Canine Liver Disease | Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments | Dr. Bill’s Pet Nutrition

Canine Liver Disease | Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments | Dr. Bill’s Pet Nutrition

Canine liver disease is dangerous but
can be treated and managed. Hello, I’m Doctor Bill Barnett. The liver is an important organ for your dog. It helps with digestion and blood clotting. It also removes toxins from the system. When it malfunctions or becomes diseased, it can make your best friend very sick. Symptoms of canine liver disease that
you need to be aware of include: Loss of appetite, weakness, weight loss, vomiting or diarrhea, increased thirst an unstable walk, increased urination, confusion, jaundice (thats yellowish eyes tongue, and gums) blood in the urine or stools, seizures, and ascites (a build up of fluid in the belly). Causes of liver disease may include: simple wear and tear from aging, genetics, infections, trauma, ingestion of toxic plants, molds, or herbs heartworm infection, diabetes,
pancreatic issues, long-term use of painkillers, and fatty foods. To learn more about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of liver problems read the full report on canine liver
disease that accompanies this video. To help your dog get better and protect
against disease, I encourage you to click on the optimum nutrition link. You’ll
find videos and articles about how to choose the best food and supplements for your dog, especially if your pet has something like liver disease that weakens its immune system.

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6 thoughts on “Canine Liver Disease | Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments | Dr. Bill’s Pet Nutrition

  1. funky hum says:

    Good work sir make more

  2. End me says:

    My dog has been having seizures, is it somewhat connected to the liver failure?

  3. nikki basran says:

    My dog is 4 year old and his sgpt is 124 in blood report we done… Is it normal?what should I do… Please tell me he will be fine

  4. Toni Gray says:

    My dog died today..

    He was a 5 pound dog and the disease made him lose two. He usually has a temp of 101 and had one of 96. Hes had all the symptoms…

  5. Frank says:

    my 15y old dog started a year ago with some kind of seizures . He was lying down quietly and suddenly jumped up like a needle pinched him. He then running around clueless and start shiffering and shaking which last hours and he is hiding under the bed. I took a video and went to the vet the next day, showed him the video and he suggested to give him Amnitriptilin 50mg at night. I did and after a few weeks he stopped getting this seizures until last week. Same happened , he jumped up and start shaking uncontrolable , i sat with him on my lap all night until he eventually stopped after 5h. Next day vet again, this time he took blood and called me later that day saying that my dog has high ALT 594 and ALP 1971 (maybe the other way around) 125U/L 212U/L should be the max. He told me to stop Amnitriptiline and gave me Antibiotics , Denamarine and Royal canine Hepatic food , after 10 days another blood test but its almost the same . He now wants more tests, scans liver samples etc i paid already £350 ($400) so far and cant affort anymore tests ……..what can i do ???

  6. Resh Rehesh says:

    There are several factors in treating kidney disease naturally. One resource I found that successfully combines these is the Jaylands kidney kit (google it if you're interested) definately the most helpful guide that I have ever seen. look at all the super information .

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