Caller – Welfare Recipients are the Real Welfare Queens!

Caller – Welfare Recipients are the Real Welfare Queens!

dania and you say that people who are on
welfare are welfare queens really no record whether ait animal welfare
queens a eleven new york and uh… my best friend of a cop in nassau county and i can tell you that the he’ll sometimes please or repair
evite people from their homes for various reasons right he took out a
woman uh… section eight housing and uh… he we got you know we’re working people i don’t know anything about government
assistance in programs are very ignorant about it excellency kimono they gave gina really care if you get
thrown out who’s going to swim was going on other section eight house the government gives this woman and
other people like her nineteen hundred ninety nine dollars all
month tilat minority just seventeen fifty by
the way so that’s more than what high-tech she
is not an issue at here he got will pickup truck anita
looked up myself election are nineteen hundred rainier knowledge could
you know if you have children so of course the children after you know and
we can’t tell people how to army cadet at the very game and you know it in the
preview and then realized that people who are allowing if he’d have to say
that you realize that people who are living on government assistance by a larger doing so i a desperation
they’re not doing something ’cause that’s what they want but i will agree
with you there are some people who are who are freeloaders the vast majority of people who are
getting food stamps or regain section eight housing who are who are getting
unemployment benefits they’re not doing it because that’s the lifestyle that
they would choose if a good job was available to the left has altered do you agree with him that i am i work
why am i working to keep i can get llc imploring area right if i can get
notes there could be repair a binder twelve there that have to go to the movies and spend money
on well what i need to watch for i mean it different this is what i’m upset
about that you no doubt came and he started out by saying that you don’t
know anything about welfare and and how these programs work i would suggest that
you learn something about them this this kind of rhetoric is the kind of thing
that i hear from people think they know what the hell if friend
of mine is a cop here right went yeah died you know i don’t i mean
you a guy who is driving cross country and some guy was hitchhiking and picked
him up uh… end after a few minutes then it has been
a strength and city and these individuals the some in some real stuff

Daniel Yohans

29 thoughts on “Caller – Welfare Recipients are the Real Welfare Queens!

  1. Robert Allen Williamson Sr says:

    For the bed is shorter than that a man can stretch himself on it: and the covering narrower than that he can wrap himself in it.

  2. John Smith says:

    "I am very ignorant about that" Nah really I didn't know that.. What a jerk

  3. Derrick Blanton says:

    Yeah and this is how every convo about this goes with people. Every person knows there are people taking advantage of welfare but can't give you one name.

  4. formerlymiddleclass says:

    There are people who get food stamps who do work but their wages are so low that they are don't have enough to pay the rent. The eligibility for food stamps or SNAP as it is now known, depends on wages earned. The solution is to pay the workers more and the CEO s less.

  5. eche1492 says:

    she prolly got 8 kids.

  6. freedom1234573 says:


  7. biggydx says:

    What do you need to work for? So you don't live in abject poverty!
    People taking those kinds of supplements aren't living a high life or feel comfortable with where they are. They probably can't afford most of the essentials you need here in America without sacrificing another.
    If anyone here thinks that people willing to stay on food stamps for the rest of their lives are living good, then by all means please go on the program for a month and see how far you fall behind on your bills.

  8. freedom1234573 says:

    this caller is sooooooo awesome he admits he is ignorant and wowzo ….he proved it

  9. blunty gagnon says:

    You doubt that there are people gaming the welfare system? That's pretty ignorant.

  10. arthur vanis says:

    translation of this caller: boooohooo,i'm a mediocre loser and welfare queens are the cause of all the misery in my life and i don't need any evidence to prove it.

  11. arthur vanis says:

    well said.

  12. arthur vanis says:

    this guy doesn't mention anything specific about this person on welfare,what does he know about this persons situation?assumptions like this are veiled bigotry and racism.

  13. RonPaulKicksAss says:

    The caller was upset because he works, and he was wondering why he should continue. If he can get enough money to cover his mortgage, and get food stamps to feed his family, why should he have go to work? What if everyone who works feels the same way? Maybe we should all quit our jobs, and let the Federal Reserve print up some more worthless cash to give us all food stamps and welfare.

  14. Jeff Fowler says:

    I heard this on the radio, too! Something I wont be able to do in less than a month in Seattle.

  15. airthrow says:

    Because there is no such thing as 1900 a month in free money in perpetuity, Paulbot. But you knew this and it suits your political outlook to spew lies like this to undermine the social safety net for those that need it.

  16. blunty gagnon says:

    You're incoherent. You're somehow saying that by telling someone that people game the welfare system, i'm saying rich people and corps aren't scamming the system? Then you say i'm ignorant and you claim that the vast majority of people aren't gaming the system. Any proof? Empirical proof would be nice, but do you have any? Methinks not.

  17. Radix Malorum says:

    Except he can't, and he knows he is talking out his ass. He already admitted he knows NOTHING about the welfare system and his entire story is completely heresay with no factual details whatsoever.

    He's provided no name, no details under welfare in which his fantasy story is remotely possible.

    It's typical transparent idiotic rightwing talking points.

  18. RepublicOfMatagorda says:

    Callers best friend is a cop. 'Nuff said.

  19. Greg Homan says:

    @RonPaulKicksAss I agree that the Fed is a scam. I also agree with worthless cash as I agree that cash itself does not hold any real value and in the future will not be the commodity used in trade. However, the agreement stops right about there. You can't live on welfare.

  20. Greg Homan says:

    @blunty gagnon Sure they are. However, they're not poor as they are making too much money off of the system to be defined as being part of the poor. They are considered middle class or more often rich, as a lot of people who are rich (such as Romney) pay very low tax rates. My parents aren't rich by any means due to costs we have to pay that most families don't, but they still qualify for the 35% tax bracket, which is insane.

  21. judyleasugar97 says:

    I've known people who had to go on welfare. It is a miserable existence with no privacy because the county considers everything you do its business. This guy doesn't know how many kids this woman has to take care of either. Whatever they give a person isn't enough for basic subsistence.

  22. J M2064 says:

    I'm willing to guarantee the caller is behind on his child-support payments and thinks he shouldn't have to pay ANYTHING because "she's a bitch." I'd lay money on it.

  23. InquisitorJarvin says:

    the private sector is who sends the jobs to india

  24. David Abraham says:

    Almost 2 grand a month? Uh uh! Sorry! This guy is deluded. He doesn't know what he's talking about.

  25. ThriceThursday says:

    50% of welfare recipients are Mexican?

  26. Anglynn74 says:

    why do people assume that everyone on welfare doesn't work? My husband and I are both working taxpayers with jobs & we are on food stamps, we work 7 days a week, between the two of us we have 3 jobs, without the food stamps we'd have no food. We also depend on heating assistance for without it we'd go cold. We don't want to live like this but for the time being until we can get toi a better place financially this helps. Anyone who thinks those on welfare don't work is simply naive,

  27. cmbsoldja says:

    Well at least he admitted that he didn't know anything about public assistance. He should ask more questions rather than just assume ish. And no way in hell that chick is getting a $1900 public housing voucher, lol….

  28. Bob Hope says:

    The majority of welfare losers don't want to work and if they were given a job they would rather sit home then work ,,they have no self pride. Or self respect ,, I personally have three different jobs to support my family ,, but these losers who Instead of finding a job and trying to make a better life for themselves and their family they choose to take the easy path… if they don't care about themselves then why should I care about them…

  29. Jeff Ruffner says:

    He's an asshole, I can't wait till this country goes bankrupt………

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