Cyanide & Happiness Compilation – #24

Cyanide & Happiness Compilation – #24

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Cyanide & Happiness Compilation – #24

  1. Kelley Allen says:

    Hi I’m Jimmy William and I approve this message 🙂

  2. Dustin Shirley says:

    Holy frick! I'm hecking rich as flip!

  3. Gaming with hero’s says:

    Oh shit ghost rider

  4. Picklous cage 05 says:

    Can we see something impossible

  5. Russell Gore says:

    Where's our wall Jimmy Williams?

  6. Blixer The DJ says:

    Every boted games on roblox: 3:56

  7. Ntxoo Thoj says:

    0:28 What school does this guy goes to?

  8. AM BATMAN says:

    Has anyone ever seen HIS FACE

  9. Chase Garcia says:


  10. The digital guy says:

    For the winning lottery numbers can you make a part 2 where the dad dies

  11. IgoesOOF says:

    A wild Hellfire Scorpion has appeared……

  12. spring-trap plays aka William Afton says:

    Freak you Jimmy Williams I love the color blue

  13. the big Cheese says:

    If fart in a jar martin was in 4th grade in 1996 then he shouldn't even be in high school he should be 23 or 24 years old i just EXPOSED that fart in a jar martin is an idiot and failed almost all of his grades

  14. TheRedDeath says:

    Holy frick! I'm hecking rich as flip!

  15. Amor Bonito says:


  16. JDWhite112 says:

    10:09 that's how the tumble butts started

  17. Baissedmussel44 says:

    I’m a bad widdle boi

  18. Zackary Dawson says:

    That frog one made me laugh

  19. Halo 2 Elite Comrad says:

    "I'm a bad boy"
    – Jimmy William's
    I'm Not Jimmy William's And I Approve This Message.
    My Favorite 1 By Far: 4:22

  20. DeAnna says:

    "it was one time in the 4th grade!"

    – fart in a jar Martin

  21. Darkikoulol2540 says:


  22. milton eliud ruiz vazquez says:

    Los subtítulos en español de este video son una ofensa para los creadores….. mejor sin

  23. LEO ny says:

    Jimmy William is the next generation of north korean supreme leader

  24. Jax spring-trap cool says:

    This is the funniest thing in the world 😂😂😂😂

  25. TheJurassicWars says:

    9:25 WTF

  26. Mr A to Z says:

    I approve this video

  27. Matan Kazaz says:

    5:48 dirty cause it was up his but😂

  28. chrisdotdash says:


  29. KENTILOSZ Tobiasz says:

    Przynajmniej urwał zęba (: 0:41

  30. Austin Hacker says:

    0:42 ghost riders Christmas

  31. Henry Hughes says:

    Did anyone else see the shark poster at 12:04? Btw, it’s another one of their skits

  32. MEESINZ says:

    Must BE a MoNdAy

  33. Tralala Treele says:

    Jimmy willams could not make a law without it going to Congress even if he made an executive order he still would have to have it approved by Congress.Also Impeachment



  35. Shakira King says:

    F u jimmy Williams

  36. Hau Thang says:

    Jimmy Williams=Donald Trump

  37. Kaleb Rohrs says:

    I saw a tumblebutt in the caveman one

  38. Topazmeme Brown says:

    Tom Harrison is Obama
    Jimmy Williams is trump
    Boom bam 😏

  39. Lorisa Messersmith says:

    Jimmy Williams SUCKS!

  40. Macy Perrin says:

    It was only one time Martin

  41. Dazzle says:

    So Jimmy Williams is Justin Trudeau.

  42. Sam Foye says:

    It was Jimmy willams

  43. Hexzing Gaming says:

    I'm Jimmy Williams wait no sorry I meant to write Donald Trump.

  44. DJZ Bros says:

    Little kids: 0:58

  45. Rogerio Rodrigues says:

    Jimmy Williams = Bolsonaro (Brazil)

  46. gaming pro noname says:

    Don't swear kids

  47. Drew Hammer says:

    ExplosmEntertainment might go out of business now that people can sue channels

  48. HelpImStuckWithFrogs HEE says:


  49. Worst website says:

    Martin lied

  50. Some Random Gamer says:

    Man 1: “HEY! Wanna see something STUPID?!?”
    Man 2: “um, ok?”
    Man 1: gives Man 2 a mirror

  51. Javit23T says:

    Screw that jimmy williams guy

  52. Tae kwon do says:

    Moral of the first story:never accept nuts from a stranger

  53. Khalilah Anderson says:


    I love how it’s so necessary to mention this 🤣

  54. Jade Oreo says:

    Nonononono Martin's jar fart is on my birthday cris

    (Wrong year)

  55. 155chipmunkz says:

    Well that’s one way to ruin Christmas.

  56. Cash The dancer second channel says:

    0:11 I can’t stop watching this part

  57. Cash The dancer second channel says:

    1:55 I’ll be so mad if this happened

  58. KeylessTax says:

    Isn't paying taxes with other peoples taxes just what people that work for the government do? Jimmy isn't special

  59. -SIRIUS- says:

    how can you say JOOD NIGHT in daytime

  60. Tasha Hemlock says:

    Gotta love 'Must be a Monday' guy.

  61. greer young says:

    That president one sounds like trump to me 😱🥴

  62. riurAWSEOP2L says:

    0:55 but we could find the bad stuff ❕🅱️🅱️🅰️🅰️🆑🆑🆎🆎🅾️🅾️

  63. Kota Tombs says:

    Martin needs to get his shit together

  64. harley quinn says:

    Olly flip I frekin rich as flip

  65. Two wheel ted Z says:

    I’m Jimmy Williams and I
    Approve this message

  66. Rosy Birchwood says:

    "Hey how much for you two benches to fudge this duck"

    proceeds to pat head

  67. Potato Potato says:

    I’m a bad wittle boi

  68. R Johnson says:

    Please, I'm not a native English speaker.
    What does the driver say at 3:50?


  69. Simon Villela says:

    I like the first one

  70. DaGucka says:

    Did you just indirectly call trump an abdl? Did i get that one right? Lol

  71. The BraveDrawer says:

    Jimmy Williams is Mr Herbert from family Guy COMFIRMED!!

  72. Darlaimerner says:

    man is at the epicenter of a nuclear blast and still exists

  73. SHARK TURTLES says:

    What is the dramatic blind date music called

  74. lokonoobkiller jk says:

    U da best

  75. Melonenbubi says:

    What's that tetetetetummm tommm tumm fart music in full-length?

  76. DogeKing909 says:


    The first ever Tumblebutt

  77. Parker Avery says:

    I think these guys should give you a cut of their profit since they steal from you

  78. Hinata {teen} says:

    I still think Trump is worse then Jimmy willams

  79. Rick Sanchez says:

    4th wall break😃😀😆

  80. Kacchan Bakugou says:

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly…
    He's Jimmy William's and he's a bad boy

    (I didnt say he approved of this message because that would be stealing.)

  81. Jastine Playz says:

    0:31 is that where the barf sound comes from at the end of his shorts?

  82. Happy woods Asylum says:

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    And he eat scrumptious snacc

  83. hgtd END says:

    Right let's see his ass try to put breaks on that lightning

  84. MarioKartKing73 says:


  85. Kirby says:

    I bought a Joking Hazard


    I lied

  87. raphael Cuddy says:

    jimmy williams frighteningly reminds me of the current us president

  88. Ben Edwards says:

    And so started tumble butt's

  89. Anni Broughton says:

    Jimmy Williams looks so creepy I’m not going to be a president

  90. Jonathan Wang says:

    Jimmy Williams is Trump confirmed

  91. Bacon_ Lord300 says:

    10:08 I saw a tumble butt

  92. BLADE now says:

    Hey kid make a swear jar for your dad

  93. BLADE now says:

    And learn how to not swear

  94. CYFD says:

    4:00 this song is Gradual Liquidation (Five nights at Freddys sister location main menu) in slow mo

  95. Jack Wright says:

    Jimmy William's is like Donald trump but way way way worse

  96. Jaxon Wicks says:

    ⚫️ ⚫️

  97. Nolan Perez says:

    When in winning numbers the dad didn’t curse and was like how much for you bench’s to funk my duck I died

  98. Kennedie Rodman says:

    I am Jimmy Williams and I approve this message

  99. Wolf gang 2 Channel says:

    Ah jeez it was that one time I LIED I hope Martin knows that there's people that can look in his window like "don't worry son I'll get my ladder"

  100. Wolf gang 2 Channel says:

    Da what the fu-

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