Carbohydrates – Huel Nutrition

Carbohydrates – Huel Nutrition

Another group of macronutrients is
carbohydrate or carbs. Now structurally these are mono, di, and oligosaccharides
which are the short chain or polysaccharides which are the long chain
ie the complex carbs but we don’t usually use these terms when talking
about what we eat because they’re complicated terms. We usually use the
term glycemic index or GI. Now you might have heard this term before it’s useful
but does have its limitations. It was originally devised around the early
1980s for diabetics so they can control what sort of the amount of carbohydrate they have in each food. But it’s used quite a lot in for discussing diets so for weight loss
or sports nutrition. High GI foods, high glycemic index
are you sugary foods and your junk foods and your low GI foods are things like basmati rice whole wheat pasta, granary bread, oats, sweet potatoes even boil
new potatoes amongst a number of other carbohydrate foods. The low GI foods are
often but not always high in fiber and provides a rich source of nutrition
these should form the basis of each meal and we should be trying to avoid a high
GI sugary foods whenever possible. It really should just be treat food. GI does
have its limitations, firstly it only tells you about the blood sugar level it
doesn’t tell you anything about the blood insulin levels. Insulin is the
hormone that controls your blood sugar levels. The second limitation is foods
have seasonal variation and the age of the crop can affect the GI for example
maize has a low GI whereas sweet corn has a higher GI and another limitation is we
don’t eat carbohydrate foods on their own
in practical terms we eat food as meals along with other different foods
proteins and veg and other things and the whole GI of that meal could be very
different. However GI does give a good idea of this
of the speed of when we eat foods for causing a
blood glucose level increase. So like I said the low GI fibrous foods should form the
basis of your diet and try and cut down on those sugary junk foods

Daniel Yohans

2 thoughts on “Carbohydrates – Huel Nutrition

  1. The SuperBike Tour says:

    I started on Huel 2 weeks ago mainly because it's so hard to find the right foods to get all the nutrition I need, especially if eating out at Pret, Coffee Shops, Bakery, Subway etc

    I was also spending £20 to £30 a day eating out so wanted to try something quicker and gave me the nutrition I needed.

    I think one down side is the branding of Huel as it's not different from a protein drink but it doesn't have the packaging which gives a psychological advantage.

    The flavours pack aren't that great but ok to try. It's much better mixed with a banana, berries, strawberries. I'm going to try more varieties.

    I found it gave me good even energy throughout the day and stopped my need for snacking or trips to the shops looking for food so productivity went up.

    It takes a bit of getting use to and I would say ideal from Breakfast and lunch with a main meal or normal food. Mixing in fruit makes it more interesting and even a scoop of vanilla protein powder made a big difference.

    Huel still has a 'weird' image about it not helped by the scientific looking packaging but if they fix this, I think the popularity and health of many people, especially those on low income or sports people would go up significantly

  2. Misty H says:

    Thanks for the informative and helpful videos. Your product looks amazing and very healthy.
    Do you have information regarding hypothyroidism, leaky gut and carbs diet? I know gluten and dairy free diet is advised.

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