Cyanide & Happiness Compilation – #12 Revised

Cyanide & Happiness Compilation – #12 Revised

All right Ms. Henry, You should be completely healed from your surgery. Are you ready to remove the bandages and have a look at your new face? *muffled Mmhmm *tears off bandages Ah yes. You look perfect. Here, see for yourself. (holy fucking shit) (awkwarrrrd) *fart *opens desk What do you have in there William?! *tense music Well William, you better have enough to share with the WHOLE CLASS. *sweat dripping down like Logan Paul lactating out of his nipples *flips open desk *boom Ahh. He’s making learning fun. Ahhh… So this is it. Off to our new home behind bars. Are you nervous? You know about the…. cell mates? And the… showers? And the… Nah, nah. I’m not nervous. I have a plan. Plan, huh? That’s right, all right. First thing I’m gonna do, is find the biggest, meanest looking guy there, and beat him up real good. Before you know it, BLAM-ee! Instant respect! Quiet down! BOTH of you! *deep breath *gasps Muaaa, ah! Buh buh buh buh BAH! Hey! That guy just beat up Big Hug Bill! But, but Big Hug Bill is the nicest guy in the prison! Let’s beat and rape him! (oh lord) Awwwww! Hey there! Boys and girls! Whoa! Whoa, what? Who are you? I’m Winston! The whistely, wise worm! And I’m here to show you how the magical greeting can pull you in to a brand new world! Wow! What do you mean? I’ll show you! Let’s gooooo! *ding Why, imagine we’re going to live hap-pily ever after…… I know this will be hard to understand right now, but Little baby Ellie is in a better place (nooo) (why Explosm) We might not see, or understand it right now. But it’s all part of God’s plan. BABY GHOST!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!! Yep. All part of God’s plan. Is the plan over yet? IT’S NEVER OVER Sorry. God’s plan. *spins Hm! On to the plan it goes! Boys! It’s time for dinner! Aww! I hate dinner! What about dinner – IN A TUBE?! Haha! Oh yeah! Scrubaducious! Introducing – dinner on the GO! Whoa, whoa, WHAT did you say? Uhhh… nothing! Scrumpadoo – Aghhh!!! Oh my god are you okay? (he’s def not ok kid are you blind) Is he gonna make it? I…. I don’t know How… How is he? I’m sorry boys. It looks like he’s going to be in a coma for the rest of his life. Unconscious in bed…. Eating out of a tube… *muffled talking *gasp That was just a reflex. Hey, quit it! I don’t want to have to breathe in your fil-thy smo-ke. *taps out cigarette Ok, good. *upbeat mu-sic ♪ Alright. We got three more babies, coming up. One for you. And one for you. Aaaaand one for you. (WHAT NOOOO) GOD-DAMN PELICANSSS Get out of here, pelican! Gah, you fucking winging piece of shit! Fuckin’ bird! Stop fighting you guys! OHHHHH!!!! Fuck you! World Star! World Star! Ohoho, I did it, I finally did it! Ok, ok, son, if you’re out there, and you’ll see in this video, I want you back in my life! I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you as a kid, but I want to fix that. I’m in Michigan, son! Please look me up! World Star! World Star, son! (yay! :D) *knocking on door Dad? (:D) Mah son! Ohhhh…. *heartbreaking music ♪ (jazzy, ominous music ♪ I will now consult the crystal ball to see your future. Ah, yes, ye-e-es. It is all clear to me now. What is it, fortune lady? Tell me what you see! Oooh, I see a large, beautiful house. Yes, it is Christmas time! There is a beautiful tree outside, covered in snow! That’s a snow globe. Ohoho, my goodness. Ahahaha, haha, haha, what a, you know what, that was just being dumb. Here, let me try my OTHER crystal ball. Oh, yes. I can see it now! Well? Oh! This does not look good! Fire, flames! This does not bode well with your future! That’s a candle. Aaaaand you’re insane. I’m outta here. *laughter What a quack. A candle? Unbelievable. *pop Hurry, now! We’ll be late for the opera! *bang bang *sobbing I have to become what I fear most! *bang bang *whistling, upbeat music ♪ *sad, depressing music ♪ *upbeat, whistling music ♪

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Cyanide & Happiness Compilation – #12 Revised

  1. smilelastawhile says:

    0:48 captions WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK???

  2. GreenGamer [IDV Player] says:

    1:39 Did you all see that its señior cleanfist

  3. OctOwO says:

    13:25 when your rich relative dies

  4. Husain Saffar says:

    9:07 it looks like Final Destination

  5. Husain Saffar says:

    4:22 This is not even a REAL God

  6. Yung Trapazoid says:

    I knew God was a fraud but I wasn't expecting that

  7. Yung Trapazoid says:


  8. Yung Trapazoid says:


  9. Furiosity III says:

    We just gonna senor cleanfist at 1:39

  10. Matko Seretin says:

    Great videos and can u give me free samsung galaxy note 10 +

  11. Snappy says:

    The Winston one would’ve been less scary if the newspaper’s story was “man wins 1,000,000 $!” But this is cyanide and happiness

  12. Mev Cilbox says:

    ‘Fist fight’ = INFINITE CHILDREN

  13. Pustiul Periculos says:

    This is me if i have guns

  14. Spicy Ramen says:

    On the one classroom just imagine that was a two floor building and all you hear is a bunch of thuds and screams

  15. Shadow Windz says:

    6:32 And This Is How You Lose A Baby During Pregnancy..

  16. Whole Wheat Gaming says:

    Fist fight was so beautiful and wholesome 😍

  17. [Deleted] says:

    7:30 Plot twist:

    Those ain't his kids

  18. astrx.mp3 says:

    Fist fight was actually really good


    Give the subititle person a raise. Dripping sweat like Milk of Logan Paul Nipples. Just how

  20. Jester says:

    Man explosmentertaiment staff must be high on special crack to produce these videos its so unpredictable

  21. ThePeopleOnTheCouch says:

    Warning: Not actually scrumpadoochous

  22. Ariana Layloni says:

    Guns and schools haven't aged well

  23. Saransh Gautam says:

    Am I the only one who's not a big fan of vomit, burp and fart sounds at the end of each clip?

  24. Jeziel García says:

    3:45 Solo cute :3 oh, wait…

  25. kamiyah latanh says:

    2:18 iT's EaRtHWoRm sAlLy SpReAd DIsEASeS TO FLoRIdA To CalL!!

  26. KrisGames07 says:

    Omg a 2 part after credit scene

  27. king X world says:

    ihave to become what i fear most….

  28. BABBY BOBABS says:

    the first one is like a funny take on the twilight zone

  29. EarthToAccess says:

    wait, hungertube is like, 2012 why is it on here wh

  30. Hope Beattie says:

    Winston the worms face is where his genitals are

  31. Th3 Fr0g says:

    You know the cartoons are old when their eyebrows are microscopic

  32. Louise Wallace says:

    Where the heck he just pulled a to charge his phone the dad was going to die just said that's God's plan wow

  33. X20REPER07_ 22 says:

    Classroom made me die😂😂🤣🤣😳😳

  34. Mintizz Z says:

    ⚫️ ⚫️


  35. Spacey Disc says:

    The dad's eyes in Winston the worm though…

  36. Rileybrasby2008_gaming says:

    Mah son! 7:34 with subtitles on

  37. WalkerBrosFilms says:

    I’ve had so many nightmares like when that demon girl shows up. A super loud scream and I die in dream and wake up

  38. Allie Cadet says:

    What the hell 😂 and what the fuck man give a like

  39. Brianna Brown 2 says:

    in the playlist what are the private videos

  40. blue writer says:

    2:37 this shirt "mega cute" 😍😂

  41. Ra fee says:

    I'm pretty sure the creator should be watching Dark web videos to ease his "unique" minf

  42. Memesterteenster 555 says:

    12:33 why is there a statue of Lenin in the background?

  43. Gregory, josh peck's cousin says:

    God's plan kinda sucked tho. Idk y they have to put stuff like that in it
    I hope explosm stops with all the propaganda crap

  44. Ura Bot says:

    Captions at 0:47 I’m dying🤣

  45. Levi ROBLOX says:

    Music by Lehmann? Oh I thought Jens Lehmann

  46. chrispbacon says:

    7:28 when the person in the video gets more likes than the person who made the video

  47. Colton D. TV says:

    Yo when we getting our Mega Mom origin episode? 2:12

  48. FBI Agent says:

    What happen if they said this to you…

    Let's beat him up and rape him!!

  49. Oof Kid says:

    1:05 y’all know why the black guys in da bck

  50. Tejada Dandridge says:

    who ever makes these have a dark sense of humor n I love it😂

  51. 2KINDY says:

    Fist fight was the only one that wasn’t bad or annipropriate

  52. Super Oscar World says:

    Green hill cemetery like green hill zone.

  53. platygetzkillz says:

    man dude, a 7 foot boner. Where do you come up with this stuff?

  54. jacuzzi 90 says:


  55. Nerf 1047 says:

    When am sad what do I do is watch some cyanide and happiness

  56. Dio Brando says:

    I don't know if I love or hate how they accurately depicted Michigan

  57. Erick Silvas says:

    Baby Ellie is in baby heaven

  58. Йордан Йорданов says:

    I apricate your videos , simple and deep , well done !!! I wish you more subscribers and fans !!! Keep the way !!!

  59. Sandra Knezevic says:

    Oh Jes he is

  60. Andres MoralesCabrera says:

    Isn’t the babe in 3:26 next to lil baby Ellie also a babe in one episode were there a guy who has cancer beachside his head is to big and he child come out a little distorted of like him with a big head

  61. iHieu DaEpicGamer says:

    Man I hate good endings

  62. 2KINDY says:

    Gods plan made me cry with the baby dying

  63. Chris Kringle says:

    I’m just imagining them in the writers room.
    Guy: “So after he gets back to his house from the psychic, it shows a bunch of fire hazards like electricity and stuff-“
    Other guy: “and he turns into a candle!”

  64. Level Up says:

    If feel bad for the mother of that guy in 'Junk mail' She lost her son

  65. SpotTugBoat 7057 says:

    Why did I feel so sad in the hunger tube one

  66. Liam Putnam says:

    13:30 I felt for that bird

  67. Nathan Lawrence says:

    First clip: + respect -respect +respect

  68. IPlayTheGames says:

    12:44 God’s plan

  69. Jahved Pine says:

    I pull up with a stiffy

  70. Locha Ngoyi says:


  71. Georgia Lodge says:


  72. Georgia Lodge says:

    Whoa, whoa What did you say
    Uhh nothing.

  73. Bonga Ntsonyana says:

    The last one was sad and weird

  74. Dekocon says:

    God must really hate kids

  75. Dekocon says:

    God must really hate kids

  76. Dekocon says:

    God must really hate kids

  77. Trevor Dickson says:


  78. DarknoorX says:

    Plot twist: that orphanage had a new hitler.

  79. easy building 16 says:

    Guns to a child worst theacher ever

  80. Student Joshua Jeffery says:

    13:30 was sad

  81. GEO the wolf says:

    Imma come up with my own and submit it

  82. Brandon Grady says:

    Nobody noticed Senor Clean 1:38 punching dishes clean, they only care about big hug Bill😭

  83. ItzSamzz says:

    Winston the worm is so fricking creepy
    I’ll never see works the same.

  84. Luinkman says:

    PLEASE watch with subtitles

  85. The Milkman says:

    7:49 when all your offline homies come back online

  86. Jonah Clarke says:

    It’s so dark….. I LOVE IT
    I’m sick, but this makes me so much happier I love it thank you! ALL PART OF GODS PLAN! 🙂
    Darkest part is 3:17 / gods plan SONG REFERENCE

  87. Conchita Obrar says:

    3:14 he just had louder noise

  88. Guinevere Baroque says:

    Big hug Bill was falsely accused and victim of cancel culture. Let's sign a petition for him to be freed.

  89. Ninjajack 64 says:

    When “fist fight” is one of the purest shorts

  90. Shukan says:

    Th bird is the only one that cared

  91. Kai Dwyer says:

    Cool dude, why’d ya have to scrump-a-ditch-us?

  92. Tiziano Grimm says:

    i mean who tf had the idea to do winston the worm

  93. Tiziano Grimm says:

    4:16 Drake be like

  94. Tiziano Grimm says:

    the pelican whas just….aaaah poor baby

  95. Tiziano Grimm says:

    6:45 killed me altough it’s reealy black humor

  96. Comrade Nikolai says:

    I actually cried on the fist fight one

  97. Orange says:

    RIP large penis man he will live in our hearts

  98. Iceykittengacha says:

    Me the entire video:🤣🤣🤨🤨😐😐

  99. Ryder Mclauchlin says:


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