Core Exercise: Side Plank

Place your elbow below your
shoulder after lying on your side, creating a straight line
from your bottom shoulder to your feet, maintaining good
posture. Hold this position for 10 seconds. If you start to have
poor posture, such as rolling forward, rolling backward,
or letting your hip sag, discontinue the exercise. If
you’re able to maintain good posture for more than 10
seconds, that is great! We are looking for an accumulation of
approximately 60 seconds of time holding this position with good
posture. Ten seconds is fine; just repeat these six times. If
you can hold it for longer, it could be four sets of 15
seconds, or three sets of 20 seconds–as long as you reach
one minute. If you are looking for more of a challenge with
this exercise, again, maintain the posture–straight line from
your shoulders to your feet–and then raise your top foot six to
12 inches above your other foot and hold that for two seconds
before returning to the original position. This can be
completed 10 times.

Daniel Yohans

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