Cyanide & Happiness: Sad Larry Saga

Cyanide & Happiness: Sad Larry Saga

{{{Sad, thoughtful piano background music plays}} Hmm–Larry it is, isn’t it? It is, isn’t it? Sad Larry. How’s it going buddy? [depressed, slurred] Good, I guess. Aw, what’s got you down this time? Oh, it’s… nothin’. ((chuckles)) Well, you know what cheers me up after a lotta… ‘nothing’… gets me down? ((sighs…)) W-what? I dance! ♫How should I do, and-ah how about you?♫ ((sighs)) {{crash}}
[backchats] I’m sick of your shit, Larry. You’re a f’king d… ((cries)) ♫♫ {{wind blows}} ((sighs)) This is it Larry, they’re finally gonna do something right. {{whooshing and flapping}} {{whack onto pillows}} {{idle truck engine running}}>What happened? Is this Hell?[Larry] ((sighs)) I will(!)>[father] Aw, come on baby!
>>[mother] Can’t believe we’re doing this(!)
>>Mmm! Yeah. [father] Let me just get you right over here. [father] (Lift your leg up like that.)
[mother] (Larry?) Larry?!!>And none of the kittens survived. In other news, the Delberry Dismemberer is on the loose again, and has so far…>…So get your running shoes on folks! And if you hear a chainsaw, move those feet! {{crash}} {{watery creaky crash}}<... and you neck is broken pretty much everything else too. long story short larry very lucky to be alive. now. there anything i can do for>>[talks unintelligibly under bandage] Well… ((unintelligible))–>((insults doctor unintelligibly))>[male] ((blood-curdling screams))>((loud breathing through mask))
{{chainsaw runs}}>>[muffled, almost unintelligible] Thank you! Over here! Over here!! ((muffled crying))
>I’m glad you could make it Larry. Everyone needs a place to go on Christmas. Sure Thanks Mrs. S.Yay! (I love toys!) How are ya holding up there there, Larry? Not so good. You know, my father’s in the hospital too. It looked hopeful at first, but now, we’re not sure he’s gonna make it. {{phone rings}} Who could be calling on Christmas morning? Hello? Really? Huh. It’s a miracle! Everyone dad’s gonna be okay, he’s gonna make it home for dinner.>>Yay, Grandpa’s coming home for Christmas!>>Haha. I know! High five, son.
>>That’s a miracle.>>You got it, dad! ((cries))Great! Grandpa’s home.
>He’s here! I missed you guys so much and I–! You’re not my son! That’s funny. [bursts into tears] My dad used to say the same thing! ((cries))
>{{taps glass}} Everyone, everyone, quiet down for the prayer. Alright, whenever you’re ready, Larry. Oh, uh… No, no, I’d rather not. In our house, the guest says grace. I really don’t think I should– JUST SAY THE DAMN PRAYER! Dear Lord, u-um, thank you for this bountiful meal that we’re about to receive. (Could have done without my dad being on his deathbed and everything!) [crying] A place to live would be pretty nice too if that’s not too much trouble– [interjects] I think what Larry’s trying to say is let’s all enjoy this meal dad or no, dad. I love you dad. [all] Amen.[dying] ((clears throat)) Larry?>>Dad?>Larry. This my last chance to tell you, ((coughs)) To tell you that… ((coughs)) To tell you that it was ALL YOUR FAULT, LARRY. IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! ((coughs)) IT’S ALL YOUR– {{goes into cardiac arrest}} ((grunting))
>>Dad? Dad? {{heart monitor flatlines}}
>[doctor] The patient is flatlining! We’re losing him!>[second doctor] Is this the old man who is alone on Christmas?>No, no, the one with the worthless son.>>So-o-o-o??>[on phone] Time Of Death: 6:36PM. A-A-Anyway, Larry when you’re done…crying there, you might help me– {{distorts}} ♫{{dissonant music plays}}
>–Would you Larry? ♫{background music plays from backround except not dissonant} What? Ah, no, no no, I wouldn’t. {{all gasp}} I-I, mean hold on. What was the quest–? {{thud, clutter}}>But I-I didn’t know what I was–? OUT. {{squeak}} {{door slams}} ♫{{muffled cheerful music}} {{shutter, puff!}}
W-Whoah!! ♫
((muffled crying))– {{snow plow digs}} What can I get you sir? How about a beautiful woman yourself will do nicely I want it for you baby doll for us you and me we’re Made for each other. Can you imagine going through life a love without true love? I hate to even think about it. Don’t worry. There’s no one like that out there Everyone finds true love eventually Unless you just really suck. Yeah, good point Oh, thank you so much. Oh you’re very welcome. Maybe we could grab One Please Sad Mary is that you it is, isn’t it sad Mary? How’s it going? Oh, hey Hmm What can I get you? How about a beautiful woman? Yourself will do nicely Are you making fun of me? No, no, no. No. I’m sorry. Let me start again Hmm oh god, damn it Larry. This is exactly why nobody loves you? Hey free kiss – bagel bastard here did you know cyanide and Happiness has a patreon they want to take a little bit of money from a lot of People to support their shirts. Well, that sounds like socialism

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Cyanide & Happiness: Sad Larry Saga

  1. Remained Unnamed says:

    This is very realistic.

  2. JASON DIXON says:

    You guys better stop playing with Larry 😡 lol

  3. MudMutt 36 says:

    Sad Larry

  4. Polandball says:

    Why is Larry always so sad

  5. Pigsy Pighead says:

    This guy remind me of myself….ok I gave up my secret identity well at least he is not a alchohic in his early 20's addicted to sleeping pills because his life is so down and stressful that he can barely sleep and wake up after horrendous nightmares because of his so twisted up childhood and teen hood that was torn apart by child abuse rape violence drugs and failed attempts to commit suicide because he could not the pain of loss,broken heart,abandoned,rage,hatred,lack of love and peace,and on top of that no even ask if he is ok because he is forced to hide his feelings because he is too weak to face and Embrace those feelings…this is why he ran away to addictions and lies to at least try to feel normal like anybody else just to fail again and hold on not cry in silence on the shower while thinking about trying killing himself again

  6. Bag Night says:

    Poor Larry if there's any pony else they should make a fanfiction for him if he goes to another world then he will be happy forever with no feeling sad.. besides I feel bad for him he didn't deserve to be like.. I wish they can just fix it.

  7. Snypotion says:

    Unhappy Hannah

  8. Collin the Gamer says:

    this is just sad in a video

  9. gina xoxo says:

    poor larry 🙁

  10. Seopika miryoku says:

    I really just want one episode to be something good for larry

  11. cube101 says:

    Clinical depression in a nutshell.

  12. Adrian! says:


  13. Yee Dinosaur says:

    Girl: this song is so sad it’s depressing| me:no it’s not girl I bet u don’t even know what depression is me:

  14. Ty TacoMan says:

    Give him a good ending

  15. geministar says:

    is larry irish?

  16. Alex Emen says:

    Sad larry is my spirit animal

  17. Vladimir Putin says:


  18. Gabrirl Naoki says:


  19. baby amber gacha says:

    i hope one day he can be happy

  20. MRV says:

    How the hell did he got a full body in the hospital?…. he had thick legs, arms and and even a neck?….

  21. Right Angle says:


  22. Music Account says:

    mostly water

  23. mining with wolfs says:


  24. Brandon Godly gamer TV says:

    Sad Larry is just like me

  25. MASOL says:

    3:44 larry = sylvester cat confirm?

  26. paola romero says:


  27. marsriegel -_- says:

    That could be me…

  28. Stephanie Avey says:

    Did anybody else see the turtles getting jiffy with it cough cough if you know what I mean

  29. The Queen Of Moons says:

    Poor guy

  30. Taqueria Cinco De Mayo says:

    Jesus Christ stop being mean to Larry

  31. Slade_ boi says:

    On the last one… I was thinking, Larry, just yeet yourself over the balcony

  32. Pretty pretty Princess says:

    And none of the kittens survived?! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  33. j m says:

    Damn I feel so bad for

  34. j m says:

    Damn I feel so bad for

  35. Sommer Callen says:

    Why don’t they do sad Larry anymore?

  36. Inigo Montaya says:

    LMAO! So dark, I love it!

  37. Malakai Berrouet says:

    Cut Larry some slack guys..

  38. Jiloy YT says:

    I cried when im sad and got bullied

  39. ALDRICH says:

    9:50 the turtles HAAHAHA

  40. Francisco Sosa says:

    Give Larry a good ending

  41. Shark puppet's nephew says:

    This made me cry =(

  42. xXsmol_ bean_foreverXx 0-0 says:

    Wow he can’t even get sad Mary 😔

  43. Star Butterfly says:

    I believe if he tried to be happy and smile while living.. he would have died.

  44. Nathan cool gamer9 says:


  45. // Gamerboi \ says:

    Im sad like Larry

  46. Lilyana Campagna says:

    I love cinyed and happyniss

  47. Kiwi MC says:

    The next person to make Larry sad had better get a bad time. 👊💀

  48. Mark Langmann says:

    I feel bad too Larry😥😥😥

  49. Jeremy Folk says:

    Larry is the best character

  50. JEROBRINE says:

    Give a like for larry

  51. ArtyAlpaca says:

    I wonder what question they asked to make them so mad at Larry’s ‘no’ at Christmas dinner?

  52. ArtyAlpaca says:

    Sad Larry: I’m depressed and suicidal.

    14 y/o female Billie Eilish fans: OMG SAME!

  53. adrianz zamora says:

    I am

  54. Dan Pham says:

    If the do plan on making the finale for Larry saga they should title it happy Larry and show him making a genuine smile

  55. Viiktoryy — says:

    The sad thing is, it isn’t even funny anymore.
    It’s just very depressing.

  56. Someone that i seen today are awsom e says:

    Comon help sad Larry to glad larry

  57. Ebra says:

    Why cannot larry just be happy for once? 🙁 poor guy feel bad for him

  58. Queen Lina says:

    I’m larry.😔🤞🏼

  59. Mohis Sharif says:

    9:50 Am I the only one who noticed the tortoises have sex??😂

  60. Panda :3 says:

    He doesn't want sex,bitches,money,handsome,or rich…
    he just wants to feel love for once.. ;-;

  61. Courtland Shattuck says:

    Alright, we get it. Can we give Larry a happy ending now?

  62. ·٠• 레드 팬더 •٠· says:

    why did he get kicked out when he smile?

  63. Jeff Doe says:

    It’s good to know that he got what he deserved

  64. Test Subject #719, Codename: Purge says:

    The first half of Sad Larry In Love, when he’s in the theater, is me. Just me.

  65. ʝσє ʝσє says:


  66. Shella Peñafiel says:

    Poor lary 😣😣😣

  67. Varmkorv med kebabrullar says:

    Im feeling so bad. pls make a good ending

  68. SlimyBoi 04 says:

    The amount of likes is the amount of people who feel bad for Larry 🥺😭😢

  69. alex ramirez says:


  70. Danny Boi says:

    Only real men cried watching this

  71. ben j says:

    At 6:31, he briefly is horrifiedly surprised, not depressed. A change of expression. yaaay.

  72. Charlie Ward says:

    Poor larry i'll be his friend to the end!

  73. Hello Peoplez says:

    His dad died
    He became disabled
    He has no house
    He got kicked out on Christmas
    He has depression
    He has no friends
    Everyone hates him
    He can’t find love
    His dad told him he was worthless
    He got in a car accident that killed his dad
    He can’t commit suiside

    Leave a sad like for larry

  74. Ch Vloggs says:

    I’m sad Larry everyday

  75. Jason Hurd says:

    Don't eat nails!

  76. Needy Sparkle says:

    9:03 that is just so mean

  77. Emma Campbell says:

    Poor Larry 😭

  78. Bailey Morgan says:


  79. Martin Gio Carreon says:

    Make Larry's dad a ghost

  80. Holly grail A says:

    You know youre life is good
    After watching this

  81. 150 subs with no vids? says:

    Larry’s store(??):

    When Larry was a kid his dad didn’t appreciate him much, he was seen as a runt who was made by accident.
    Once he was finally a teen, he went on a car ride with his dad, as he wanted to make him proud of his achievements, though his swerved off the road from some ice. They hit a tree, and his dad flung out the window. When Larry desperately tried to save him, he ended up inflicting more pain to his dad. When in the hospital, he soon died and left Larry alone.

  82. ğręý rïđiņģ höød says:

    If i was like larry i will kill my self over and over until i really die

  83. Inigo Sumo says:

    9:50 turtles mating left down of the video

  84. Gabija Šileikaitė says:

    after a long analysis i think the question was you like christmas too larry, dont you?

  85. Jerry Xin says:

    please give the people who are bullying him must die and send to hell now give a nice person so he can be happy.

  86. Perry Latham says:

    I relate

  87. Qtoots Live says:

    This is like Family Guy levels of unfunny and depressing.

  88. iiHartMemphisii says:

    All cyanide, no happiness

  89. Ad Gaming says:

    Larry is like me im emotional too especially crying, Welp

  90. Alana Roth says:

    What was the question?

  91. Duh 654 says:

    How is suicide attempts funny?

  92. Anti 5ocial says:

    Someone start a petition for happy ending to Sad Larry!

  93. 1000 Subscribers With no videos? says:

    0:29 Thanos

  94. YoshiKing - Official Channel says:

    Cyanide without Happiness

  95. The_YOLOYellers! says:

    Therapist: Why do I here boss music?

  96. Solangelo says:

    Is sad Larry gone?

  97. StormishBreeze says:

    This is actually rather depressing 🙁

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