Best Self-Treatment for a Groin Pull- Including Stretches & Exercises.

Best Self-Treatment for a Groin Pull- Including Stretches & Exercises.

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Best Self-Treatment for a Groin Pull- Including Stretches & Exercises.

  1. RPG 808 says:

    Some people have major groin pulls which are actually groin tears. Evidence of tears or ruptures are bruising and discoloration at the injury site, but not necessarily. Should the pain continue or limit your ambulation and ADL's you are looking at a possible hip pathology, most likely osteoarthritis for those over 40. Many orthopedic surgeons do not review x-rays with you in the office and this is suspect. I had a right total hip replacement 5 years ago by a surgeon who happened to be a friend and I viewed the x-rays of my left hip with the surgeon and it was clear I would need to have the left replaced in the very near future as the femoral head was VERY close to the acetabulum. I continued to train martial arts and the day came when the pain exacerbated. I knew it was time for a replacement and went to the surgeon. No light box in his breakout room and did NOT review MY x-rays with me. Red flag! He wanted to go for a right total KNEE replacement instead. Pain was excruciating in my hip and the surgeon being a Las Vegas ortho (the worst in the U.S.), I declined and choose to move on. As a retired P.T. I wasn't about to be scammed by this Timothy Trainor who treats high volume for cash flow. Be careful out there. If something does not seem right, get out and find somebody else. It's your body. NOBODY is "the best." That term is thrown around loosely and is most often a lie.

  2. bratprince11 says:

    Thank you. Great video! Just 1 question…how long after pulling a groin should you start with the massage & strengthening with a ball?

  3. Tim Toddle says:

    I came in at 6.45 and thought I had came to meatspin

  4. md mansoor says:

    What about ultrasound therapy is this safe to give on groin?

  5. sky blues says:

    Nice thanks but better wore a sport clothes…..

  6. IvanSteff says:

    I’ve had a groin injury since October. I’ve taken weeks off sports and it still hasn’t fully healed. I’ve stretched many times and massage. Have no idea what to do😂

  7. Dom D says:

    noticeable improvement after 4 weeks, doing this routine every other day. thank you!

  8. Bene Butterbean says:

    Dudes: I can tuck my scrotum into my socks. How do I get them to pull up to a natural position?

  9. PRO_ZOMBIE117 says:

    You guys are my heroes

  10. Abu bakar says:

    I have pain at the top of my leg just under the v line,and I can bearly walk

  11. Margeaux McClelland says:

    I noticed my groin muscles straining as I learn to skate, so these exercises will help! Thanks!

  12. John Babaloo says:

    My groin has been like this since summer 2018

  13. dbigdog79 says:

    Everytime i sustain an injury i straightaway check on this channel!

  14. jesse olivas says:

    After a groin injury, how much rest & icing should one do before performing some of these strengthening exercises?

  15. Maria Avina Franco says:

    You sure bring fun to my injury recovery

  16. Nick Scarfo says:

    My pain is real near to the pelvic bone inside the hip and while my motion isn't affected a whole lot the area is still very sensitive when I massage it… should I do it and keep icing? move on to the exercises? help!

  17. Christian Blaylock says:

    When I do the cross-fibre friction massage, should/ could I use Voltaren Emulgel? Or should I stay away from that? The muscle is tender but I don’t think it’s pulled or anything like that.

  18. Bjorn Odinsson says:

    How long would you say an MMA/Kickboxing guy should wait before getting back into it with a minor groin pull or strain?

  19. eun euneun says:

    I love their dad jokes and banter, they work well together. May Yah bless their work, HalleluYah

  20. MarmaladePlague says:

    Hurt my groin last week and my parents have forced me to continue playing soccer, I’ve told my coaches and they’ve suggested i take time off but my parents still don’t care and I keep aggravating the injury and I’m worried that I’m gonna get seriously injured

  21. Colin Kerr says:

    thanks, dudes! very helpful. You guys are cool.

  22. Ian C Tubman says:

    Love the opening quote.

  23. backcheck31 says:

    This was helpful. Thank you for the video!

  24. L 0902 G says:

    Thanks, guys! Any advice on "taping" the muscle? I pulled/strained it two months ago, and just when it seems to feel better, I move in the wrong way and re-injure it. I'm a 73 yr old senior, not an athlete.

  25. Simon Says says:

    Can adductor strain manifest as pain around the TFL/outside of hips?

  26. Marks Marble Racing says:

    8:52 needs to be put to music! 😂

  27. Vasundhara Maheshwari says:

    Should we exercise only injured groin or other leg too?

  28. Andres Macias says:

    Sweet I had a bad “open guard” injury 3 years ago from jiujitsu and it flared up this weekend in a tournament pain was sharp but it’s level 2 most def.. how do you guys feel about a percussion/jigsaw ball approach to the cross fiber massage?

  29. SAMI MABROUK says:

    hey bob and brad ! so i injured my adductor and the doctor said i should rest it for 3 months and in the third month i should start doing exercices like this,but it still hurts just a little so is that alright or not ??

  30. Josh Isralowitz says:

    Bob and Brad, how often do you do your basic exercises while the groin is healing up?

  31. Ky Burdeshaw says:

    I felt like I was about to watch a gay porno

  32. Jez Lucas says:

    Had mine for 6 months now

  33. miggiemac121 says:

    I love these two goobers

  34. Araceli Rosales says:

    Ok Boss..i just rubbed some coconut oil on my hand..went in there…thanks for unselfishness and sharing with us..definetley the 2 coolest C.P' youtube.❤💪MANY BLESSINGS..

  35. iAmDiztro says:

    Im i the only one injuring my groin all the time? I think i have a really weak groin or there is something im missing..

  36. Wutangkilla1 says:

    Lol these two 😂

  37. Dennis Burke says:

    Thanks guys, you've been a great help. I play hockey and I believe I have a slight groin muscle pull.

  38. Ronnie Webster says:

    Will try this exercises 👍 I have had a groin strain roughly 6/8 weeks and was hoping it would be better by now but it keeps coming back with just normal day to day walking, annoying as miss training etc.

  39. Nur says:

    When exactly need to start this exercise right after got injured? I believe need some time for its own rest. For sure need some days for rest and then start making exercise.

  40. Prashanth Chinna says:

    It's working….

  41. Prashanth Chinna says:

    ఈ ఎక్సర్సైజెస్ బాగానే పనిచేస్తున్నాయి…..

  42. Alexa Gracias says:

    How soon can I do any of the exercises to improve it. My injury happened today before class (Muay Thai) over stretched my inner thigh. But I kept going I didn't feel it much during class. Till I was done at home I felt more pain when I bent down.

  43. Supremozx1 Z says:

    Will definitely be trying this exercise.. thanks for your help

  44. Aaron Russell says:

    6:41 – Mic Check

  45. Ken Kozma says:

    Thank you Bob and Brad. ☺️
    I fell from a baker scaffold that caused me to do the splits, six years ago.
    I rested for a couple weeks or so until I could walk.
    I have to work finishing drywall and sometimes I get pretty sore where I end up limping
    I've been encouraged by what you've shown. Thank you.

  46. Devin Sk8s says:

    Go Vikings

  47. Some Dude says:

    I can run, do squats, jump, and KB swings. I have pain only when I stretch the right side. Like doing a side squat stretch.

  48. Bijan Gloston says:

    Thank you guys so much! Highly appreciated

  49. Feel The Pain !!! says:

    Athletic pubalgia

  50. Toxicity says:

    You guys are funny, yet very helpful. My soccer coach had us go running before we stretched out, so I think I ended up pulling something in my groin. Not quite sure if I actually did, but it hurts to go running so hopefully after I try these tips and tricks out it feels better and I can resume play in a couple days/week(s)

  51. ken harold says:

    This is painful to watch. Gruesome twosome 😭

  52. SuperAminAmin says:

    I get grion injurie frequently because I stand in one plece for 6 hours Monday to Friday at work

  53. Lefteris Papadakis says:

    One question.Should i do stretching at the same time im doing massage(first massage and then right after that doing stretching)or should i do massage for a few weeks then do the stretching part after im done with massaging.

  54. Amy says:

    Saved this for a senior relative with a pulled muscle, wasnt expecting the humor. He's gonna laugh through it too, both great for healing.

  55. Justin Brahm says:

    So helpful

  56. satvika kapila says:


  57. Tyler Durden says:

    Very good and great humour!

  58. Wild Zero says:

    i did it, and i felt better

  59. maxtheknife says:

    So I had a urologist send me to pelvic floor therapy because I have these symptoms. I was assessed by the therapist and was told I do not need Pelvic floor therapy. Im going to try your suggestions. I have a feeling this will solve my issues.

  60. P. Slanger says:

    I think I got the strain from doing leg swings too intensely at training lol.

  61. brett coleman says:

    What if you have had double knee replacement and cant. Get down on your knee?

  62. Duki81 says:

    Hi there, every time i do these exercises i get a clicking sound in my hip should i be worried?

  63. Dil Dil says:

    A big hello from the UK! You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for all your guidance. Its very well appreciated! Keep up the good work!

  64. NeverTedious says:

    ‘Ok, that’s enough bob’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  65. Rawfamalam says:

    I’m twelve why do I even have groin pain

  66. minoru eguchi says:

    I have pain only in the morning when I go to bath, why is it only in the morning ?

  67. blackbird163 says:

    Hi guys thanks so much for the wonderful video!

  68. Tina Shatlaw says:

    What color band should be used,I have a good friend going thru groin pain+I want to help him

  69. Benjamin Grant says:

    Is this good to do if you have osteitis pubis?

  70. alan morgan says:

    Really helpful and easy to watch. I've been doing the massage whilst watching the video and it feels better already, thank you!

  71. Daniel M. Clarke says:

    superb- thanks guys!

  72. Dave Cullins says:

    I don't even understand why I feel they are so entertaining xD

  73. Tanner Cable says:

    how long would you consider doing these exercises until moving onto back to lifting weights

  74. harry john says:

    the massage has decreased the pain, so I did some strengthening exercices with no problem.
    thank you very much, that was very helpful.

    Due to the lack of warm-up
    , I have more than 4 months of injury, everytime I recover, and I make an intense effort (running), the injury comes back. it happened twice.

    I wish a good recovery and good health for everyone. And remember : Whatever the case, warm-up before doing sport.

  75. Mohamed Elhewehy says:

    I want your email to ask about my case related to this video

  76. Sam Sule says:

    These 2 are great

  77. Logan Roche says:

    I love these too

  78. nim shetty says:

    Every man before having a baby should do this and have a watermelon shoved up his ass haha seriously so he will respect his kids mother and will be a good dad

  79. nim shetty says:

    These 2 are sooooo goooood. They should be working with top athletes and have a Tv show seriously. Too bad America rather watch the masked singer sitting on their ass .

  80. Qaweim Rili says:

    May i ask? Can i jogg when im having a groin injury

  81. JACK MEOFF says:

    i threw my butt out trying to take an opioid constipation poop.. and by now my entire right leg feels like fire days after.. its inside and outside but it started straining my butt to poop and it caused infection.

  82. elijah mulinda says:

    Thx for the help

  83. Omer Rahi says:

    Bad theater

  84. Paula Wegman says:

    Is this good with a spondy?

  85. Ddd Ddd says:

    I have both extreme neck pain while lying down and both legs have inner upper thigh pain. this all started at the same time. I have not done anything to injure these areas, but do have a sleep disorder where I move my legs rapidly like running. I wonder if this could have caused both the neck and leg pains that I have now. I will try the ice. should ice be used on the neck too. my neck pain is where the muscle attaches to the back of the skull on both sides.

  86. Sand prince says:

    I have a pain around my groin that comes and goes after lifting weights and running ,it also feels like my testicles are in pain as well , it is common ?

  87. PrettyFreddy says:

    I got this from sitting on My chair playing video games ._.

  88. Savage Felis says:

    When you can start with stretching after injury?

  89. Biblical GOD is only true GOD. says:

    Thank you! Exactly what I needed!

  90. dia thrush says:

    Hey guy's I strained my groin muscle when I thought I could fly down my stairs. Any clue when I can start doing these moves. It'll be a week tomorrow since I fell. Can you also tell me how long this pain from hell will last? My hubby is still in a coma when the doctor said 6 weeks I literally reached for a scalpel…j/k

  91. Nadia Christine Duggin says:

    Bob: Thanks for watching
    Brad (disgruntled): Aaalright

  92. Alexis Lopez says:

    I pulled my groin like 4 months ago and it still bothers me

  93. Peter Kamau says:

    Comedy and too much talk without substance

  94. It DontmatterPth says:

    Funny thing is this stretch at 10:04 is where I just hurt my inner thigh just a few minutes ago. I don't know if I wasn't warmed up or had worked the muscles to much and they were shorter than they normally are but now it hurts. Great. Fuck life.

  95. Dimitri Joseph says:

    I like their dynamic 😂, thank you for the vid as a soccer player groin injuries have been my kryptonite

  96. Shailesh Gautam says:

    How do we get sure that we have tight hip flexors or this groin pull , because in my condition my lower back also pains , and I also get suffer from imbalance legs , could you please help me ? ,

  97. LesQuik says:

    Thank you! So Helpful

  98. raymond perez says:

    i Noticed i Felt like a Pain in this Area While Jogging one Day And then within weeks i Have like a Tilt when i Stand on my Right leg so im Confused if its a pelvic problem etc

  99. bol oxx says:

    LOVE these guys

  100. GÕMA says:

    I love this video, I strained my Groin twice and the exercise they show on this video helped me heal fast and soothes the pain

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