Best Exercise For Women Over 50! – 2018 – fabulous50s

Best Exercise For Women Over 50! – 2018 – fabulous50s

today I’d love to talk to you about the
number one exercise I think every woman in their 50s should be doing if it’s the
only exercise you do this is it and if it’s if you’re someone who does lots of
exercise add this to it hi I’m Schellea this is fabulous 50s a lifestyle channel
that celebrates women in their 50s so if you have joined me here to learn about
this exercise I found out about this when I went to a lifestyle retreat and
we got taught that doing a Chinese squat is one of the most beneficial things for
our health for any age group particularly people who are getting
older because when you don’t activate all your muscles in your legs that leads
to muscle loss sitting accelerates muscle loss and muscle loss equals aging
and you can imagine old people when they’re kind of bent over and that
they’re walking slowly it’s because everything’s kind of gone soft and lost
its effectiveness to keep the body upright and and also another thing about
sitting sittings not the best thing for us and we tend to sit all day and
sitting loosens our gluts and it doesn’t engage anything so you’re not engaging
your core or your legs or your gluts or anything so sitting is really bad but we
all do it all day so this is something that you can do at home and if you just
do it every day building up slowly and slowly – you can do it for a bit longer
you’re going to notice a benefit in your strength and your vitality and I’ll tell
you why but first of all I’ll show you what to do so you just go from a
standing position and you come down to squatting and this is called a Chinese
squat and it’s called that because in Asia this is how people communicate they
eat they talk they they cook they do everything
like this naturally and soda babies you notice a young child a toddler this is
how they sit this is how they do things so it’s it’s the way the body was
designed yet we don’t do it so our bodies don’t perform as well as they
could for as long as they could just another thing you try and keep your back
as straight as you can and hold your core in and your feet flat on the ground
not not like this you have them flat on the ground as you can now this may be
difficult to do for a long time so 10 seconds you’re doing great and you just
keep practicing getting a little bit longer at each time until it’s something
that you can do very easily but it’s quite important for us to do as women in
our 50s because we’ve got to work on becoming someone who can live into the
next 50 years with lots of health and vitality the Chinese squat actually
helps loosen the back and align the spine and lengthen the hip flexors which
are here and when they get short that’s when we get really stiff and
everything’s very hard to do so it also is great for improving your digestion
because of the way that we’re sitting like this it helps everything move
through the body and our bowel function is a lot better your knees get strong
all the parts of your legs get strong and your core becomes strong so that’s
kind of good for us but the thing that I found out about that I didn’t know when
I learned about this is that women who are going through menopause so from you
know early 40s mid 40s – way into their 50s what happens is we go through these
hormonal changes that actually make us think and remember and
feel the pain and the hurt inside our body that has gone on in the past and I
guess our job in menopause is to realign ourselves and move through what our
hurts and our pains and move into a new phase of life I’ve I’ve been reading dr.
Christiane Northrup who’s these books are great I’ve got another one here
really fantastic reading actually for everybody but she talks about how we as
women hold a lot of our pain here in this area and that’s why we can have
many many problems particularly with painful periods and menopause and all
sorts of things that originate in that area and we have to release that pain so
that we can move forward so all of the wisdom that we’ve gained in our life is
we’ve got to keep growing and growing and learning and releasing all of the
crap all of the bad stuff that’s happened and interestingly this is where
we store it and doing this exercise is going to be strengthening for us and and
kind of liberating for us so yeah every day if you can do this for 10 seconds 15
seconds you know 45 seconds into a minute five minutes just have a little
practice of doing it and start releasing some of that stuff that we’re hanging on
to and help bring some some great bone strength and building muscle into your
body because our legs and all of this area supports everything else so if
they’re strong we can be strong and vital so if you can’t get down here use
a ball like this and this gives you a similar kind of
position for your body to be in but it doesn’t give you the the strength that
you’re going to get from doing the squat but it will help you get your body down
low because some sometimes if you haven’t been used to exercising it might
be difficult for you to get to here and go down a little bit further and you
might need some help even to help you lean on something while you’re you’re
going down here but don’t don’t stress at all about being able to do this
practice and do it at your own pace just be really excited and proud of
yourself that you’ve done something that you couldn’t do before and a small
amount of time means it’s going to be a longer amount of time when you keep
practicing it I think that’s all I’ve got for you today I’m sorry I look so
scruffy but I’ve just come from the gym and I wanted to share that with you so
thank you for watching please subscribe and give the thumbs up if you liked the
video and have a great day

Daniel Yohans

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  1. T L says:

    I just spent last 90 minutes binge watching some of your videos. (Hadn't gotten to this one yet… wait for it… drumroll) You came up in my YouTube feed randomly. One thing I love to do when unloading the dishwasher is to squat down to the floor in this fashion to do repetitive squats while unloading the bottom dishes. I do this barefooted because my feet can grip the floor better and stabile feet make this so much easier to maneuver. Then I watched this video… had a good laugh and thank you for the confirmation that my weird dishwasher unloading antics are spot on. New subby! (PS, love all of your skincare routine healthy lifestyle videos… you are teaching me things that are crucial for my age 47 going on 48 and hot flashing last two weeks … yay! I may have manifested you into my consciousness!). ✨🌟💖 everything in Divine Timing. Love and light!🌟✨

  2. henrietta henson says:

    Oh I love watching people doing workouts …I'm a [email protected] there s no greater workout for your arms than holding them up all day …no bingo wings for me …as to other exercise I'm too wacked at then end of a long day on my feet sooooo I'll just watch you instead 😂😂😂😂

  3. kim durfey says:

    OMG that's a hard exercise. I managed 10 seconds, but wow, that was a lot harder than I thought it would be!

  4. ZGold Luv says:

    I have never been able to squat with my heals flat on the floor. Not even as I child. I can squat on my toes ( heals off the floor)

  5. lynne ireland says:

    I was told not to sit that way, as it was unlady like and gave one varicose veins, I am now a stiff lady of 60, so many things I shouldhavenever have listenedtoo!

  6. Sultana Mirza says:

    I like this, came very easily, held it for 1 minute and could have gone longer. I plan to watch your other videos as well. Fell on this by accident and liked it. I am 59 yrs old and want to get into shape, tone my muscles and verrry flabby, saggy abdomen.

  7. Lisa Jackson says:

    Oh you're so lovely. Thank you – will give this ago, despite cranky knees! Bless.

  8. Chrissy Simpson says:

    Hi I've just found you I'm 54 and I think i'm fairly fit I'm active but not as much as I maybe should be I just tried this and fell over hahaha but i'm going to keep at it until I do it properly …

  9. Sharondale says:

    I cannot keep my feet flat! Will I still get the benefits?

  10. Robyn Belle Horton says:

    I can do this but it kills my hip bursa the fluid in the outer thigh . I will keep at it and see what happens 😊

  11. Rain Beau says:

    I do a fair amount of walking in my job as a server and enjoy it. I do suffer from back aches, warm baths help. But I am still seeing my mid region thicken! Im just now 50….I try to watch my food intake and diet. I may think some prescription pills could be to blame ? Can you make a vid about that, your thoughts…??

  12. alicia says:

    Wish It can be done, if on wheelchair.

  13. Kay Brown says:

    Many of us in our 50s have bad knees and can't do any kind of squats except maybe 'half squats'.

  14. Lorna Williams-Astley says:

    She's quite a gorgeous lady. She sounds really nice.

  15. Homesteaders Unlimited says:

    I’m 40 and just like that I look like I’m in liver failure or something. I just look unhealthy but thought I was

  16. Ya Be says:

    Thanks for sharing, you are so beautiful!

  17. BethyKable says:

    Please lose the horrible music but thanks for the great exercise ideas!

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    This is the Indian squat too !!

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    I do this every so often during the day when my lower back starts bugging me. I also interchange between my office chair and my exercise ball for seating!

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  21. rosiela1011 says:

    Love your videos, you are truly amazing; keep them coming

  22. Huda Sarraf says:

    Caution: this exercise is not good for women who have haemorrhoids. My mother tried it and it got worse. Just a heads up.

  23. Diana Long says:


  24. Anna Davis says:

    This is great as I was told by another trainer to do this as well, it really is powerful. Thank you

  25. Anna V says:

    have you experienced the release of emotions? if yes, what's the feeling?

  26. Chandrakala Rajamanickam says:

    Thank you..will start doing it

  27. Diane Robins says:

    I wonder if there is a modified version for those of us are not able to squat straight away

  28. Georgette Orwell says:

    🙁 What if you've had knee surgeries and cannot bend your knees completely? Any alternatives to the Asian Squat?

  29. Papermadepretty says:

    New subscriber!! Love your channel! Went shopping on Amazon tonight…can't wait to start my sprouts : ) Blessings and thank you for sharing.

  30. Kat BeWitched says:

    I LOVE THIS. I used to love sitting this way because I have lower back problems and this really helps stretch it and my gluts. I did. It know the other benefits but I am going to start these right away. Christine Northrop has long been known as an expert and advocate of women, she really was a pioneer and has many good books. Thanks so much! ❤️

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    I love you exercise outfits, they’re so unusual.

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    Ohhh this is HARD! I feel surprised and embarrassed that it’s so hard for me. I work out too! I’m 70 so a bit of a break for me. 😝

  45. Kathy Ostman-Magnusen says:

    So I’ve had bad knees but quite honestly I think it’s weight driven. I’ve lost weight and the issues are less. But I still have #30 to go! So it’s somewhat logical that this squat sitting is hard for me. I am determined to get it down though! 😎

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    You look great. Not 50's but late 70's. Glad i found this. I hate to exercise

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    Thanks so much for such amazing information. Funny, rural Caribbean people squats a lot on a daily basis too… Maybe that is what keeps them strong and lean..

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    Love it! I’m 70 and really need this. Last year I suffered and recovered from a seven vertebrae fusion, then this year knee surgery, so spent so much of my day in pain and sitting way to much. That is why your video is so inspiring. Thank you. I subscribed and look forward to more exercises and tips from your channel.

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    How did I ever get along without you? I’ve just turned 50 and I feel like I’ve been drafted back to my teenage years; I’ve got so many questions! I really feel unprepared, if that makes sense, because I keep thinking “I don’t know what to do now.” You are heaven sent. And Keep those book suggestions coming! Thank you sooo much, for sharing you, with us!

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    Can you do this squat if you have had knee replacements?

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    Hi. I've been doing knee exercises first and gradually I am doing this squat. Today I stayed a minute at this with no pain. I could have longer but have to run to do errands. If you are able do knree exercises first it will help enormously. I am 65 and it's taken three weeks.

  55. Joan Azarva says:

    I am 67, and I have no problem doing the squat; however I DO have have trouble getting my feet flat on the floor. When I straighten my back, the back of my feet come off the floor. Does the fact that I have very flat feet work against me here?

  56. bitz1981 says:

    Well it's an Indian style squatting.. As we had and still have Indian style toilets.. Where squatting is a must.. Some information, yeah. ☺

  57. bitz1981 says:

    We even grind spices, masalas in this position on a solid stone roller.. 😀

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    I tried this one just now, it’s a bit challenging so I had to hold on the foot of the chair while stooping. But I did it anyway as I was able to un-clapped my hand from the chair for about two minutes. I will continue to do it and I know it I will get better with time. I’m motivated.

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    You are fabulous, and love your energetic and knowledgeable information for us all !

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    Hi Shelleah
    A huge 67 yr fan from Israel.
    Thoroughly enjoy all your workout videos can keep up quite easily and already see results after only a few weeks.
    Waiting in anticipation for your new workout videos.
    Thank you "todah raba"!

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    is the this squat hard on your knees? Looks like it would be. Used to squat a lot but I have had trouble with the vastus Medialis.muscle

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    Not sure why it was relatively easy for me. 🤷‍♀️
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  100. Amy, RN on Sabbatical, M. says:

    Greetings, Shellie (sp[?]) = aka: "Fabulous 50s" on Youtube,
    Registered Nurse on Sabbatical, retired Medic/firefighter/personal trainer and a returning, formal, academic student (education related to: expansion/further development, training/experience, certification and degree/s related to: health care/nutrition – – inclusive of but not limited to – – subjects of physical/emotional/mental/spiritual well – being [holistic welness in totality]), here…
    I remain a huge fan and promoter of your channel/YouTube presentations and broadcast personality! Per my professional/personal experiences (and those of my past, professional clients and friends), I/we salute you – – offer Gratitude for/validation of the professional legitimacy, effectiveness, authenticity and delightful, inspirational, down – to – earth manner in which you share with others! Thank you for the creditable information, targeting an audience who are sometimes, seemingly overlooked in a few regards (those in their 50s) – – this Gratitude comes from the place/s of both a professional and personal level! In the future, I intend to completely open – up my YouTube channel for public viewing, the downloading of: professionally supported/legitimate/integrity – infused/informative and motivational, inspirational, positively supportive/uplifting video – sharing. I humbly request that you/your channel be recognized/promoted through that of my channel/posts and included in what I desire to be: a collective endeavor. Hopefully, you will consider this request; I look forward to communicating further with you regarding the above request. Regardless, your YouTube content/channel remains and will continue to be a favorite, informative, enjoyable resource – – a solid "go – to" – – for me.
    I wish you great health/happiness/prosperity/success and peace,
    ~ gratitudereciprocates111 or Amy Kathryn ("Kaytie" Shapiro = personal, Facebook profile)
    P.S. Feel free to become a non – business – promoting, FB Friend on/through my personal, Facebook profile (above)…send friend request if so inclined… I'd be honored and am happy to offer recommendation/promotion/mention of your professional, Facebook site/YouTube channel as the excellent, invaluable source of information, inspiration and enjoyment that they (you) are!

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