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[MUSIC PLAYING] With the arrival of 5G networks,
higher bandwidth and lower latency will directly contribute to better
diagnosis and faster triage. That will save lives. My name is Rafael Grossman,
and I’m a surgeon, a teacher, and a health-care futurist. Today, there aren’t enough health care
resources to meet the world’s needs. We know that about 2/3 of the world’s
population– about 5 billion people– don’t really have access to safe
surgery or to affordable surgery. We need to really use the technology
that we have at hand, like 5G, to shorten that gap between what we
can offer and what we need to offer. The clarity of
high-definition video in 5G will make telehealth experiences
more comfortable and accurate for rural and remote patients. As a surgeon, the more I can
see, the better my diagnosis. 5G-connected wearables will facilitate
streaming of real-time data. They can monitor how
much you are active, or your heart rate, or even your blood
pressure, with the touch of a button. The use of virtual and
augmented reality will be invaluable for providing
lifelike experiences when teaching medical procedures. Health care is about communicating
and connecting better. Having no perceptible latency will allow
us to have a real live conversation– but at a distance. We know that 80% of people
with health-care questions don’t need the physical
contact with a provider in order to be successfully
advised or treated. Remote surgery, using semi-autonomous
robots, will be feasible. So will the use of AI and deep learning
to analyze CT scans, MRIs, x-rays, and other imaging studies, to vastly
improve our medical diagnoses. I think 5G is going to cause a
paradigm shift in health care. Everything from prevention, to
treatment, to rehabilitation, teaching, and mentoring will be enriched. 5G will elevate the quality of care
throughout the US and around the world. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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