Chasing HAPPINESS versus Chasing MONEY – Let’s Talk About It

Chasing HAPPINESS versus Chasing MONEY – Let’s Talk About It

– I don’t think there’s anything
wrong with chasing money. I just think that it’s usually the quickest way not to get it. (soothing music) Did you consider not going as rogue as quitting and going all in? Did you consider the practicality of 6:00 pm to three in the morning? – [Man] No. – I’m actually just curious. There’s no judgment or like, I’m only collecting data, because I’m fascinated
by the practicality of it and the fear that I have when people make. I want everybody to do what you did, if they can do it. And my fear is a lot can’t, and that there’s a more practical way than going from zero to 100, though some people have to go zero to 100, because if they’re half pregnant, they’ll never do it. It’s a completely
interesting matrix, right? – [Man] Gary, is it that
they can’t or they won’t? – Please, There’s a lot of things going on. I think first of all the reason
I push so much on judgment, is the biggest fear I have is that, he won’t because, you know, one of the things I found, when I look at them its
interesting, I’m like, “Oh, it’s good ’cause I
wonder how much he’s driving, “hyping him to get the team there.” Like, you need optimism and hype to jump. Guys kissing a girl or boy, jumping or riding a bike, going in a pool, I’ve become fascinated with these three events. As children because you
really look at it, it’s hype. Like I remember hyping
buddies in sixth grade be like dude you can kiss her. Like hyping, (group laughs)
like hyping. Or when looking at friends
or the hype I needed to like, I was scared shitless to swim, or ride a bike or like hype. Like taking a jump. You know, at the same token like, you know, like sometimes the
dude went in for the kiss and she rejected him, and
he was crippled a decade. (group laughs) You know a lot of people
will fail in business, and so I’m unbelievably, you thirty years ago, had
no choice, you had to jump. You do have a choice now, depending on the business you choose. If you open a health and wellness, if you open a gym, you physically gotta be there. You can’t, but if you’re doing content, or information or you can use content to set up a grand opening
that will win in three years. I’m just, it it’s asked
literally just for data of how you got there. The other thing I’m a big believer in is, getting people to not feel
like it’s a scarlet letter, if they lose. Something nobody talks about at all, is your scenario, you jump, it fails. You reset and go back, and
get a job in the craft that you had because of your resume. And you restart in four years from now. America’s pretty good at looking at losses in a positive way, compared to other parts of the world where it’s like a true
scarlet letter, death forever. But still even here you
know people don’t know when to go back from their jump because they don’t want
the loss on the resume. They made the big to do, “You’re gonna do it!” Now it doesn’t work, and what they do is they
triple down into debt, to look good in front of people. – [Woman] But, what of it did and you never jumped to find out? – You’re preaching! That I want. You’ve already done that. I’m actually talking about the next part, which is having the options to know that the game is super long. When you go from ice cold, when you go from never having a business to having a business, that’s like only asking me, I’m asking you to right now
qualify for Wimbledon in Tennis. It’s a lot harder than people think. You’re grown, you two are grown. I’m not trying to suppress by the way. I’m talking about the
practicality of options. I love that we live in a world, I’m trying to get people
to really understand how to win this. So much of my success is
completely predicated on not worrying about all my loses, which means at times, you know my great loses
are the things I passed on. Maybe I should’ve done Sharktank. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe not? I don’t think I should’ve done it. Not this late in, I think I’ll do my own thing. But I could like (mumbles). I mean I didn’t invest in Uber when I could’ve made four
hundred million dollars. I mean that’s a loss. But like all the things that
I’ve done are things that I can’t see what the outcome. Let me tell you how the Uber
thing might’ve not been a loss. On black and white paper
if I gave Travis the money, like I always was doing at that time, I would’ve made 300, 400
million dollars on paper. What if I had invested in Uber and that led me to giving a speech in India based on it, right? And I got hit by a bus and died. Like I don’t, people are just so… they don’t understand. I’m so happy right now. How can I possibly… You don’t know what
life’s going to bring you. Life’s complicated, and
way more matrixed out. And that’s why, I’m
gonna start pushing this. I said it for the first time
really heavily up there, like the ROI, winning in
life is happiness, not money. People are just so, you know? What I’m most happy and about, is if you just love the process. Loving the process, loving the debates in the kitchen. – [Woman] That’s not about
separating that though. – It’s great I believe you. I believe you your vibe seem good. I think that’s huge. To me, it’s time and talent. The reason I love hard
work, is it’s controllable. It’s hard for me to be
like, be more talented! (chuckles) You know like that seems like when people are like, “You push hard.” You know a lot of politically correct, over extreme European points of view, get mad at me. “Gary, it’s unhealthy, you can’t.” “Gary V, you can’t go to the
grave with all your money.” I’m like, “Dude, I’m not
talking about money.” And I don’t feel like
it’s work when I love it. Maybe you don’t like your job as much. – [Woman] Is it wrong
to be driven by money? – I don’t think I can judge anything. I think the question becomes
what the next thing is? To me it’s like… What? (faintly speaking) – Correct. Correct, but I also think that
people confuse the vehicle. So, I think people don’t
often get the right vehicle for their destination. You’re right; it’s a vehicle. Now my question is,
“What’s your destination?” And if you told me it was down the street, I’d tell you to fucking walk, not drive a Lamborghini. So I don’t think it’s
an evil or it’s wrong, I think people are confused
to why they try to amass it, and for what? Like how much do you wanna make? Its arbitrary. What’s it based on? Like, we have to unwind what’s
been pushed in our heads. You know, 20, 50, 70, Q, four, nine, six, what. To me my big one is, “Can I do what I want to do everyday?” I was doing that running the liquor store, and I was making 57. I was happy as fuck! I’m no more happy today, than I was at 22. I was pumped. I was on a mission to
build a family business so big so that everybody
on earth would always say I did the right thing
by my parents and the way they did to me. I don’t think there’s anything
wrong with chasing money. I just think that it’s
usually the quickest way, not to get it. I really believe that. I really do. I think when I watch people
that are driven by money, I see a lot of unhappiness and failure. It’s very common. I think the question is why? What do you need? And do you have a sense of that? Because by the way it evolves. What he needed at 24 is
different than what he needs now. And him and me. You know, so it evolves too. If we did the happy meter here, I promise you it’s the people that are doing what they wanna be doing. Like to me I couldn’t
explain to you enough and I have upmost empathy for the cynicism around this statement. It’s unbelievable how
much I don’t like money. I like the game. I love my game. I love the game of building shit. It’s why building you
know a legacy is the best ’cause its like triple
compounding valuable right? I love the admiration. I talk a lot about loving Rocky VI because he goes back
to not having anything. I talk about it a lot, it’s the same reason I was selling baseball cards on Saturday. I was selling baseball
cards on Twitter on Saturday for fifty bucks for a stack of cards. I love the game of growing. You know, like, to me the
best part is the beginning. I love the thrill of the chase. I wake up at six o’clock in the morning and go garage saling because there is nothing like pulling up literally, to this day I can’t replicate the high of going to a garage sale. Walking into a yard of junk and finding something for a dollar that I know I can sell on
Ebay for seventeen bucks is a bigger happiness high than closing a six million
dollar account for Vayner. And it’s not even close. That’s what I want for everybody because that’s how they get the 20. I believe that. I really do. So, I think the fear I
have with chasing money is its short term behavior. And it leads to a lot of negativity. Even for the people that achieve it. That’s why optimism more often works. You know, it does. But I do think you need to be thoughtful about the chasing the money thing. It will lead to a loss in the macro. I believe that. I could be wrong. But that is my official point of view. And I have watched it way too much. (soothing music)

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