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This is Nancy, she is a Care Management Nurse This is Sue, she is a Healthcare Executive Nancy and Sue both face problems They are utilizing multiple inefficient software systems to care for their patients. This causes a wide variety of challenges, including, manual data entry, inefficient workflows, reporting difficulties, accreditation failure, and possible regulatory penalties Luckily! TCS is here to help! For more than 30 years, TCS has helped organizations become more efficient in their UM, CM, DM and Population health efforts by collating data flow in to one secure system. Improving software integration, streamlining workflows and enhancing the overall care management process. Developed from direct input from both clients and leading industry professionals TCS’s ACUITY Care Management Software is a highly configurable, member-centric, workflow platform which enables automation, stratification, centralization and data integrity for all care management programs. Our industry experienced team will guide you to the perfect solution, and support you as new business needs and challenges arise! Now Nancy can manage her time more efficiently and is happier at her job! While Sue has access to comprehensive data reports and can easily meet accreditation and industry standards! Fill out a contact us form on our website today, to request a demonstration. And like Nancy and Sue, find out how TCS’s ACUITY Care Management Software, can help you!

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