Diet & Nutrition Tips : Foods to Eat With Psoriasis

Diet & Nutrition Tips : Foods to Eat With Psoriasis

This is Rachel, with Nutrolution, in Miami
Beach, Florida. In this clip, we’re talking about foods to eat if you have psoriasis,
and also what is psoriasis. So, psoriasis is actually a skin condition, and we don’t
know exactly why psoriasis occurs, but it is relatively common, and kind of its sister
skin condition is called eczema. So, I put these two in the same category when it comes
to nutritional modalities to help, and some of the most important keys that I focus on
with my patients that have one of these two conditions is number one, eliminating toxicity
from the diet, so eliminating dairy, eliminating gluten. These are inflammatory foods that
add toxicity and sometimes manifest as skin conditions. Also, just reducing sugars altogether,
and taking an anti-yeast protocol with the intestines and also systemically. And then,
one of the things that I also always do with my skin psoriasis patients is to increase
the Omega 3, and also the Omega 6 fatty acids. So, this is an example of your, whoops, of
your Omega 3 fatty acids, and this is a fish oil. It’s wonderful, it’s pure. And also,
increasing the other fats from your diet in the forms of olive oil, almond oil, nuts,
seeds, avocados, and so on. This is Rachel, with Nutrolution, in Miami Beach, Florida.

Daniel Yohans

65 thoughts on “Diet & Nutrition Tips : Foods to Eat With Psoriasis

  1. roseagain2 says:

    Thank you!

  2. Liverpix says:

    Dermatitis is just another name for eczema , so you could follow the diet advice given here. I don't think expert village reply to questions.

  3. hello says:

    she is so beautiful..who cares what shes saying I could just stare at her all day

  4. Gabriel says:

    You also have no brains, learn to spell.

    Your comment was:
    "dude dietitians girls are beautiful in order to sell but they have nothing in their brains beleive me."

    Your comment should have been:
    "Dude, dietitian girls are beautiful in order to sell. But they have nothing in their brains, believe me."
    Even that grammar is pretty weak, but I was trying to minimize the number of corrections.

  5. ale are says:

    is not a diet but if you drink carrot juice in the morning before eating any meal will help a lot because it cleanses you…. hope it helps….

  6. trenton erker says:

    She is cute

    icedthai, it's a fuckin comment board, nobody focuses on grammar.

  7. hello says:

    youre an idiot..I bet you couldnt even hold a conversation with her

  8. Nik Neuy says:

    lol she = miami

  9. ROYALNOZGUL says:

    Actually it would be "Dude, dietitian girls are beautiful in order to sell, but they have nothing in their brains, believe me." Man, everyone here is retarded but me. xD

  10. ROYALNOZGUL says:

    Your an idiot. 😐

  11. lllogical says:

    i have psoriasis and i eat rice all day and drink milk is this bad?

  12. Delicious32 says:

    hahaah that was funny… but still, stop blocking! lol

  13. Delicious32 says:

    not sure about rice but milk is horrible for you use raw milk if its available to you I've been making a fresh aloe water every morning for the past three days and it is really helping but I've been limiting my milk, eggs, wheat, and sugar for the past couple of months

  14. lllogical says:

    thx for the tips ill try them out =D

  15. cuteordeath says:

    Thank you for this. I have severe psoriasis and was able to completely eliminate symptoms by cutting dairy and red meat out of my diet. I take no medication whatsoever. Please do not believe those who say that diet does not effect one's health.

  16. maplovideo says:

    bullllllshit. Obviously this girl doesn't have psoriasis !
    pov meuf.c'est ça on va guérir le pso avec de l'huile d'olive ouais.

  17. Crystal Mandudi says:

    Everything she said to eliminate is my whole diet. I need to make changes.

  18. chrissys31 says:

    Im glad to see this video my daughter that is 8 has severe ezcema and its hell for her and myself I must say cuz I have tried every med know for it and I guess diet is my only hope for her I give her omega 3 gel tablets and multivit but how can you possibly make a child stop having milk when they love cereal and sugars when kids love candy! Is there any suggestions for childern for these certain things its hard to eliminate for them? Dermatologist doesnt help any suggestions anyone? ty so much.

  19. Shell Bell says:

    Care to elaborate a bit more? My Psoriasis is spreading fast and I'm willing to do anything to get it to clear up.

  20. ChTh says:

    The western meds rarely work for reducing symptoms long-term, and are never a cure for the root problem. For the omega 3, make sure it's a high DHA type and at the right dosage. The June 2008 British Journal of Dermatology study had 5.4g / day. That's a lot. Try going for the Nordic Naturals or Vitacost house brands. If she can take the liquid straight, it makes it less expensive. They have more kid-friendly flavors now like strawberry. For the dietary changes,

  21. ChTh says:

    it just takes time and is best to cut out all wheat, sugar and dairy strictly for at least two months. Then start to add them back in and see which ones are causing the problem. Can sub soymilk for dairy. Honey is ok sub for sugar. Royal jelly is also worth trying, but be sure to get the best brand possible. It's reversed serious eczema in two weeks for one of my patients, but has been document to make skin conditions worse for some people.

  22. claire fisher says:

    you can buy soy milk for cerals, and sugar free candy [ they might not taste exactally the same but they're close, espicially soy chocolate milk and sugar free gummy candy ] look at a health food store and ask for dairy free and sugaar free kid – friendly options.

  23. chrissys31 says:

    yes I did get her some silk milk and sugar free candy yes that would be good but the hard thing about that is she has 2 other siblings and when there used to certain brands of things thats gonna be hard (but I think she likes it having special things just for her!) but thanks for your ideas.

  24. fuller33169 says:

    These are great tips.
    What type of foods and drinks that we psoriasis sufferers have to avoid?

  25. fuller33169 says:

    Is olive oil good for the scalp?

  26. fuller33169 says:

    Which kinds of red meat should I avoid?

  27. fuller33169 says:

    When you say raw milk you mean organic milk? Where can I get aloe?

  28. fuller33169 says:

    True that!

  29. fuller33169 says:

    I think I will.

  30. Anisha Dharmadasa says:

    Be careful before taking any item, always do an allergy test. I had a severe allergy to Olive Oil and Watermelon.

  31. Miriam Speyer says:

    thanks for your post. i've got psoriasis, and to clarify —
    psoriasis is a disease of the immune system…Eczema is a broad term used for many mysterious, persistent skin conditions. In a way, they're related cuz they both manifest themselves on the skin in some pretty gnarly ways, but they are very different.

  32. Renetemp1 says:

    Hi Chanz591,

    I disagree, that it is a immune system problem,
    as far as I know it is a problem of the intestines (not a skin-problem anyway).
    The intestinal walls are for a part thinned (can have several causes).
    Giving way to toxins to enter the body (for example gluten).
    The body gets rid of these toxins through the skin, causing scaly patches because the body wants to get rid of these toxins quickly.
    (suppressing it causes the poisons to stay in the body, aggravating the problem)


  33. Joe Viola says:

    Allergies from all the dogs

  34. Daniel Torres says:

    I eliminated dairy products, any type of meat, chicken beef etc. and just ate vegetables and fruits and nuts, and in about a month, my psoriasis was GONE!!! it was very hard to change my diet at first…. but it was sooo worth it at the end =D hope this helps

  35. yureedhashish says:

    What I did was lie to myself that I was getting better which helped reduce stress…I haven't had it for 2 years until some events came up recently. I also find that not using hot water and reducing the amount of soap I use helps too.

  36. John Carlo Hipolito says:

    i also took diet promise it can helps a lot ehehhe do u eat rice?????

  37. navylaks2 says:

    what do you do when you dont like avacatos?

  38. Jakie Chan says:

    If you are eating Organic food and have been doing it for a long time, and your Skin condition has not gone away you should try cleansing the body of toxins or mucus with Herbs.

  39. Mjölnir says:

    i did the diet, where you eat nothing but fruits and veggies, and my condition got much much worst!

  40. Daniel Torres says:

    yea i eat rice =) but it has to be natural and wheat!

  41. Daniel Torres says:

    yes big time!!! i dont eat any dairy products or meats and my skin has cleared up tremendously!!! i def recommend it!

  42. Daniel Torres says:

    hello, i actually eliminated everything that comes from an animal, including chicken, and fish and i stuck to a plant based diet! but i also took milk thistle to clean my liver (its a herb) i ate nothing but spinach, soy burgers, wheat bread, soy milk, lots of almonds nuts fruits avocados lol etc hope this helps!

  43. Daniel Torres says:

    you should cleanse your liver, i was taking a herbal medecine called milk thistle! and also if you go to a tanning salon maybe once every 2 weeks for about 5 mins, that helps as well!!! the rays kill the bacteria

  44. rince1wind says:

    What does that even mean, "adds toxicity"? Milk and gluten add poisonous-ness? Why? Jeez.

  45. Lillian and Balram says:

    I loved your video and recommendations! Especially systemic enzymes, less yeast, etc etc GREAT helpful video!

  46. DeviDaylight says:

    Its Americans Media Stupidity.

    Ist supposed to be (what you eat healthy) & get away from the TV!!!…

    !!NOT Diet Your Malnourished & BareBone Body.

    *Stop looking at the mirror your blind anyway.

  47. DeviDaylight says:

    Saltwater & Strong Sun. Healty unreligeus mindset & "Large & HEALTY Meal"

  48. DeviDaylight says:

    Eat nuts & fish 2 times extra per week,
    & ask someone to blend some avocado were you wont notice it.
    As Sallad, Mixed Sauce, Dressing, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Rice, or in a Wok.

  49. wordey123 says:

    gluten gives me maddd exzema… dairy jsut gives me headaches and stuffed nose and sore ears

  50. Allen Tax says:

    I LOVE milk. I'm "mostly" allergic to most of all sea food. As that…. only sea food my body can handle is tuna, shrimp & lobster .

  51. Krillep says:

    @krrymarie Do an allergic test, then you see what food you cant eat.
    Then make a search on psoriais diet food, and try everything and in 24 hours you see what food you react to. Good luck!

  52. Kaz Piech says:

    Listen to the song "I'm an Island" by Kaz Piech!

  53. joltax says:

    PSIRIOSIS IS NOT A SKIN CONDITION! The biggest misinterpretation. It is an immune system disease. Creams and pills may help but also diet plays a big part. I have this and have for 5 years now. I have tried everything from pills, creams, lazer , etc. I switched my diet 2 years ago, get as much sun as i can and i have never felt better!! I do remember what its like to not be able to leave the house. I feel for all who have it. Ive learnt alot from other people and want to share to help others!

  54. Niklas Haugen says:

    It says weed make the skin stop growing, and it help against stress. You think weed will help me?

  55. Noah Pen-kruger says:

    she has nice skin

  56. noeldnz says:

    @joltax in what terms did you change your nutrition? What do you eat and what don't you eat please?

  57. Nickvester Nickvester says:

    Hihi, have you seen this method called the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look for it on google). My cousin says it helps people get thinner. What do you think?

  58. Ncyim says:

    Have you tried infrared mineral plated heat lamps?

  59. Ncyim says:

    Sorry for your suffering. Have you tried the diet? How are you feeling now?

  60. PsoriasisFreeForGood says:

    You can cure your Psoriasis by adjusting what you are eating. Forget pills, creams, etc. what dermatologists prescribe to you. Those just cure symptoms. But with the right diet you can get rid of Psoriasis permanently!

  61. Erin Bradshaw says:

    I have suffered with psoriasis for many years till found out a excellent remedy.

  62. Rosemarie Sherman says:

    Psoriasis is a disorder of the immune system, which is hyper proliferation. It is working too much, which then drives the skin to turn over too quickly, so instead of turning over in 28 days, say like the menstrual cycle, it turns itself over every 4 to 5 days, and so the cells just heap up on top of each other.

  63. Jamie Brantley says:

    I discovered this woodworking book more out of interest than utility, “pepe amazing plan” (Google it), and I happen to be impressed. I was looking to learn more about the art of wood working, and was not dissatisfied. I found many topics like wood types and designing your workshop.

  64. Jasmin Dooley says:

    This psoriasis treatment solution “Κοkοzο Wuno” (Google it) has been magic for my sister. With this method, her legs are totally clear. It is really enchanting. She`d stopped wearing shorts, even to the gym…now it never happens to her.

  65. Almal Ra says:

    It occur cuz u have parasites in u. Secreting waste in ur blood. Or laying eggs n toxins from the eggs or waste are leaving the body(skin) creating inflammation, break outs , eczema etc. how do u have a cure when u don’t no what the dis-ease is?

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