Darin Olien: Proper Nutrition And The Wim Hof Method For Optimal Health

Darin Olien: Proper Nutrition And The Wim Hof Method For Optimal Health

So, I’m Darin Olien. I’m a nutritionist, superfood hunter, and author. I really understand the importance of oxygen to the system. Oxygen is an unsung hero. In the vitality of a body! And it’s been studied for over 200 years. If you can positively influence The body’s ability to receive oxygen You single-handedly positively influence every system of the body. You naturally then change the chemistry of your brain, the endocrine system. And also influence dramatically The acidification that’s going on in the body. Improving the alkalinity, and why is that important? Because that is the governing system of the body. If you’re acidified through diet, water, air EMF’s, electromagnetic, all of these things in modern day world are very acidic. We have to get back to the core of our health. And oxygen is the spark Of every single cell, healthy cell in the body. So, without it, you can take anything you want You can take any magic pill or anything And you’ll never get to the correct operating system of the body. And that’s by oxygen. And so, I have found That by doing the Wim Hof Method It is the most powerful thing you can do To do the most primary thing you can for your health. And that’s increasing red blood cells, oxygen Decreasing acidification in the body. There’s also this other side to it. By what you’re drinking, eating Is creating environments in your body. So, by positively affecting the pH of your body The red blood cells of your body by the diet You’re amplifying the body’s ability to receive oxygen. If you create a body that’s alkaline Eating fresh fruits and vegetables Then you’re allowing and creating an environment so that when you breathe in Your body can receive more of that oxygen Because you’ve now prepared it to do so. So, at the intersection… everything is connected. So the intersection between proper nutrition And taking in that oxygen, is essential for optimal health! you

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25 thoughts on “Darin Olien: Proper Nutrition And The Wim Hof Method For Optimal Health

  1. John-Edouard Ehlinger says:

    I fully agree! Air just followed by water and a bit of salz 😉

  2. Ragrle Graggle says:

    Good luck with that diet during the next ice age, meteor strike, EMP or world war.

  3. Paul Carter says:

    Excellent points and reminders on optimum health daily. The WH technics are part of my daily life since taking the course, I am stoked on many new levels 👍🏼🗝👊🏼⚖️ Thank you

  4. Cranky0ldMan says:

    really nice content, thumbs up

  5. Ben L says:

    Agreed, my retention times are much greater when eating raw vegan.

  6. MasterofPlay7 says:

    lol oxygen actually destroy cells in your body, do you know why we need antioxidant?

  7. Lichtblick says:

    optimal nutrition = whole food vegan diet!

  8. TheGreen Jarret says:

    Im a northerner, i eat sprouts, fermented veggies, fermented porridge, unfiltered small beer, sun dried stuff etc.

    Only folks living under the tropics can follow that kind of diet. 8 months a year its freezing hell here…

  9. White Kita says:

    whole food vegan diet….the best of the best…

  10. Ronnin Discipline says:

    Soo can you heal lpr form of gerd? Do to stress

  11. Jérémie Litzler says:

    Hello Wim,

    I haven't read all the materials about your method but I feel it is really curious and worth digging into it. Now, I have a question, which may have been answered, but I will ask it: do you think neurological diseases (such as CMT which I have, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charcot%E2%80%93Marie%E2%80%93Tooth_disease) we can improve physically through this method and proper nutrition?

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Stanislaw II says:

    Did he actually said what kind of foods do we have to eat?

  13. Stanislaw II says:

    You guys got his message wrong. He is talking about oxygen and blood cells. In order to produce it you need good quantity of iron, zinc and b12. Vegan diet is very poor source of above things. You need meat, red meat once in a while.

  14. Joe Jo says:

    This is guy is unhealthy. He has sulfur in his body. His eyes whould be blue and they will turn blue once he detoxes

  15. Sherab Namdhak says:

    I am on TRT and my hematocrit or red blood cell count is high and was at .54 and I had to reduce it to .50 I have to donate blood to keep it level. What you are suggesting is that by doing the Wim Hof method I would increase it again, are you suggesting I bring myself back to a stroke or heart attack situation. Perhaps people should have their red blood count done prior to starting Wim Hof

  16. War.is.a. Racket says:

    i was vegan for over 3 years, when i went back to meat and bone broths i felt so happy and felt so much better I realized we need the collagen gellatin etc.. high fat keto is the right diet for us, look at how sick most vegans look after a few years, wake up people

  17. y y says:

    Ugh. No. Eat some damn liver people.

  18. TheEssmo123 says:

    Single-handedly one of the greatest videos ever!

  19. Daria Yalov says:

    What tropical fruits have to do with sustaining low temperatures? Do they grow under ice?

  20. Fred Gonzalez says:

    Love you man, thanks for that!

  21. George DeHart says:

    Vegan nonsense.

  22. Rawstaman says:

    What a great message ! 🙏🍌🍅🍎🍉🥭🥝🥑🙏

  23. tone burgess says:

    Oxygen creates free radicals in turn cancer, its toxic to our bodies.. Eat lots of liver and red meat to build red cells, limit vegetables.

  24. Sanus Motus says:

    Why do you have bullshit ads for a right wing propaganda on your site Wim? The Epoch Times is garbage

  25. tone burgess says:

    The speaker looks ill

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