Core Exercise: Plank

Core Exercise: Plank

Begin by lying on your stomach.
Place your elbows below your shoulders, the hands with the
palms on the ground, and onto your toes. This will create a
straight line from the shoulders to the heels. Hold this position
for approximately 10 seconds. If you are able to maintain this
posture and hold longer, you may do so. If you begin to lose
posture by dipping down or rolling side-to-side, then
you have performed this for too long. The key here is to
maintain good posture for as long as you are able to. Take
the amount of time you are able to hold the position
and complete however many repetitions you need to add
up to 60 seconds. This may be either four sets of 15 seconds,
three sets of 20 seconds, or even six sets of 10 seconds. If
this is too difficult for you, you can perform this exercise by
placing your knees on the ground and arms in the same position,
and again holding for an accumulated total of 60
seconds with good posture.

Daniel Yohans

7 thoughts on “Core Exercise: Plank

  1. Móüñíkã Råj says:

    What if I feel pain in my backpain while doing this

  2. Hanna Mad says:

    How many times for 60 seconds?

  3. I love Islam says:

    Kia plank k duran shoes phenana zaruri hn

  4. vandana sharma says:

    How to breathe during dis posture ?

  5. bava ram says:

    Is this for after delivery?

  6. bava ram says:

    May i know timing or counting and breathing procedure?

  7. Salma Mumtaz says:

    can c sec moms do tht ???

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