Bryan Health Employee Recognition 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] The thing that I enjoy
most about working at Bryan is the teamwork, the
camaraderie, and most of all, the people here. From being a student to being
a patient to being an employee, it’s just constantly
being a family feeling. I get to work with all different
people across the organization and learn new things
all along the way. And so it’s always different
and I love that about my job. [MUSIC PLAYING] The culture at Bryan
is very tangible. I feel like when you
walk through the doors, you can feel it. You can feel the
love and the support that everyone is working towards
in providing excellent patient care and just an excellent
work environment as well. Anyone who is struggling
or needs some extra help, people step up and do it. And there’s no
question about it. There’s no grumbling. It’s just a very
positive teamwork. And we’re there to
help each other out and to make sure
that everyone get’s done what needs to be done. No matter where you are in the
organization, no matter what entity you are in,
you’re going to feel welcomed, because people
are looking at you and they’re saying hello. And I find that to be
unique as far as a culture. And I think that it’s a
wonderful thing that we do here at Bryan Health. [MUSIC PLAYING] The core value that I feel
like I connect the most with is, know the way, show the way. I feel like in my position
with matching volunteers with departments
and fulfilling roles that we can help find
what that person is looking for in volunteering. I would say enjoy the journey
is my favorite core value. I think it’s so
important for everybody to think about ways to
make sure that the journey that we’re on, that
there are things that you can find joy in. And that’s something that
I strive for every day. I actually have
that in my office. I have a sign that
says, enjoy the journey. My favorite core value
is the care like crazy. Because I’ve seen so many
people live that out here. And there are so
many people that come to mind when I think about
that and all the extra time and energy and love they
put into their work. And it’s really
inspiring to see that. [MUSIC PLAYING] By being a patient, I
know the scared feeling that can come with the unknown. But by being a
nurse now and having that impact on the
patient of just letting them know
that they’re not alone and we’re here with every step
of the way is so rewarding. It just goes back to when
personal nursing philosophy of treating my patients like
I want my family to be treated and really just going above
and beyond that extra mile just to be able to help them
and provide some comfort. Even though I might not be
impacting the patient directly, I’m impacting the morale and
the well-being of our employees which in turn
impacts our patients. And it’s really rewarding to see
them benefit from the projects that we do. [MUSIC PLAYING] The most memorable
moments for me are when I can see a volunteer
encouraged in their role by staff, also
enjoying their role and feeling fulfilled
in the volunteer role that I’ve helped
to place them in. I was able to take
care of a patient that went through a similar
scenario [INAUDIBLE] to mine. And knowing that I could
provide support and comfort in a very scary time is very
beautiful for both the patient and I. One of my favorite
moments at Byran Health has to be our event that we
do with Cookies with Santa. And I am privileged
to be able to work with a group of great
people to put that event on. But seeing families come in
that I work with everyday, but seeing their children
all excited to see Santa, the fact that we’re able to give
back to our employees in that way is a very rewarding piece
of the work that I do every day. [MUSIC PLAYING] It pushes me to
be a better nurse and to stay up to date with
all of the new protocols and the technology of how to
better treat our patients. And it definitely
gave me the confidence of going back to school
and getting my doctorate. Having that positive attitude
and that culture that Bryan has of one team one purpose– that positivity just ices that. And so I take that
positivity wherever I can go in my professional
life and personal life. I do consider Bryan
Health as my family. And anytime anything happens
in your personal life, you lean on your family. And I have certainly leaned on
my family these last five years and feel grateful that
I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow as a person,
but also as a professional. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Daniel Yohans

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