Centennial College: Healthcare Environmental Services Management

♫♪ MUSIC ♪♫ Alicia Duffus Bryant – Student: While I was looking to switch from business to health care, just by accident came across Healthcare Environmental Services and it will take me into the field I want to go in to Karen Barnes – Faculty: Healthcare Environmental Services Management program or HESM, is a two year diploma
program. Centennial College is the only college that offers this program in Canada. Hammad Hussain – Student: Personally, as working at the hospital, I have seen some practices that were not being performed correctly by other workers. So, here in this program you’ve been taught the proper techniques. There’s many industry specific courses like infection control, the students will be able to identify bacteria viruses, the super bugs that are you
in the industry. We have to first know what type of infection it is and what type of cleaning products, what kind of chemicals to use, and also the main thing what they are teaching us here is we’re trying to use Eco-friendly products instead of the chemical that are harmful to the environment. There is Glo Germ that we use, using a black light, you would be able to identify if the surfaces are being cleaned properly So, there are two placements. The first placement the students won’t go once a week to a healthcare environment, to job
shadow the environmental staff. So, get to know housekeeping, the laundry, and the maintenance of the building and follow the operative staff to learn those positions. The second year placement, they job
shadow the managers, the environmental managers for five days a week, for seven weeks, so they actually get hands on of what the managers roles and responsibilities are within the
healthcare environment. Well, the first placement I shadowed
the front line workers which were the housekeepers and the laundry aids in a long term care
facility. At that point I got an opportunity to
really see what we were learning in class as it relates
to the real world environment. We already have one set of graduates
that have gotten jobs in the industry so it’s very nice to see that we also have industry contacting us recognizing that we have this program, so
they’re accommodating them on placement as well as hiring them for, summer jobs or junior positions. ♫♪ MUSIC ♪♫

Daniel Yohans

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