Chaka Khan – Hello Happiness

Chaka Khan – Hello Happiness

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Chaka Khan – Hello Happiness

  1. S Vlaski says:

    Chaka did that. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Aurora Violet says:

    Love you!!!!

  3. Frank Biester says:

    very great song

  4. Bag Lady says:

    Wow wig flew. Chaka funky Queen. Love this production

  5. Bill C says:

    Not crazy about the video, but I like the song.

  6. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc. says:

    reminds you of her I feel for you era.

  7. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc. says:

    queen of black sensuality. thank you.

  8. Caline Mpl says:

    I love Chaka

  9. Tatiana Owens says:

    I love her!!!!!! I just did a cover live…. its on my channel come check it out!

  10. sakra vong says:

    how cunning trap is designed to catch police within police is amazing and are even more with wife catch husband red-hande, and a man got trapped with phonebooth. This vid got high indeed. 🤩🤩

  11. Ambre GILBERT-DESVALLONS says:

    Hi guys, the introduction of this song (from 0.00 to 0.15) reminds me of a famous EDM song from the 2000's… These three musical notes were repeated throughout the song and a guy is singing… Anyone for this ?

  12. Mr writer says:

    No me entiendo El video

  13. F. Herumusu says:

    Wow! That producer is a genius, bringing Chaka Khan straight from the 70ies to 2019 without sounding or looking fake or outdated. What a groove (is that Native Instruments/Scarbees sampled Music Man Bass?), what a video. The kids won't probably even remember what a phone booth is …

  14. Kevin Fuk The Token Evil Teammate says:

    This song should be in GTA 6.

  15. Frank Laurant says:

    Viva Chaka

  16. j37h3r says:

    Can't wait to see you at Summerfest 2019 in Milwaukee!

  17. Music Music Music says:

    this is fab..

  18. Iloti Mutoka says:

    Chaka Khan = Legend.

    There ain't no question.

  19. João Silva says:

    WOw. what a great video, and song, and singer. Luv you Chaka!!

  20. KO Doom says:

    This video was so impressively entertaining… so many individual stories linked to that one telephone booth. Shows how complex the simple, inanimate things in life can be transformed into when the human presence is involved.

  21. rootscak says:

    Mashitop !!!

  22. エリカ; eri says:

    I'm in love with that song. I love Chaka khan. she's the best! 💕

  23. Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX} says:

    Amazing song and very creative music video. 🙂

  24. Paulo Bernini says:


  25. Эмма Шарапова says:

    I love Chaka Khan so much! I was trying to find their new album to receive for free, and after two weeks i have found it. YOU can download it by opening the link CHAKA. IHACK. CO (without spaces)

  26. Joe Jones says:

    Empress Chaka Khan…Your make me happy with your voice…

  27. Phase 5 Records says:

    Thank you Chaka, your vocals have inspired our artist.

  28. Vixemariamoda says:

    I'm really not prepared for this, Wow!! Relevant as ever, and still ahead of this time, 2019.

  29. BIGROCKER620 says:

    Missed this. Love it!!! Great to see Chaka with something HOT in 2019!!!

  30. elvia gomez says:

    Music makes me sing
    Goodbye sadness

    Hello happiness

    Music makes me sing

    Goodbye sadness

    Hello happiness

    Music makes me sing

    Goodbye silence

    Hello happiness (hello!)

    Music makes me sing

    Goodbye silence (I'm so happy, yeah)

    Hello happiness

    It moves my body

    Yeah, it frees my mind

    There ain't no question

    Ooh, it makes me high

    If you're feelin' unsure

    I've got your cure

    This music is yours

    And this beat is mine (hello)

    It moves my body

    Yeah, it frees my mind

    There ain't no question (I'm so happy)

    Ooh, it makes me high

    If you're feelin' unsure

    I've got your cure

    This music is yours

    And this beat is mine

    Music makes me sing

    Goodbye silence (hello happiness)

    Hello happiness

    Music makes me sing

    Goodbye silence (take me back to the dance floor, baby)

    Hello happiness (I wanna dance tonight)

    Music makes me sing

    Goodbye silence (I wanna dance)

    Hello happiness

    Take me back to the dance floor

    So I can dance away my blues

    Love is what I'm here for

    So don't give me no bad news

    Take me back to the dance floor

    So I can dance away my blues

    Love is what I'm here for

    So don't give me no bad news

    It moves my body

    Yeah, it frees my mind (goodbye!)

    There ain't no question (goodbye, sadness)

    Ooh, it makes me high

    If you're feelin' unsure

    I've got your cure (I wanna dance, wanna dance)

    This music is yours (wanna dance, wanna dance, wanna dance)

    And this beat is mine

    It moves my body

    Yeah, it frees my mind

    There ain't no question

    Ooh, it makes me high (to the dance, to the dance floor!)

    If you're feelin' unsure (to the dance floor, baby!)

    I've got your cure

    This music is yours

    And this beat is mine

    (I can dance away my blues)

    Dance away my blues

    I wanna dance away my blues

    Music makes me sing

    Goodbye sadness

    Hello happiness

  31. Fernando Contreras says:


  32. Ronald Elston says:


  33. Missy May says:

    This is Chaka Khan…
    You're listening to Hello Happiness"… 👊

  34. Martin Jönsson says:

    She is a Queen.

  35. Harry P says:

    Check out "Armand Van Helden – You Don't Know Me" for a moment….. (Chaka = ❤)

  36. Marios Liasides says:

    Chaka is still on top and still setting standards and trends

  37. Asife Entertainment says:

    The fukkn joint. Luvvit. —-Q—-

  38. Amenace Rhoc says:

    🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🎁 On My Birthday 🎩⚡

  39. Jeffrey Walsby says:

    Chakha is one of my favorite Anerican, female performers and singers of all time. What an incredible singing artists.

  40. Raitis Menkins says:

    Amazing music <3 <3 <3

  41. mrjomaled says:

    downloaded the CD as soon as I read about it, even without listening to a track first. I just knew it would exceed my expectations…and IT DID!!! Hello…Chaka Khan..welcome back diva!!

  42. baaloulou says:

    Why Mrs. Chaka khan name sounds indian?

  43. Mutha Mucka says:

    Gosh, I've slept on my Chaka collection for a while, this single like the other recent one really signal a fresh era. this has got a real laid back early 80's r'n'b feel. Yes, it's retro, but it's done well, has a great groove. Nice to see the team creating the promo have made a beautifully stylised short which homages the 70's. MORE CHAKA!!!!

  44. Cocopuss 78 says:

    A legend and a Icon at the same damn time!

  45. John Manis Dimos says:

    She really can adapt to current music trends. What a legend. Such an iconic artist.

  46. Tooba Tr says:

    Chaka Khan rules. Artists today should take note ❤

  47. Laundru Patton says:

    I love her music I like her sexyness. But this video was terrible. I could have did better than this. Saved money on all these actors or utilize them in a different way. I'm just saying.

  48. Adrien Colle says:

    Sam Wilkes nailed the bassline


    She's gonna be in Nashville tn Sept 22,2019. I'm GETTING backstage passes. I have been TRYING to get to be a background singer for her since I was 25. How can I reach her

  50. Eggy Noggy says:

    Damn… Did Tarintino direct this video? WOW!

  51. Butterfly says:


  52. Loretta De Herrera says:

    Love this…💘 💘 💘…💘 💘..jamming..

  53. Robert Gilbert says:

    Sugar has a back beat too that is just…on !

  54. Sarah StayPaid says:

    This shit go hard

  55. Keffra Bey says:


  56. Carla Morales says:

    WHOAAA this is lit !

  57. OUT.OF.THE.BOX.ROBOT says:

    Andrew Yang in a Chaka Khan video?! Wow…politics really is everywhere…LOL

  58. love4lust7301 says:

    I see that phone booth have a lot of stories to tell

  59. Righteous One says:

    She hasn't aged a bit…. Black don't crack unless you smoke….

  60. juan pablo Vanderkerkoff says:


  61. Absolutely Jamaican says:

    Love this…. Sexy vibe….


    buen video

  63. The King of Nerds says:

    Real music by a Real artist!👍🏾
    Hello Happiness!!

  64. Ranulfo Sosa says:

    OMG! Yeah!

  65. ALEX Mogollon says:

    I Love Chaka Khan 🙂 una delicia para los oídos👂💓

  66. RyanKendrickTV says:


  67. Virginie Melin says:

  68. Gary Barradas says:

    so cool

  69. Anthony Dyal says:

    Chaka Khan this song is dope keep making new music I love it

  70. Ray Gayton says:

    Chaka is and will always be the real deal.

  71. Rod Field says:

    OOOOOhhhh this has soooo much funk it's sending me back, back in time to the carwash

  72. BboyzInTheHood says:


  73. Miguel Carvalho says:

    It really sounded familiar! This song uses samples from Armand Van Helden's 1998 music "You don't know me"

  74. l grijalva palmisano says:

    The Queen of funk-disco-hip-hop has come to reclaim her crown and give us all funksters some musical hope

  75. Cherie Grant Johnson says:

    well that was a trip, just found this after Sugar, Chaka you look and sound amazing…

  76. joeydegraaff says:

    Jezus christ my ears those screams and everything terrible

  77. Jan Sowa says:

    thank u

  78. Alex Werdin says:

    I love that she had Ariana grande sample in this song

  79. Dennis Ramos says:

    Brazilians here ?

  80. Dennis Ramos says:

    BRs cadê vocês ?

  81. Audrey Rivers says:

    That just took me back to my childhood in the 70’s. 💗💗Chaka Khan💗💗

  82. Róbert Èvi says:


  83. nirvalina Angi says:


  84. danman powerup says:

    I may be enjoying this song for the wrong reason, but I really do love that cool electronic xylophone noise.

  85. Jeff's shop says:

    Great job auntie when can I come over

  86. Rynell Hylton says:


  87. Rynell Hylton says:

    King of kings bless Chaka khan

  88. Rynell Hylton says:

    U do song wid popcaan say a prayer

  89. bgbreakdown says:

    Dayum!!! Chaka Khan is killin' it!!!

  90. Happy Gut, Happy Life says:

    Always love that funky beat, it picks me up!

  91. Stefan agapciuc says:

    still funky

  92. richy rick says:


  93. ngashjr says:

    Imagine a Chaka Khan and Jamiroquai collabo.

  94. Angelina Joseph says:

    Hell yeah who’s jamming ?

  95. saint monalisa says:


  96. Arth Wandr. says:

    more you watch more you discover

  97. Stacy Rosman says:

    Chaka Khan,
    With all my love and gratitude to you I will be right back You are not going to believe this Chaka Khan, unfortunately the letter I wrote you went to the next song while I was in the middle of writing the letter which is extremely important. Your next song came on. I’m trying to figure out how I. My name is Stacy Rosman and it’s quite a story it’s funny, it’s cute, it’s endearing. Oh well it is here.
    Oh it’s going to be hard to rewrite the whole thing. I must get back to the copy that I made and I will be right back here to re-write this note to you. Warmly, Stacy Rosman
    By the way with much gratitude always to you.

  98. Alvaro Nuñez Garcia says:

    Fuck Yeah Guys! So cool i love your newold school stile. When are you in Close to Spain?

  99. F. Herumusu says:

    That producer is a genius! Bringing the 70ties to 2019, without sounding old. And that scream at 2:54 … I get goosebumps; That's how a deeply hurted soul sounds. Beside a clean 2019 production that song is soooo dirty and groovy: I can smell the sweat form that cheap polyester shirts ans suits.

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