
unhappiness and if you just spend time sitting with and Happiness saying yes
I’m not happy and nothing is the cause you sit with that for a few minutes
unhappiness disappears and you just have to be willing to sit in a world with no
one to blame and if you sit there and there’s this thing like this is crazy
how could I not blame anything the worst thing that’s gonna happen is you feel
like I’m gonna turn a blind eye and let the world go crazy but here’s the funny
thing a lot of us are watching the world intently to make sure nothing awful
happens and also happens every day so us watching so closely isn’t doing anything with you watching everything on Facebook
on your newsfeed let’s just take a poll what have you
prevented there almost was a forest fire but I was watching and the fire says
sorry sorry my bad if you’re gonna watch watch without blame and watch what
happens because then you’re just being an open-space
that lets the light of consciousness come through you and begin to reform
everything so if you’re watching with blame you’re feeding it if you’re
watching with no blame you’re transforming it the other part of this
teaching because happiness is the natural state that arises in the absence
of blame the presence of blame is what creates the forcefield of unhappiness
but there’s also a thing about you can cultivate happiness in order to
cultivate happiness you have to first create the foundation which is there’s
nothing to blame that’s why I taught it first so first there’s nothing to blame
and therefore there might be some sense of unhappiness but it’s not so heavy
we’re a little more relaxed I maybe I’m happy no idea why biggest mystery in
existence if you have no clue why you’re unhappy you won’t be unhappy that much
longer so then the question is once you’re no longer blaming things the
cause of your unhappiness how do you cultivate happiness and this is where we
get to one of my favorite aspects of teaching and what I love about the
spiritual journey because of how important to this
is one of the most important qualities iDrive brought into my spiritual journey
that I instill into everyone that I died on their spiritual journey and it is
brings me so much pride enjoyed and know that this is so important in what I
transmit and that when we gather together as community what I love more
than anything else is that what I’m going to describe is when I feel so many
of us embodying in this community and in our lives to the best of our ability
true happiness is cultivated through the quality of your polite and respectful
response to whatever arises happiness is getting high off of the fuse of your own
deliberate respect for anything and the name of the game is respect everything
more than it respects you you don’t have to give eff all of yourself away you
don’t have to be a doormat you don’t open up your house and let people in
they can’t respect your home it’s just when we interact with beings of various
levels of consciousness we’re all at different grades but we’re
all in the same school our way so we respect each other as peers and when you
start to see that it’s not a matter of how other people treat you or what
happens but your focus on how polite and respectful can I be you’re in a
relationship and someone says I think I am having different feelings well then
thank you for the memories and let me help you by getting the hell out of your
way let me set you free someone dares to
step in your presence and cut you down with a moment of disrespect thank you
for showing me how powerful you are thank you for insulting me have you ever seen what happens when you
attempt to devastate the world with politeness it’s a good social experiment
what would it be like as funny cos devastation sounds like a powerful angry
word and politeness is a nice word and I say that because as light workers we
tend to be not as committed to the light as unconscious beings are committed to
the darkness I’ve said that before in other videos there are beings that are
in the shadows and boy are they committed why are they committed their
plans sir take a long time but they’re committed to the darkness
are you as committed to the light as some Dean’s are to the darkness I’ll
give you a funny example just a funny example when I was a kid I grew up
listening to hip-hop and heavy metal just as luck would have it grow up in
the malls of Torrance California it spent most of my childhood in an arcade
eating Taco Bell hey just my childhood you cheer them and
listening to hip-hop and a lot of heavy metal and I never listened to like
really dark heavy metal but just passionate heavy metal you know just
powerful power chords and you know lyrics that were angry but if you listen
to them it’s about people’s pain and suffering and all that kind of stuff but
as an adult I look back on some of the music guys to listen to rich hilariously
enough when I’m on the treadmill at the gym I still listen to this day
I could literally listen to hard rock and meditate the same time as hilarious
but let’s talk about how can we turn this into a DJ think of how when you
hear like heavy metal or hard rock and how intense the lyrics are think of how
committed the lead singer and the and the band members are to that anger and
that heaviness right when as lightworkers have we ever been committed
to the light like that right like as the light on over on the other side darkness
right darkest just decay right when have we ever gone love and light cuz that’s what we need to do we need to
take that kind of passion not with that kind of throw dienes and we need to take that kind of passion
in and invoke the light and when we invoke that kind of passion of the light
with that kind of intensity do you know what frequency we find oh it’s so near
and dear to my heart gospel you ever been you ever seen
gospel look I was raised as a little Jewish boy hi when I was a adolescent I
was in a performance group and I we got to perform with a choir from the first
AME Church in downtown Los Angeles and I had never seen something like this and
it was like a heavy metal of God consciousness and I spend 10 minutes in this thing and
I was like ditching Hanukkah so fast I was praising the Lord so hard it was the
greatest thing I’ve ever seen how can we take our purity of intention
and internally crank it up to the vibration of gospel or so the vibration
of what is our most Unleashed passion because that’s what I am for each and
every one of you and for myself in my world I am passionate about the light I
am NOT unaware of what’s happening I’m just too preoccupied bringing forth the
solution to take a moment to debate the problem and when something inside of you starts
to shift and say I’m going to commit to the light it’s not the old positive
thinking movement where we think positive and we’re afraid of the
negative people that pull us down because the funny thing about the old
way of positive thinking is that the old positive thinker fought the most
unpossible so if you really want to be a positive thinker there’s a good reason
why people are negative and they have the right to do so a real positive
thinker meets someone who says I’m angry with you and you say and you have every
right to be angry with me and not to be sarcastic and not to be
flippant to be genuine and sincere and you sit down if you can with that person
and saying I want you to tell me what you’re so unhappy with me about I might
now be able to change it but I want to hear you then you reach across the aisle
of vibrational bipartisanship and you reach your hand out and say we may have
differences that divide us but it is my love that will unite us can I get an
amen I’ve always want to do that try this out loud I accept and nothing
is the blame for my unhappiness things may have happened but they are not the
cause as to why erm I’m happy why an unhappy is a mystery a mystery that
cannot be solved and if the absence of trying to solve its mystery I cultivate
the awareness and focus to cultivate true happiness by focusing on how I
respond in the most honorable fashion no matter how undesirable circumstances
will be no matter how undesirable people may treat me no matter how dishonorable
anyone’s conduct becomes I get high off the fumes of the ecstasy
of my own honor by being more honourable than anyone in my life knowing that
things may happen to me but when I stop blaming things is the cause of my
unhappiness there will be no longer reasons for
adversities to enter my reality because I’m no longer interested in blaming
things and that’s when my internal cultivation of light starts to expand
out of my physical body and manifests as the most fulfilling
relationships the most miraculous opportunities the most incredible
synchronicities that unleashed the greatest success the deepest most
fulfilling abundance I’m grateful for what I have I’m worthy of receiving more
without it being an aspect of materialism or an extension of greed and
simply the ability to manifest my highest vibration into the frequency of
light that then masquerades as the tangibility of form
that pleases me with my most immaculate opportunities with the dawning of my
highest destiny simply because things are not to blame for why I feel the way
I do and when things are not to blame for why I feel the way I do because
we’re all interconnected I am sending our waves of energy an
assist in the rehabilitation of humanity that overtime spreads to people around
me that spreads to those people and the people they encounter and ripples out to
suggest to each subconscious mind to surrender the tendency of blame and in
surrendering to the true essence of forgiveness which unravels my attachment
to unhappiness the absence of blame within me actually assists the world
in surrendering the tenancy of blame and if for one moment the world was
motivated to do anything but blame anything we blame wit dissolve
instantaneously and be replaced by the things
that please our hearts this is how we create honors can I get me a man can I
get a hallelujah can I get a praise the Lord God I love that oh I feel then I do here’s what’s funny
you may feel I don’t know what I feel I don’t feel as heavy as I did before I
don’t think I’m unhappy just feel you’re no longer unhappy because you’re
not blaming anything what you’re actually still feeling though is the
density of being in a physical body and now we get down to what a spiritual path
really is a soul made up of the fabric of light which contains the little-to-no
density learning how to fit it’s infinite miraculous nature into the
density of the physical body and to ground into the earth but she can’t
actually ground into the earth when you’re calling the battle with density
something called unhappiness and you only call it unhappiness because you’re
blaming something so let’s try this out loud I accept the unhappiness is only
what I feel or what I think I feel when something is to blame when nothing is
blamed unhappiness doesn’t exist and yet the heaviness I still may feel it’s not of happiness it’s just the
light of my soul dealing with the physical density of being in the body
and in such a state of tentativeness fear that it actually creates a lack of
safety and in that lack of safety I’m not sure if it’s okay to be here so I
don’t commit to being here because I’m not fully grounded in the body so in
order to be grounded in the body I no longer blame the density of the
body as the cause of my unhappiness I no longer blame being ungrounded as the
cause of my unhappiness I no longer blame fear as the cause of my
unhappiness and in withdrawing blame from not being grounded from the density
of the physical body and the log or blaming fear what used to be fear which
is fermented repressed excitement becomes Unleashed joy instead of being
ungrounded I find the safety to fully plug into the earth instead of having a
dense body my physical body now becomes a
manifestation of my Lightbody within and throughout
for the well-being of all and so I’m free glory hallelujah I am the light the
light I am I am the light the light I am I am the light the light I am I am the
light the light I am I am the light the light I am I am the light the light I am
I am the light the light I am I am feel that you hear the quote the meek shall
inherit the earth you know what a modern-day interpretation of that is
endure it all and blame that one endure it all and blame no one at all
and if you have the tenacity of spirit and the audacity within you you not only
endure it all and blame no one you say thank you to anything that has ever
touched you if you can go there don’t rush it just be honest with yourself but
the very least blame no one and when you blame no one a bigger picture can be
revealed when you go to the movies you see a storyline unfold and things happen
to the characters and you know and you tell yourself no matter what I see
happening I’m just gonna sit here and face forward and the story’s gonna
change and no matter what happens there’s always resolution in the
storyline do you know why you can actually watch something bad inevitably
become something much better and the resolution of the character because you
sit with open awareness with no one to blame most of us can watch movies
without blaming anyone and then we have the awareness to stay where we’re at to
keep watching and the story can be told so we have to do is just let the story
of our lives be told with open awareness like we’re watching our lives like on a
movie screen with everything to welcome and no one to blame this is how we
awaken true happiness this is how we vibrationally participate in the
awakening of humanity this is how we activate true forgiveness
this is how we complete the initiation into being individual beacons of Christ
hood this is how we make the shift that would have martyrdom and into Messiah
hood that each of us are I’m not on the stage because I’m professing Who I am I
am on the stage because I know each of you are and my job is to simply bring
your light out of hiding so you can shine your light for the well-being of
all I no matter how long I will be given to be on this planet those are cryptic
words these are his words I’ve always lived by my mission is simple I will
leave this planet brighter than I found it and I do that by magnetically drawing
the light of your Christ hood forward for the well-being of this planet and we
do that all for love because the world is the heart beating within you and as
we put our hands on our hearts knowing but the heart within your body is the
world around you the world is within you projected outside of you we say to the
world that is our heart just like a world that experiences all emotions just
like your heart is a container that experiences all emotions your heart is
the world and the world is a reflection of your heart if your heart is closed
you’re seeing a world of egos if your heart is open you’re seeing the
awakening of consciousness and sometimes light waking up in human beings can be a
little messy can it just like when children don’t get enough
for us to get kind of cranked you don’t think when god’s not balanced
god’s a little cranky so we say to this heart that is the world I love you I
love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I
love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I
love you I love you I love you now to bring this teaching full circle if you
would in mind now let’s try it at gospel frequencies or if you can all stand up
if we are all gonna stand for love then we stand up and I would like to hear and
your most passionate commitment to the evolution of our entire species and
planet I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love
you I love you I love you I love you like a fun magic trick and consciousness
unhappiness is nowhere in sight and with that being the transmission of teaching
of awaken true happiness I give you a bestow upon you the gift of happiness so
that all of us in YouTube land here in person and around the world can now have
a happy happy holidays you

Daniel Yohans

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