Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. Today,
I thought I would film another day in the life vlog because you guys seemed to enjoy
the last one so much. So, today Jackson and I are going out to a new thing. We’ve never
been there before, but it’s all like a little Nickelodeon adventure. And he really loves
a few of the Nickelodeon shows like Paw Patrol, Ninja Turtles, all of that stuff, so I thought
it would be really fun to take him on a Friday, when it’s just me and him. So, I’ll take you
with me. I have got Matt, as well. I’m not driving and vlogging, so Matt’s here, he’s
coming along. So, yeah, we’ll take you with us. Right. So, we’re about to try one of the Ninja
Turtle rides. Jackson is just tall enough. You had be 90 centimeters, didn’t you? And
you’re 92 centimeters, so we’re going to go flying now. Right. So, Jackson lasted about an hour in
the Nickelodeon adventure. It was really good, but he’s not a massive fan of people dressed
up in like mascot things. So, there was like Chase and Patrick, and I think maybe SpongeBob
and stuff, but he wasn’t that interested in all of that. So, daddy had a picture with
Patrick, and then he ran around. There were a couple of rides that he was big enough to
do, so he did that. But yeah, it was good. And luckily, he got in for free because the
limit to get in for free is 90 centimeters, and he is about 90 centimeters. And then,
to get on the rides you had to be 90 centimeters, so even though we didn’t pay, he got to go
on all the rides. So, it was quite fun. I think I will send the big boys back there,
but I know it can get a bit pricey if you take all of you. But yeah, we quite enjoyed
it. So, now, we’re going to go to Wagamama’s even though it is like 20 to 12:00, but we’ve
been up so long, 11:00 AM feels like mid day to us. So, we’re going to go for Wagamama’s. So, all done at Wagamama’s, and now we’re
going to just pop to Costco and quickly pick up a few things. I’ve completely run out of
almond butter, and I use it in like the protein pancakes and sometimes in smoothies. And I
love it on rice cake. So, we really need to get more, so we’re going to go and get some.
And then, it will be nearly time for the school run. Right. So, on our way to Costco now, but all
day we’ve been thinking about Fraser. Today, at his school, they have… Like every year
they do a talent competition, so anyone in the school can enter it. And this year, Fraser
is doing a standup comedy act, and he put loads of effort into it. He wrote this like
full page act. It’s really funny. About like all of the teachers in his school, and yeah,
I just really hope it goes well for him. I hope… It doesn’t matter, obviously, if he
wins or anything, but I’d love him to get through one round because he has spent so
much time on it. And yeah, he just really loves watching Britain’s Got Talent, and he
loves watching little stand ups on that. So, I think that gave him the idea, and then we
helped him write it, especially Matt. Matt was helping him with the jokes and stuff.
So, fingers crossed, and I’ll update you later in the vlog how he’s got on. I keep thinking
like, “Oh,” because it must be so scary to get up in front of everyone and do your act.
So, yeah, hopefully it’s going well. Jackson, there’s a [inaudible 00:07:16]. What can you see in here, bud? Yeah, what
you thinking? You’re greeting people? I want a toy, daddy. You want a toy? Yeah, me too, mate. [inaudible 00:07:30]. Is he stealing your
cookie? What’s going on over here?… Jackson, what’s
going on? Stop it, daddy. Okay, I’ve stopped. I’ve been home for a little while now, and
I actually fell asleep on the sofa watching cartoons with Jackson. It was just on, and
I just nodded off a little bit. But now Matt has just gone to the school run. He’s going
to get Fraser and Caleb, so I cannot wait to hear how Fraser’s day went. So, yeah, we’re
just playing with Playmags and Shopkins for a change. So, he’s made a Shopkin house out
of Playmags, but on wheels, so it’s very clever. Hi! What happened? Came in second. You came in second! [inaudible 00:08:44] and then I came second. That’s amazing. How was it? Was it nerve-racking? Yeah. And when I got to the final, it was
a boy. So, when I said the farting part, a boy [inaudible 00:08:58] because he was in
blue team, he went in and he shouted out, “I know this one!” Oh, because he’d heard it in the blue team
or wherever. Yeah. Oh my God, but you did really well. [inaudible
00:09:08] was really laughing? Yeah! Are you proud of yourself? Yeah. I’m so proud of you. Right. So, Fraser came
second in the talent competition. He did so well to get up in front of everyone and tell
his jokes, so super proud of him. Right. So, all the boys are downstairs eating
dinner, so I thought I would quickly come upstairs and film a little health update because
I talked about it on my Instagram but I haven’t talked about it here on YouTube. And in my
last day in the life, I talked a little bit about how I went for some medical tests. I
just booked a private… It was a private female health check. So, they basically do
all kinds of different blood tests. You have a smear, they check like literally everything.
I just felt like I should have this medical MOT, as it were, because I was suffering with
some symptoms for about a year. I basically started having really bad periods, and every
single month I wrote it off as like, “Oh, well, maybe I’ve not had enough water this
month or maybe I’ve been eating really bad. Maybe I’ve had too much alcohol.” Or then
I was thinking, “Or maybe it’s because I’m getting older,” because I’m over 35 now. And I was basically making all of these excuses,
and I was struggling to find a way to talk to my doctor about it because I kind of thought
it might be nothing. But my symptoms were mainly… I started experiencing breakouts.
If you follow my channel, you may have seen that I’ve started complaining about my skin
and about breakouts, and I tried some new skincare, and I’m still suffering a little
bit, especially around my time of the month. I also started getting a bloated tummy to
the point where some people were asking if baby number four was on the way or… I just
felt really self-conscious about it. I don’t know, I just felt like I had this big tummy
and I just couldn’t get rid of it. But the main symptom was I started having
quite bad PMT, so the whole week before my period, I would just be so moody and that’s
really not like me. I’m normally quite positive and happy.. But I remember one day Matt was
eating near me and I was thinking… I couldn’t handle it. It was like giving me rage. And
I just knew he wasn’t doing anything wrong. I just knew it was me and my hormones. And
then, my periods were really bad to the point where I didn’t want to leave the house or
do anything. So, anyway, I’ve kind of put up with it for a year, and then I was like,
“Do you know what? Maybe something is wrong.” But I didn’t really know what to say to my
GP, so I was like, “I’m going to do this medical MOT. I’m getting older. Maybe I should just
do that.” So, I did. And then the results came in, and they said
that my CA-125, which is basically the marker for ovarian cancer, so I got a call and they
said my CA-125 was high. Most women’s should be under 35, and mine a 60. So, my doctor
really reassured me that she didn’t actually think I had cancer, but this CA-125 marker
can mean all kinds of different things like endometriosis. So, I went for a scan. I had
a scan on my tummy and inside, which was very nice, but in that scan they said that they
couldn’t see any tumors or anything. So, she didn’t think it was cancer, but she thinks
it might be endometriosis. And she also said that I definitely have polycystic ovaries
as well, which my sister has, and I know so many people suffer from that. And my doctor,
when she was telling me about PCOS, she almost sounded like not too worried about that. She
was like, “That you can manage with your diet and your lifestyle.” Like if I start being
more active, that really helps, and if I cut out a few things like dairy, that can help
as well. So, she wasn’t too worried about that. She’s more worried about the endometriosis. The next step was she wanted me to have an
MRI scan and a few other things. I’m being referred to her, but it does take a few weeks
so I’m just waiting to find out when I can have these further tests. But she was like,
“I wouldn’t send you out of this room if I thought you had cancer, and I wouldn’t send
you away if I thought it was something to really worry about.” So, that’s where I’m
at. So, in a way, it’s really weird. I’m really glad in a way that they found something because
I just knew something was wrong. All this time, I just didn’t feel myself, and I knew.
And obviously I’m so relieved that it’s not cancer. Touch wood at the moment. And I’m also so relieved that all of this
is happening after I’ve had my children, because both of those things, polycystic ovaries and
endometriosis, can affect your fertility. My sister struggled because of her PCOS, and
she ended up having an operation to become pregnant and all this. So, I’m really glad
that I never had to worry about that. We did just get pregnant quite easily. So, obviously,
it’s like now, but yeah, I’ll keep you updated as to any findings and any treatment. I know
so many people have reached out to me on Instagram and said they also suffer with endometriosis
and polycystic ovaries. And there’s so many different levels of it. I think there’s four
stages of endometriosis, and few people with stage four were messaging me saying they have
surgery. They’ve had quite a few surgeries to help. And then, some other people, like,
“I had the coil, and that’s really helped.” So, I’m just hoping that I don’t need surgery,
but obviously, we’ll see. But yeah. Anyway, sorry, that was a big long
ramble about women’s things that probably some people don’t want to watch for my younger
viewers. I really hope you switched off or went forward for that bit. But yeah, that’s
where I’m at, and I’m just hoping it will all be okay. But I think we’re all relieved.
All of this was happening at the same time as we were buying our new house, so when we
put in for a new house, and then we got it accepted, we also had the call about my raised
ovarian cancer blood levels so we just couldn’t get excited. Everything was on hold for a
while because, obviously, things aren’t instant, you got to find that out, and you have to
wait days or weeks for the actual scans take place. So, in that limbo time you’re like,
“Am I okay?” It’s like a horrible sort of place. And even these weeks, I know I probably
have those things, it’s like, what level are they at? I just have to wait to find out and
have the tests. So, yeah, that’s where I’m at. But yeah, I
mean, it can be so much worse, so I’m grateful. And I’m so grateful that I went to the doctors,
and that’s a massive message to any of you guys. If you’re suffering with any symptoms
or your cycle changes, make sure you go and see your GP because something might actually
be wrong, and you can get treatment and you can fix it. Let’s see. Anyway, I’m going to
go back and go to the boys, and tonight for dinner I’m making these vegetarian enchiladas
so I’m going to start those as well. Okay. This camera, why are you fuzzy all the
time? Anyway, the enchiladas are in the oven now. One thing I would say about them is it
took me about an hour to prep them and do them, so I’m really hoping they’re delicious,
But I have also made enough so that we can also eat it tomorrow night, so that is something.
So, yes, I’m just going to leave them in the oven, hopefully tidy up this mess, our house
is so messy. And then, we’re going to come down for a movie night and eat them. So, I’ll
just show you some of the mess. I can’t show you too much because Caleb is obviously not
decent. Soon as he gets home [inaudible 00:00:18:28]. Right. So, we’ve just eaten our enchiladas,
and they were really delicious. The boys have now had a bath, and it’s movie night. So,
tonight, we’re watching a film that the boys have never watched. It’s quite grown up, really.
It’s Avatar. I’m sure you may know it. But we just thought that they would really enjoy
it. One of our friend’s child watched it and said that they loved it. There’s already been
one swear word, so we’re going to see how it goes. But at the moment, they’ve seen like
captivated. Anyway, I think I might end the vlog here because I’m just going to enjoy
movie night with the big boys. So, yeah, thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed
this video, and I’ll see you in my next one. Bye!

Daniel Yohans

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