Desi Parents and HEALTH

What the hell is this, you’re skinny?! Didn’t you
eat any food while you were away? Put some butter in whatever you were eating, damnit… you WANT to die? Eating McDonalds, Taco Bell, all this bullshit, that’s what made
you skinny. LOOK AT YOUR SON, he’s killing himself. – Idiot doesn’t study
– It looks like he started on that COCAINE NOMESAYIN?! – study with your HEART, MY LAD.
– this failure doesn’t even study! – All day on his technology, computer, laptop
– Internet On his cell phone, who knows what gyal dem he be choppin THO. Already sick huh? That was the only thing you had going for too… Throat’s messed? You know why? It’s because your
lazy ass has been sleeping all day. CANT YOU STFU AND SIT STILL?! Always going out. No wonder you’re yawning. Good job boy, keep eating that shitty McDonald’s food… why
not stuff your face with Ice Cream too?… whore. SOMEONE HALP ME PLZZZZZZ I DIEEEEEEE PLZZZZZZ – Um, I don’t think you should be eating that.
– Why?! – Because you’re diabetic
– Idiot, I don’t have diabetes, I have SUGAR. I can eat this… People with sugar can
eat whatever the hell they want. Who the F are you? Guy thinks hes LYKE
A DOCTOR…. doesn’t even have a degree. I’m doing Yoga. It’s good for your health, mind, breath,
heart, stomach, indigestion, digestion, diarrhea, piss, poops, everything! These white doctors, scientists… these guys don’t know, they don’t know! NO. THEY DON’T KNOW SHIT. I’m going to live to be 125 years old… watch. Turmeric, poppy seeds, ginger, lemon, water, salt, honey, black pepper, brandy, more ginger. ROTI FROM HOME, IS THE BEST. Greetings, Greetings, sister. How are you? This dude I found mowing my lawn, so I brought him along. – Looks like he has a fever.
– His
eyes are red… so is his ass. – Idiot can’t even move. Are you pissing properly?
– What colour was it? – Now your poops, did they come? and if so, how often?
– Tell me
the next time you take a shit, I want to inspect it. You know what would make him better? Take a honey
bee right? And his put it on his head. – One time when I was this sick. I took some bull’s
milk, and mixed it with some other stuff—
– Bull’s milk? – There was no cow’s milk?
– The cows actually,
they all died in my village that day. – You know what the problem with today’s kids are… too many drugs.
– Forget about the
drugs, my son won’t stop stuff himself with coke. It’s PRETTY MUCH a drug. – at least drink CHA (tea)
– YOOOO, TEA IS DRUGS TOO NOW BBBBBBBBBB If after 15 days you don’t get better, put on an akhand paath (prayers)
we’ll call the priest. I know him pretty well he’s like my boy.=Give him 100 dollars, and 100 dollars
i’ll keep for myself for the introductions. Watch by tomorrow, you’ll be fine. We’ll meet tomorrow alright? Okay, take care then. Could have at least touched my feet you bastard… – Where you going??
– The beach. – That fever you had 2 days ago, what the hell happened to that? Get back to your bed. Look at your ugly ass face, it’s all sweaty. No, you don’t even have any friends. You been sick for 2 days, and
you’ll get sick again. Contracting some type of hepatitis at the beach. You still have fungas all over your ugly self.
Get the hell out. Go. Upstairs… now. – Ball? And you being sick?
– That was LAST WEEK! I DON’T HAVE THE PATIENCE FOR THIS. First cook for everyone, then watch
my Indian Drama’s, and then take care of your disgusting self. – Yo what the hell man?
– I need to look at your dump! I GOTTA LOOK AT THE COLOUR OF YOUR DUMP…

Daniel Yohans

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