Dietetics: Building on a Passion for Food and Nutrition

[music plays]>>Emily Dupuis:
After graduating high school, I had no idea what I
wanted to do with myself. I’ve always loved to cook,
I’ve always loved food, and I’ve also had a really
kind of innate interest in the human body
and how it works, and I found out
about dietetics. And it’s kind of taking food
and how the human body works and putting it together. So my two favorite things in
one, I didn’t believe that it was actually a profession. I followed up, and I did more
research into really what the field of dietetics was, and
it’s the study of food and nutrition, and how it affects us
as humans and our societies. I knew from the first course
that this was the right profession for me. Our graduates will leave
as certified nutrition education specialists. This is actually one of
the only programs in the United States that
offers this certificate. Having this certificate can
really give you a competitive advantage when you’re going
into the dietetics workforce. [music plays] My graduate assistantship, I am
working within the foods lab. I teach a personal nutrition
course, and I teach an introductory to foods course. Being able to teach students has
been an amazing experience. It really exposes a lot of the
students to foods that they’ve never tried before which, to me,
is one of the funnest aspects of the course. I’ve had students that never
had beans before or spinach, and they will cook it and try
it, and just absolutely love it, and to me, that’s the
most exciting part. [music plays] I wanted to work with kids
because I really hadn’t touched on that demographic
as an undergrad or graduate student yet. We will be learning all about
fruits and vegetables. We’ll be learning about
vitamins and minerals. I just want to get them
excited about food, learning about where it comes
from, and what it does for us as far as nutritionally. I feel like my main
responsibility as a dietetics professional is to convey the
accurate message in a way that it makes sense and that
it’s meaningful to people. [music plays] No matter what realm of
dietetics you choose, you will be educating. That’s what dietetics
is all about. [music plays] I think one of the great things
about dietetics is that if you want to pursue
something, you can. It’s so open to whatever
interests you the most, and you can really
just explore, and that’s what I
love about it. [music plays]

Daniel Yohans

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