Dean Martin: Happiness to Heartbreak (Jerry Skinner Documentary)

Dean Martin: Happiness to Heartbreak (Jerry Skinner Documentary)

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Dean Martin: Happiness to Heartbreak (Jerry Skinner Documentary)

  1. modeste nomad says:

    i wonder , if the million slaughtered native humans, born on this continent, would be able to speak italian ?

  2. DragonDriver100 says:

    Sitting through these videos is like learning about family members who don't know you. I mean, I grew up watching these people since my infancy.

  3. Roger Balcer says:

    It was once said by someone "All my heroes were cowboys" at 72 all my heroes are dead !

  4. Mike Vassir says:


  5. Donald Cary says:


  6. Suzie Que says:

    Wonderful. Going down memory lane. I love his velvety, sensous voice. A Hollywood superstar. Don't make them like that anymore…💝

  7. JocelynHk Carter says:

    Jocelyn Carter: I didn't know about Claudia and Ricky. Rest in paradise to all.

  8. Bev Rodsted says:

    Loved Dean Martin

  9. Viviane Dubé says:

    « « « POURQUOI donc un TITRE en FRANÇAIS; si VOUS ne FAITES que PARLER ANGLAIS??? » » »— (23 Juillet 2019)

  10. Evelyne Davut says:

    Même pas sous-titré !!merci!

  11. debi terrell says:

    Born on June 7th are a lot of very talented & blessed ppl. Like Prince, Tom Jones the Welsh singer; Liam Neeson actor. All guys r talented & women followed them too

  12. debi terrell says:

    How sad & ironic that Dean Martin & Prince both lost their children…

  13. debi terrell says:

    Beautiful music in background. Ty for this bio. May his soul rest in peace

  14. Decadant Dog says:

    Damned cancer!

  15. GOCA GOCA says:

    Thank you for the articulate presentation of all the videos you present. I appreciate your calm demeanour, the smooth tone of your voice as well as the accent. The background music is excellent and the detailed narrative so welcomed. Thank you ever so much. 🙏🏼 God bless you.

  16. Pam Reed says:

    screw that ad

  17. MK Duke says:

    Selfishly neglected his family; if he weren’t a womanizer he would have been happier

  18. madiantin says:

    That was a lovely ending. <3

  19. Odette Widdicombe says:

    I bet there up in heaven singing together rip all.of them

  20. Corvette Corvette says:

    Merde en français

  21. Michele Conley Eckert says:

    WOW I never knew 90% of that. Now I’ll think of him every Christmas 🎄. 😢👍

  22. Dagmar Zoepke says:

    dean martin drunk a lot and smoked a lot

  23. jo jo says:

    It's so sad when people don't realize out ture Treasures in this life is our family….

  24. pat goff says:

    I still think you deserve an emmy.

  25. 195511SM says:

    In the mid-late 1960s……..I did the Universal Studios tour. The original 'Airport' must have been the big movie that year. The guide took us thru Martin's dressing room, pointing out his mini-fridge & noting that Dean didn't really drink……and it was always stocked with apple juice. I remember the tram rolling past a cutaway of the half fuselage of the airliner used in that film.

  26. Peter A says:

    I never comment on YouTube…but I will on this one…. just starting to learn a bit about this man… this was a really nice calm way to gain insight to more facts regarding dean martin. Thank you for this. Well done. 🙂

  27. Margaret says:

    Great video and great history informations, thank you.

  28. Margaret Bu Shey says:

    I always loved Dean Martin. What a class act he was.

  29. Bryon Stephens says:

    A man that doesn't take care of his family…can never be a real man.

  30. Ron Haskell--ELE of AIR says:

    What a World they had! 🙂

  31. Djms&capo DeMorais says:

    IL Italian Bean was born on 7th day of the 7th month on the 7th hour?👹🍷👽…..😠

  32. Louise Arbadji says:

    En Français commentaire traduction

  33. Rodolfo Aguirre says:

    Fue víctima de cáncer de garganta por fumar cigarrillos

  34. Rodolfo Aguirre says:

    En vida no tomo nada de alcohol y fumó mucho tabaco y fue víctima de cáncer de pulmón y garganta lo mató lentamente

  35. Robert Mills says:

    You're narrations and fact checking are wonderful.
    Thank you!

  36. kell says:

    Jerry Skinner is a brilliant storyteller and treats his celebrity subjects with respect and empathy. However, that doesn't mean we have to like all of them as people. I personally despise male celebrities who replace their wives every 10 years or so and start a brand new family with a new wife who is at least 10 years younger than the previous one. The older they get, the more the age gap widens. To be fair, some female celebrities also lead lives that treat men like a revolving door. By the same token, many celebrities remain loyal and devoted to one woman/man all their lives, despite all the stresses and strains of fame and wealth.

  37. tiredlawdog says:

    Like Gus told Woodrow at the end of his life, We had one hell of a party.

  38. Andrew Ventimiglia says:

    Angela passed away with bone cancer

  39. Les Rosin says:

    Dean had a unique special voice to go with his beautiful smile. Thanks for the memories.

  40. Frances Van Siclen says:

    Dino was one of the best !!!!

  41. Mika Mika says:

    Je n apprécie pas du tout, le titre en français et finalement c est en anglais 😈😈😈😈

  42. Paul Simonson says:

    A very amazing and talented guy he was.
    It's not sad that he died, because we all die. No, it is sad that he couldn't stick it out with just one wife. I think that is sad.

  43. Joan Rosseel says:

    Thanks for this. Loved him my whole life. Too bad he couldn’t balance the “good life” with being a “good husband and father.” Those vows are real ya know! 😪

  44. lainuxdercia says:

    whay the titule is in spanish and the audio in inglish?

  45. Jean guy says:

    Hi Jerry
    I enjoy your docos…they are always interesting.
    You have a soothing voice…
    Have a good day

    Australia 👋

  46. Kitty Richardson says:

    Thank you for sharing

  47. Fabio Valente Oficial says:

    🎙️Blindfolded Bossa by Fabio Valente🎸🎶

  48. Christine Crites says:

    martin and lewis, such different men, but i loved them both.

  49. Lana Campbell-Moore says:

    Thank you 😊💕

  50. Brian Goldy says:

    Matt Helm…………movies………my Fav…………..Dean was World War II .generation……music………….My parents……But Boy……Was he Cool..

  51. Janet Leishman says:

    Have wonderful memories of this magnificent entertainer

  52. American Woman says:

    We're there ever even 1 entertainer who didn't divorce and remarry countless times all cheating on their spouses countless times? They all have 3-8 marriages

  53. Warrior Lord says:

    Very sad to lose 3 of your 7 children seems like that family was curse! Sorry to say!

  54. Mary Betz says:

    A GREAT 👍 MAN WITH A GREAT TALENT. R I P SO MISSED AND LOVED 👍🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  55. jacqui neal says:

    Y es…..there was loads of heartbreak….so sad…!!!

  56. Pretty Kitty says:

    Love your channel!! ❤️ Especially beautiful job on this one.

  57. Linda Uribe says:

    I miss the great singers and actors of those days. I miss my police officer husband I lost this year. Loss is part of life and growing old.

  58. Odette Widdicombe says:

    May he rip with the rat pack

  59. Raj Dhillon says:

    Have a heart! We cannot say that legacies can be built around shoddy transcriptions that appear as subtitles! Let me transcribe
    a few of the clips for good measure. Just ask by sending a mail to 'archer attherateof aol dot in. No strings attached.

  60. Kathy Sharpe says:

    Miss you buddy.

  61. Chrstine Dixon says:

    Love Deano
    His voice is mesmerizing

  62. Kate Maloney says:

    You want to know something weird? Jeanne died on my mother's birthday, 24 Aug 2016; and my mother died later that year on the same day as Dean, 25 December 2016.

  63. Mortisha Styles says:

    I have Love for Dean.I listen to his music often.

  64. Mortisha Styles says:

    It's because he was a kind wonderful person.

  65. sogofkurslf says:

    Love you Jerry Skinner. Thank you for the wonderful memories.

  66. Victor Tristani says:

    Something here makes no sense. If he was only in the Army for one year, how did he get so many stripes (see 3:49)?

  67. Chandler Fairchild says:

    I still love Dino! One of the best entertainers, EVER. Jerry Skinner, I discovered you today. You are a wonderful narrator. Thank you! ❤

  68. Penny Piper says:

    They didn’t speak Eye talian, cutie pie,they spoke Sicilian dialect. Good story though.👍

  69. Penny Piper says:

    Dean was actually a very good hearted man: just weak. He never got over the tragic death of his son Dean jnr. His ex wife Jeannie was a good lady. Show biz can be a lethal master if you let it.

  70. Linda Lai says:

    One of the best singers in the world.

  71. voikunsh says:

    I love his voice and his romantic songs. He lived a long life in spite of having lung cancer, he was wise in refusing surgery. So many gains and so many losses, but that’s what life is all about, we are like passengers on a train.

  72. Frankie Teague says:

    Dang im gettin old.

  73. William Ludlow says:

    I worked across the street from the Sands. Out of all of the Rat Pack he was the only one I never met, Even though I played golf 3 times a week. I met Frank Sinatra at Caesars palace 1969 and at the Desert Inn for his 77th birthday with Don Rickels. I had a good mostly fun life. I don't believe they dimd the Vegas lights though. Only when JFK was shot did they power off the lights.

  74. Skip Rocker says:

    My pop is 80. He never smoked and neither did my mother. So, neither did myself or my sister. All my Father's friends were very successful business owners and bigger drinkers and smokers. Wonderful caring big hearted guys who hosted massive parties and gave to anyone who asked. That said, the music stopped very early for them. All died of smoking related illnesses in their 60's. Listen good kids, don't smoke the queen herb of the rude barbarian, she is always looking for souls.

  75. Nicky Depaola says:

    @0:52 Dino looks just like his Dad !!  My wonderful Nanu Joe was also born in Stubenville, Ohio { 1908 } He loved Dean !!  I too loved his humor and talent ! { I am now 56 } the Dean Martin Roast were youth !! Classic times !!  I also love Mr. Skinner's mini-bio's and his voice….." I- talian "  classic !!

  76. Nicky Depaola says:

    @10:35 you can see the genuine LOVE as they look at each other , I was 13 on that now classic day in 1976…Sinatra was very happy to have done that !!

  77. Teresa Manley says:

    my favorite song of his was "That's Amore"…..

  78. barrygioportmorien1 says:

    Thanks Jerry, for the Excellent biography, of one of my all time favourite singers…….. Dean's songs just got better and better, through the years, he could sing any music genre. I always loved the saying:…….. "Everybody wanted to be Frank Sinatra, and Frank Sinatra wanted to be Dean Martin".

  79. Sundiata Keita says:

    Had the pleasure of meeting Dino back in ‘33. It was a hell of year.

  80. cgaskill13 says:

    Dean Martin was a good singer, but in my opinion, he was very underrated as an actor.

  81. RuthAnne MacKinnon says:

    I appreciate that you include spouses and children and tell of their lives and deaths in these biographies. Very good work.

  82. Jean Ragland says:

    I always thought that Dean would be left behind if the team ever broke up. Was I ever wrong. DINO was a great performer in his own right and a terrific singer.

  83. Stephen Fermoyle says:

    SAD about his wife NOT FAIR so sad she got left behind

  84. Stephen Fermoyle says:

    great premise LIVE to the show !!

  85. Stephen Fermoyle says:

    sad about his Son

  86. Kelly Cranford says:

    Rio Bravo is my favorite Dean Martin movie!!!

  87. Kelly Cranford says:

    I was a little kid when the DM Roasts were on tv and I couldn't wait for the next episode so I could laugh my butt off, even though a lot of the jokes I didn't get! Foster Brooks was my favorite!!

  88. Google Google says:

    He drank 100 bottles of selfburned russian wodka or vodka Gorbatschow! Or he died during sexual intercourse with Sinatra Hudson!

  89. Freedom is Free says:

    Any info about Jazz in this video?

  90. Emeka Onwuchekwa says:

    He and jerry Lewis didn't speak to each other for 20 years? How about the 1974 meeting.

  91. karen saville says:

    Everybody loves sometimes ❣

  92. Thomas Kallmyr says:


  93. poetcomic1 says:

    Jerry really…. EYE-talian?? Stay that way, don't change, there is a thousand smooth voice overs but only one Jerry Skinner.

  94. EighthOne Knows says:

    I didnt realize Jean knew he was married with children when they met 😟

  95. Denny s says:

    Thanks! Another great biography

  96. Phillip Damron says:


  97. Loretta Perry says:

    Thanks for sharing! He was one of best! Your voice is very calming!

  98. Coletta Tech says:

    I watch many videos but almost never write a comment. You have quite a way with words and great insight into people. The ending of this video such a wonderful tribute that I’m sitting with tears pouring down my face. Another wonderful portrait Mr. Skinner.

  99. Jess Castillo says:

    Dean Martin I knew very well even thought  I never worked in anything he did.  I always admired his comedy talent , when I got to Hollywood , one of my fellow stunt buddies told me he owned a restaurant in Santa Monica , and when ever he wasn't doing anything , that's where you would find him , cooking and singing for his patrons.  So , I spent a lot of time at that restaurant , met many other known people there, besides him.  When he found out I was communing back & forth from L.A. To Vegas back & forth , because I was working stunts in 2 tv shows , " The Fall guy " and " Vega$ ", and he was doing the " Man of the Hr. roats " he told me I could tag along with his encourage whenever it would be possible, he was like my Godfather.  The difference between Martin & Sinatra , was that Dean would give you his shirt off his back, Frank would sell it to you.  I don't think it was a coincidence he passed away on a x-mas day, he brought so much joy to everyone he knew.  Also, Dean could had care less about the mafia, not like Frank who always boasted about people, but the fact was , if any Mafioso wanted an entertainer for whatever, it was Dean they sought 1st, not Frank.  One of the most beautiful persons you'll ever meet in Hollywood is his daughter Deana , she comes across like everybody's big sister.  And yes, Dean was never the same after dean Paul's passing , from that point on, it wasn't apple juice what he drank.

  100. Jela Boothe says:

    Seems there's only 2pl DINO luved.. Himself and his late son. Seems its tr.. Money can't buy u love.. Rip DINO, ur a legend.

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