Cyanide & Happiness: Harry the Handsome Butcher Saga

Cyanide & Happiness: Harry the Handsome Butcher Saga

[Singing] “Harry the Handsome Butcher.” It’s me! [Music] Ooh! Am I happy to see you, Harry the Handsome Butcher~. What can I do for you? I’d like to try the most wonderful, perfect cut of meat you have. Coming right up! [Whoosh] [Knife slices] *What the Fuck???* [Slap]
[bell dings] So?… Wanna go out sometime? [Winking] [Bell Ringing] [Bell Ringing] [Loud Scream] [Singing] “Harry the Handsome Butcher.” It’s me! [Outro] [Screaming]
[Keyboard typing] [Screaming] [Screaming]
[Mouse click] [Boom] [Singing] “Harry the Handsome Butcher.” It’s me! Damn it Harry! We lost half a star yesterday after your little incident! Now we’re down to one! This used to be a respectable establishment and you’ve RUINED IT! YOU’RE FIRED! What! Fired? That’s right! Now get out of my face! Maybe you should get out of your face. [Hit] [Hit] [Footsteps] [Door opening] [Sighs] How will I ever get a job in this economy? Ooh! There’s one. [Music]
[Dancing] Hello there!! I’m Harry the Handsome — well, nothing right now. I’d like a job at this… POHSRIAPERREDOPMAQ? O…kay? Do you have a resume? NOPE. What’s the pay like, huh? Does it pay…handsomely? It pays minimum wage. Perfect! Okay, I guess you’re hired. Hooray! [Ding] Hello? Can somebody help me? Aaand heres your first job. Hello there, my dear man! I’ll fix your problem in a jiffy! They don’t call me handsome for nothing! [BANG] Well, Handsome, my computer won’t work. I’ve tried everything. Hmm… Well, lets try this! [Slap] [Vrrrrr]
[Static] [Here’s Harry!] All working now! OooOooh [Thud] You’re fired, Harry. In that case, I’ll be on my way. [Music] Alright, is this him? No, no, he had no face. Liiiike this? OH GOD, THATS HIM! That is one sexy butcher… Don’t worry, Mr. Manager, we’ll nail this Harry guy. Whoever… he… is.
[Ominous Music] [Singing] “Harry the Handsome
Butcher.” Its me! [Outro] [Boom] [Singing] “Harry the Handsome
Butcher.” Part Three! Sigh, fired twice in the same day. How will old Harry ever find a job now? [Wooosh] [Sliding whistle] Wanted, eh? Harry the Handsome Butcher? That’s me! [Music]
[Dancing] All right men, listen up. It’s been an entire afternoon and Harry the Handsome Butcher is still at large. Get out there and do your goddamn job! Did you say… job? [Whoosh] [Ding] [Whoosh again] Because I’m looking for one! [Lots of guns loading] [DRAMATIC DUN] -Hey, is that Bill Gates? [Click] [Wump] [SLAM] [Whack] Sir, it’s Fatty Bones Malone! Notorious drug lord!? Yeah, he’s back on the streets, and he’s peddling that sweet-ass crystal meth of his! The children! What do we do?? We need to infiltrate his organization. We need someone who can blend in, disappear into the crowd. Someone… without a face… [Clank] Gentlemen, it brings me no pleasure to say this, [Whack] but I’ve learned that one of you has been [Whack] working as a police informant, for the past 6 years. And I believe I know exactly who it is. Reggie! What!? No boss, I didnt-! [Guns clicking] [Pistol and assault rifle firing] [Crash] AAAAAaAaa [Thud] No face, my closest, most trusted friend, We’ve seen each other through many trials and tribulations. You even came to my daughter’s wedding, on account of the fact that you married her. And yet, I couldn’t help but notice that you did not join in on the execution of Reggie. Sorry boss, I wanted to. It’s just that-well, I’ve been working as a police informant for the past 6 years! No face! You two faced rat! [Click] [Wump] [SLAM] [Whoosh] Thank you for your outstanding service, Harry the Handsome… [Thoomp] ..hero. [WHACK] Just doing my job! Now back to jail with ya, you piece of shit! [SLAM] Dang, fired again! [Singing] “Harry the Handsome
Butcher.” Part Three! [Snoring] [Pop] -Psst! [More snoring] [Pop] -Psst! [Pop] -Hey! [Whispering] [Pop] What do you say we make a CLEAN getaway? [Haha get it] [Outro] Yaargh, did you know Cyanide and Happiness has a Patreon? Well, you can keep this ship afloat by giving them some of your booty. [Outro]

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Cyanide & Happiness: Harry the Handsome Butcher Saga

  1. Kenny Zapata says:

    We still need a part four

  2. Maksim Rybak says:

    Perfect voice

  3. Maksim Rybak says:

    Perfect voice

  4. Dr.BigHead says:

    1:41 his name is joe

  5. Greg says:

    This has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever seen from this channel and that's saying something

  6. Roger Hu says:

    Can I introduce you a new series video? "Sherry the ugly mower"

  7. OrangeFedora says:

    "Well nail this hairy guy" lmao 2:46

  8. Tomas Pompolo says:


  9. I am tired of you people says:

    At least he still has all the meth inside him

  10. Ryan Jones says:

    Is this related to handsome jack from borderlands

  11. Bryn R says:

    Where is HTHB part 4?!

  12. Thomas Spraggs says:

    Why is the dude who was drawing being gay?

  13. 💲🎲♦️Sly Cooper♣️💲🎲$ says:

    Its been 2 years… Where the hell is our part 4?

  14. F. says:

    after the first clip i knew i'm lucky that i am a vegan…

  15. francis campana says:

    Ew harry discastin face I ever sin 🤢🤮🤒

  16. Polandball says:

    "The perfect, most wonderful cut of meat you have!" harry: starts undressing himself to the point where he is naked

  17. Lennon2195 says:

    Damn. Seeing Sausage Manager makes me cringe

  18. Chaos_ Fox says:

    Bruh, wtf

  19. Gaming Grandpa says:

    All the cyanide villains vs all the heros

  20. Eva says:

    2:36 what's that on his face

  21. Doge Meme-R 2000 says:

    0:39 when your mom catches you watching porn

  22. wendy happiness says:

    It so creepy

  23. Prod by Alenn says:

    Part 4 pleaseeeeeee

  24. Felix Sharpe says:

    This dude really skipping out on leg day

  25. Hunter Jiang says:

    I’ve been confused for 6 minutes and seven seconds and I love it

  26. Esco Addison says:

    Harry skiped leg day

  27. Michael Hardy says:

    Great this video 😅😅😅😄👍

  28. 351cleavland says:

    I can't be the only one who saw the guy with hot dogs for a face and thought it was, at least a little…

    Granted. The guy was a real dicknose.

  29. Potato wifi123 says:

    Damn. . .Harry can Cut A Perfect circle without even Looking

  30. Azfar the unfamous gameplayer says:

    Who joe

  31. Snake the Adversary says:

    This guy MUST be related to Straight McCool

  32. The Gunslinger says:

    Episode 4 pleeeeaaaasssseeeee!

  33. Prairie State Auto Restorations says:

    Chad Bradley and Harry are very similar 🤔

  34. Speedy4 Johnson says:

    This Is Why Reggie Had Too FACE It HAhahahahhaha

  35. Shadz Gamez says:

    Personally, I think the first part is the best of the saga.

  36. Allecs Gaut says:

    This reminds me of the story of clever hans

  37. 馬の骨ばこつ says:

    4:38 robocop

  38. Mr. Blue Guy says:

    When there are 69k likes on this video

  39. Cyber Space says:

    How. The. Heck. Did he. Cut. A. Perfect. Circle. On. His. Face.

  40. Fumu Tintu says:

    I'm not so straight.. 😛

  41. Raynelle English says:

    Even Sex Grandpa.

  42. Drifting Clouds says:

    Harry is a much better dancer than all of us

  43. hatty hattyngton says:

    2:35 spy from tf2 but with sausages insdead of cigars

  44. Ravi Jay says:

    Johnny bravo

  45. Second& Half says:

    Part 4 never came

  46. Tiffany,s Sweet tea says:

    YEET. …dat artist be gay😲

  47. Emily Pro says:

    Why didn’t he just put his normal face on again

  48. War Thunder WorldWide says:

    I wonder if he FACE his fear

  49. Shineywolf says:

    He has no muscles

  50. tuberose yuri says:

    This is horrifying

  51. Zack Mango says:

    The way harry enters and leaves is the way I want to enter and leave places for the rest of my life

  52. jbugg says:

    2:24 why wasn't the CD ROM spinning when the musical started?

  53. Huy Hoang Tran says:

    This is cursed !

  54. Square Tom Memes says:

    He looks like Chad Bradley from Purgatony.

  55. Drawings of a scumbag says:

    Tehe he DIED

  56. Flareon Playz25 says:

    Part 4

  57. Deadknight12 says:

    Looks like a Donald trump outfit

  58. a random guy says:

    How the hell did he put a safe in his head

  59. Diamond Dawn says:

    This… got disturbing quickly.

  60. cool story bro says:

    It was very unsettling to hear Harry’s face bones clack when he talked when he had nothing to replace his face

  61. Draineo Da plug says:


  62. Kekoa Hake says:

    Harry the bank is on the scene people

  63. i want die says:

    The guy with the sausage face is triggering my trypophobia.

  64. jhun rick says:

    PART 4 NOW!

  65. The Knight of Dragons - says:

    Would Not recommend

  66. Zaccheus Angelo says:

    Where did his skeleton go

  67. that no good meep original says:

    If there was almight in a nutshell it will be this XD

  68. goddy5890 says:

    I am only here to hear the song that plays when he dances

  69. LOLSflint says:

    wait who is the gun guy? pls introduce him, then make a series around their escape. I'd love to see that.

  70. CharcoalBeard FlankSteak says:


    – Author unknown

  71. amaticmk42 says:

    4:29 robocop reference

  72. moon_light says:

    Harry the Handsome butcher

    Its me

  73. Gamingwithcam7 2 Gaming family says:

    Yeet’em. Joe

  74. Johann Vaske says:

    Thats why you never skip leg day

  75. JADE BLUE JAYNES says:

    0:35 proves that men are scaredy-cats

  76. Foxy Trap64 says:


  77. Young Hh says:

    LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he screams funny

  78. Nate Long says:

    Dude harry could kick major ass with those muscles

  79. mohd ashrie ibrahim says:


  80. Conning Khan says:


  81. Apollo vlogs says:

    And lets all ignore the fact that he never takes off his butcher gloves

  82. Kurt Wagner says:

    Maybe the reason why we still haven”t gotten a new one het because Harry said “No”

  83. Lucrezia Calo says:

    yuor vidios or discostino som chiazze dont slip for dos vidios i nostri Nicosia web iwa6 i Washington sciok bi yuor vidio nasce im 9 but alto of Kids dont slip for yuor f*** dios

  84. Candy 2000 says:

    Harry the leatherface murder.

  85. Chris Vitale says:

    Ted bear should join in on the escape. Don’t leave my man cyanide and happiness!

  86. [• •] Jordanw314 GD says:


    Y O U C A N H E A R T H E T E E T H C H O M P

  87. The epic King says:

    That is the old boy from before there with his computer
    What a coincidence

  88. theHedgex1 says:

    He never gets away does he

  89. Emanuel Silla says:

    The sub titles predicted everything I just said !


  90. Emanuel Silla says:

    to protect and sometimes serve ? . .

    Works for me !

  91. Logan Jurich says:

    Can't wait for clean getaway

  92. Pepi says:

    No escape …

  93. Kurt Cobain says:

    I like how the subtitles is not the editor being sneaky but probably planned

  94. phantom follower says:

    larry and harry

    larry the lonesome butcher!!!!!!

  95. phantom follower says:

    also at 2:48 listen at .25 playback speed

  96. Alaster 2022 says:

    Harry the handsome butcher: part 4

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    Wouldn't said meat be in his pants?

  98. wmfivethree says:

    This is like Harry Partridge meets MeatCanyon

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