Ayn Rand on the Pursuit of Happiness

Ayn Rand on the Pursuit of Happiness

You mention in your book, the latest one on
the philosophy for the New Intellectual, that our Founding Fathers talked about the right
of the pursuit of happiness. Do you think this is really important? I don’t know what else could be any more
important, if you attach exact meaning to concepts. The pursuit of happiness means a
man’s right to set his own goals, to choose his values and to achieve them. Happiness
means that state of consciousness which comes from the achievement of your values. Now what
can be more important than happiness? But happiness does not mean simply momentary pleasures
or any kind of mindless self-indulgence. Happiness means a profound, guiltless, rational feeling
of self-esteem and of pride in one’s own achievement. It means the enjoyment of life,
which is possible only to a rational man on a rational code of morality. What that code
is I couldn’t possibly tell you in a brief interview, but those who are interested will
find it in my books, particularly in Atlas Shrugged. Do you think it’s important, then, that
we be guiltless in our feelings about this? I wouldn’t even know how to answer such
a thing as, is it important to be guiltless? To put it in my terms, I would say it is important
to be moral. I would stress the positive, not the negative.

Daniel Yohans

6 thoughts on “Ayn Rand on the Pursuit of Happiness

  1. Rachel Pyron says:

    around 0:57 she says "which is possible only to a rational man on a rational __ of morality" what word goes there???

  2. JEFF9K says:

    Ayn Rand comes here from Russia and redefines all our words for us.  Not cool!

  3. JEFF9K says:

    Alyssa Rosenbaum comes here from Russia, changes her name to Ayn Rand, tries to redefine all our words, preaches atheism and becomes a hero of the right.  What's wrong with this picture?

    Did I mention that she led a hateful, drug-addicted, miserable life but is preaching on the pursuit of happiness?  And some people are stupid enough to buy it?

  4. Kavya Pesala says:

    I am here because of ' rgv' hai USA people I am Indian I like ayn rand

  5. Roy Long says:

    It's better to be happy and fulfilled, not just happiness by itself.

  6. john edwards says:

    That man was a lost soul. In my opinion, a complete waste of life.

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